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he's so zen

i watch you sleeping, well you ain't keeping no secrets from me
i know where you wanna be
you're always keeping warm in my burgundy bed
and i'm in my nervous head

you insult my intelligence, when you tell me he's just a friend
and now i can't sleep

'cause i know i can't compete
not with niko, he's a painter, he's so zen

you're always fishing, wishing i'd come and hug a tree
but i need to feel concrete
now don't go thinking just 'cause i run like a rat in a maze
that my heart ain't in the right place

it's a bad situation, a hazard of my occupation
i got no time for peace

so i know i can't compete, i ain't complete
not like niko, he's a painter, he's so zen

i can't compete, i know i can't compete
not with niko, no no

i can't compete, i'm incomplete

(steve conte, copyright 1998

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