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Michael Monroe Band

New York Singers Collective

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Just for fun

Catchy Rock n' Roll for kids by john conte & his wife lisa desimone .

wikipedia: Steve_Conte

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the chesterfield kings

Trudy Jost - Clothing Designer

Las Vegas Jam Band Society

steve conte's myspace page!

check out steve's friend sami yaffa (ny dolls/hanoi rocks) and his crazy acoustic gypsy band fronted by the lovely karmen guy. also visit

Pulse Music
this is a really great studio owned by friends of ours...guitarist/writer "JK" & co. they have a great space w/ sick views of the city.

The Official New York Dolls Site

Big-time German music fan Wolfgang Gurster's photography site. He took photos of Willy DeVille when Steve toured w/ him plus The Stones, Queen, on & on...

Prisoners of 2nd Avenue

DiMarzio Players
John Conte uses the DiMarzio Model-1 pickup in his Epiphone Rivoli bass. Go to the "More" section and click on "Players". You'll find John's name on it to lead you back to this site. Silly isn't it?

American Reunion - Soundtrack Featuring The Contes

Rachael Yamagata
John played all over her debut CD, "Happenstance". She's in the same league as a couple of chicks named Tori & Fiona...

The Aaron Comess Website

Italian Roots-Rock website that has reviewed Bleed Together and Steve's solo show in Italy as well as featuring an illuminating Steve Conte interview.

Willy DeVille
One of the coolest, most soulful voices in rock & roll...from Mink DeVille. Steve toured with Willy through Europe during summer 2003 playing electric & nylon string guitars, mandolin and slide.

Richie Fontana
Richie is a great drummer, singer, writer, musician from Billy Squier's band Piper, Paul Stanley's solo record and Laura Branigan among others. He's also a big goomba of the Conte family!

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Peter Wolf
Frontman from The J. Geils Band and one the brother's childhood heroes! Both Steve and John appear on Peter's "Fool's Parade" CD...and John is on his latest, "Sleepless".

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Willie Nile
Check out Willie's CD "Beautiful Wreck Of The World". Steve toured Italy with Willie back in 1999 and played a few choice NYC shows such as Roseland w/ Lucinda Williams.

Billy Squier
Thanks to Billy for all his support! Steve played on Billy's "Tell The Truth" CD back in 1993 and joined him as guitarist on tour in 2001 for the "Don't Say No" 20 year anniversary tour.

Rosemary Conte - Certified Hypnotherapist / Voice Coach

Yoko Kanno
Steve has done numerous anime soundtracks with Yoko and her band The Seatbelts including Cowboy Bebop, Ghost In The Shell and Brain Powerd. Check Steve out on her solo CD "Song To Fly" and Maaya Sakamoto's "Garden Of Everything" which Yoko wrote and produced.

Sophia Ramos
Killer soulful rock singer from Noo Yawk! John and Steve have both played in Sophia's live band and on her recordings.

Ian Hunter

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