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the contes

"Excellent DIY craftsmanship, both spirited and timeless with serious playing...Steve and John have got it covered in spades..."
-Rob Schnapf (Producer/Engineer/Mixer - Beck, Foo Fighters, The Vines)

"The Conte Brothers are the quintessential songwriters/craftsmen. The influences are subtle, from the Beatles to Elvis Costello, with a dash of Oasis…'So Much For Love' is a hit pop tune, but they can also stretch with, 'As Sane As Jane' for those with an eclectic, left of center palate. The arrangements and production are tight and intriguing with dead on grooves."
-Teddy Zambetti (Sirius Satellite Radio)

"The thing about these guys is the triple threat factor: Steve's soulful, every-color-in the crayon-box vocals, great musicianship …and really great songs. I mean "why-the-hell-aren't-these-guys-household-names" songs. Each track is like a three-minute-movie, using your ears to twist and turn your heart inside out, or to crack you up. There's not a weak link on this chain, but if I had a gun to my head, So Much For Love, Bleed Together and My Brilliant Star get my vote."
-Kimberlye Gold (San Francisco Herald)

"My girlfriends and I rocked out for a whole weekend to the Conte Brothers music…I'm a big fan."
-Syd Straw (Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist - Golden Palominos)

"Classic. Great pop songs in Beatlesque tradition…I love 'Bleed Together'. 'Bossa Nova Sunday' is totally unique and engaging...'Out Of My Head' is a single!"
-Joe Chiccarelli (Grammy Winning Mixer/Engineer - Elton John, Frank Zappa)

"It is spectacular...I've had it for two days but have only managed to listen to it 12 times!"
-John Dryland (Cargo Records, UK)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the CONTES CD. Great songs, sound, singing and playing…nothing more need be said - great work!"
-Chris Spedding (Guitarist - Paul McCartney, Elton John, Roxy Music)

"A fantastic CD. Original and smart…and superb musicianship."
-Simon Kirke (Drummer - Bad Company, Free)

"Wonderfully crafted hooks and sounds...Beatles VI meets Elvis Costello on the Dirty Boulevard..."
-Willie Nile (NYC Singer/Songwriter)

"This record has all the cool stuff you'd expect from a Conte brother's recording: Great playing, great songs, soulful singing, interesting yet catchy melodies, introspective lyrics as well as the balls-out rockers, and a sexy/erotic note here and there. Masterfully walking the line between accessibility and esotericism… not taking themselves too seriously, while at the same time being serious and true and honest. It's just a damn cool record."
-Tom Spagnardi (Bassist - Ben Folds, Mr. Henry)

"Honors graduates from the College of Musical Knowledge...these guys are for REAL!"
-Billy Squier (Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist)

"People, take a deep breath, you're in for a pleasant surprise...go for the ride."
-Charley Drayton (Drummer/Bassist - Keith Richards, B-52s, diVinyls)

crown jewels

"#5 of the Top Ten Albums of 1999! Linoleum has, acclaim aside, all the accepted merits of songwriting greatness. Now they have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up."
-Classic Rock Magazine (London)

"Steeped in rock's royal tradition, Crown Jewels are a return-to-your-roots treasure."
-The Village Voice (NYC)

"Melodic power pop with lyrics both earnest and surreal. Linoleum is a collection of well-crafted songs that recalls such disparate influences as Radiohead and Duncan Sheik. Crown Jewels are equally adept at the mid-tempo rocker and the ethereal ballad."
-The Asbury Park Press

"Crown Jewels are poised to take the next big step in their career. A strong pop sense while maintaining a roots approach to their music."
-Album Network/Totally Adult (LA)

"Crown Jewels second album, Linoleum, continues to evoke a melodic, hearty roots-rock spirit..."
-Guitar World (NY)

"Intelligent rock music underpinned by Steve Conte's truly grand vocals - trenchant and glorious. Linoleum has a rare charm; it bends but doesn't quite break in the face of emotional adversity - a show of real grace under pressure." ****(4 Stars out of 5) (U.K.)

"Five Stars! Spitshine is solid, irresistable and downright delicious...the Conte brother's instincts for melody, feel and execution are flawless..."
-The Musicians Exchange

"One of North America's Top Ten Unsigned Bands!"
-Musician Magazine

"Real rock and roll - rootsy/bluesy soul with modern catchy vibes."
-NEMO Music Conference (Boston)

"(Linoleum) has a Minneapolis pop sound meets a Shawn Mullins groove..."
-Todd Kasten/The Metro (Chicago)

"Badfinger meets Radiohead and late period Byrds. Steve Conte is a veritable six-stringed wonder."
-The Aquarian Weekly

"Real gems - Steve & John Conte play homegrown, soulful rock"
-New York Daily News (NY)

"Mellencamp meets John Waite New York style. Linoleum is Superb!"
-Cargo Records/U.K.

"On Spitshine, the band's amazing 11 song debut, Conte and Crown Jewels whip up a proper, 90's friendly froth on blues-drenched winners..."
-Al Muzer / NJ Newsbeat

"Like [Oasis's] Gallagher Brothers (without the attitude), New York 's Conte Brothers wrap good ol' pop songcraft in unabashed retro-rock."
-Huh Magazine (NYC)

"Some of the best songs to come our way in quite awhile, like the Black Crowes with better lyrics..."
-Soundcheck Magazine (PA)

"Inventive melodies, interesting lyrical perspective, great singing and commercial hooks. Strong overall-- I'd like to hear more records like this!"
-Billy Squier (NYC)

"Watching a Crown Jewels show is like seeing the best of all the Jeff Beck Groups put together!"
-Bob "Nite Bob" Czaykowski/ Aerosmith sound engineer (NYC)

"Very cool stuff. It seems free of any catagory-- and thats good!"
-Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Niacin)

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