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bad jesus

the star-child is born
another mouth to feed
another king crowned with thorns

sent from above
another soul dropped down
in the streets of america

brought up seen and not heard
and when they put him down he took in every word

bad jesus won’t you stand up tall
bad jesus with you back against the wall
he got lost and never got to save us all

one more saturday night
another fall down drunk
another bar fight

the cops are called in
it’s that golden boy
the prince of peace again

now what can be done
about the one sent down to show us how to love

bad jesus could have been someone
bad jesus only tryin’ to have your fun
hey son of man you’ve really come undone

innocent eyes, wondrous and wise
crying on the phone, sinking inside the world’s madness

bad jesus in a world on fire
bad jesus show how man was born to die
(it’s a) wild notion tryin’ to take your people higher

bad jesus…

(steve conte/ john conte/ k. bents, copyright 2003

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