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dark desire  lyrics real mp3
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she got no hair real mp3
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money don't help real mp3
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fine line real mp3


he's got a dog he plays guitar
he wears a nose ring
he breezes in through every door that i see closing
he's everything a boy should be & me
i'm nothing
i wanna be like tim

he's got a dad, a classic vette
a model girlfriend
he's got no worries just a trust fund
waiting for him
tonight i sit inside these four walls
dreaming of them
i'll never be like tim

everything could change
if he'd trade lives with me
i could be like every kid on mtv

i need a girl, i need a dog
i need some ice cream
i need a drug, i need a reason
i'll take a wet dream
somebody please come out
and check on how i'm feeling
if your not out with tim

i wanna be like tim
i'll never be like tim
i wanna be like tim

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