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front page news (hidden track)

goin' nowhere fast
built to last
some four score years or so
watcha gonna do with all that time
you can make a stand
lend a hand
help out most any man
but you might not get your piece of the pie
(here we go)

fortune fame
preserve the family name
what makes your motor run?
how you want your epitaph to read?
do you fear god or would you want to shake his hand
and spread his word across the land
forsaking all who disagree?

livin' large
live in peace
take the ride
take the leap
grab the ring
trim the fat
tell the public where it's at
stab your neighbors in the back
rub elbows with the brass - think fast
but be careful what you choose
you might make front page news

(john conte, copyright 2002

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