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Crown Jewels sophomore release. Linoleum has been embraced by fans and critics for it's blend of modern rock, psychedelic folky grooves and pop. The CD features drummers Rich Mercurio (Chris Whitley, Kevin Salem), Paul Garisto (Iggy Pop, Psychedelic Furs) and keyboardist Chris Palmaro (Michael Jackson, Joan Osbourne). The self produced album (except for 2 tracks produced by Daniel Wise) includes an early song, "Peace", written by Steve at age 10 and recorded in the famly living room with brother John on drums.

Songs from Linoleum have been heard on hundreds of college, AAA and modern rock radio stations all across America, Europe and Asia. Many of those same tracks have also been featured in television and film (see "Film & TV" page). The CD was championed by Billboard Magazine, which selected Crown Jewels as one of "Billboard Talent Net's Most Outstanding New Acts of 1999" and The UK's Classic Rock Magazine, which called Linoleum #5 in the top ten albums of 1999.

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