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dark desire  lyrics real mp3
tim  lyrics real mp3
she got no hair real mp3
your quest  lyrics real mp3
money don't help real mp3
miss lonely heart real mp3
revolution in the air real mp3
anybody lovin' u?  lyrics real mp3
trail of tears real mp3
fine line real mp3

Now THIS is Rock & Roll! Crown Jewels debut CD...produced by Steve Conte. With drummers Shawn Pelton (Sheryl Crow), Tony Beard (Hall and Oates), Steve Murphy (Jack Bruce), percussionist Joe Bonadio and keyboard players Chris Palmaro (Joan Osborne) and Rob Clores (John Popper).

Songs from Spitshine have been featured in numerous television shows and films (see "Film & TV" page). The album's 2nd track, "Tim" brought Crown Jewels to the attention of Musician Magazine, which named them one of their "Top Ten Unsigned Bands in North America" and Grammy Showcase, which called them "One Of New York's Top Five Unsigned Bands".

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