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9/11/2012  John on tour in Germany with Westernhagen.
9/3/2012  Steve's Debut Show On "Red Light Radio" in Amsterdam This Thursday!
Hey all!! I'm planning the playlist for my first show on Red Light Radio, an online station broadcasting from an old prostitution window in Amsterdam's Red Light District.
Tune in this Thursday, Sept. 6 from 6-7pm Netherlands time!
8/29/2012  Steve In Live Show: Michael Monroe 50 Birthday show from Ruisrock is now available to stream WORLDWIDE for the next 27 days - FREE!
Hi all - Hope you had a great summer...I sure did! This was one of the highlights...
Live in front of 30,000 people on the beach in Finland...The Michael Monroe 50 Birthday show from Ruisrock is now available to stream WORLDWIDE for the next 27 days - FREE!
Me & the boys are kicking it with some very special guests - rappers, a string section, a chanteuse and Hanoi Rocks own Nasty Suicide - Enjoy!
4/2/2012  Steve Conte & the Crazy Truth on Benefit CD w/ The Wildhearts, Michael Monroe, Piggy D (Rob Zombie), Eureka Machines Sorry & The Sinatras, The Loyalties, and many more.
Earlier this year our friend (and Sorry & The Sinatras/ex-Trashlight Vision drummer) Lenny Thomas was hospitalised with a pretty severe injury to his foot. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse and became further complicated by his pre-existing diabetes and Lenny was hospitalised for quite some time. He’s slowly but surely on the mend now but medical bills are piling up and he’s likely to lose months of work if he’s even able to go back. So we decided to do something to help out Len with his medical bills and lost wages. We contacted our friends in the music community – bands that we played with, people who we’d toured with, friends’ bands and bands that we were fans of – and the response was overwhelming. Today we’re very proud to announce the release of Heavy Hearts, a benefit compilation with all proceeds to be divided between Lenny’s bills and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.
Released on April 6th, the compilation will feature songs from the likes of The Wildhearts, Michael Monroe, Piggy D (Rob Zombie), Steve Conte & the Crazy Truth, Eureka Machines, Sorry & The Sinatras, The Loyalties, and many more. A lot of artists were kind enough to donate rare or previously unreleased tracks to make this compilation even more special!
1.The Wildhearts - Inner City Overture (single mix) - previously unreleased
2. Piggy D - 1975
3. Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth - The Truth Ain't Pretty
4. The Loyalties - Whole Lotta Hate - previously unreleased
5. Eureka Machines - The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall
6. Role Models - Cherry Dear
7. Smoker & The Rollers - Cut Me Off
8. The Black Halos - Radio!!
9. Darlings Of Chelsea - Raise This Flag
10. Skag Barons - Come On
11. CC Voltage - Radio Generation - previously unreleased
12. Michael Monroe - Got Blood?
13. Billy Liar - Is It Me?
14. Sorry & The Sinatras - Valencia - previously unreleased
15. Crazy Arm - Tribes/Animals
16. Obsessive Compulsive - Virago
17. Brijitte West (featuring Jesse Malin) - How To Be Good
18. Supercharger - Hold It Down - previously unreleased
19. Thousand Watt Stare - Lights Out
20. Von Hertzen Brothers - 21st Century Schizoid Man
21. Texas Terri Bomb! - Never Shut Up
22. Mad Juana - I Never
Released on April 6th, the compilation will feature songs from the likes of The Wildhearts, Michael Monroe, Piggy D (Rob Zombie), Steve Conte & the Crazy Truth, Eureka Machines Sorry & The Sinatras, The Loyalties, and many more. A lot of artists were kind enough to donate rare or previously unreleased tracks to make this compilation even more special! for more info.
11/29/2011  Steve Conte Badge!!
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11/2/2011  see john with new side project SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE POOR FOOLS
it's a stripped down , 5piece, semi-acoustic , no horns , we all take turns singin' & playin' drums kinda' thing . some blues , folk , country , rock n' roll & mardi gras all rolled up into one.
w/ jeff kazee from the asbury jukes (piano,accordion) , long time billy joel guitarist- tommy byrnes , & soozie tyrell (fiddle, guitar,mandolin)
NY & CT Nov.10-16
at Bridge Street Live
Collinsville, CT
at The Palace
Danbury, CT
at The Turning Point
Piermont, NY
at Boulton Center
Bay Shore, NY
at Fairfield Theatre: Stage One
Fairfield, CT
at The Kate
Old Saybrook, CT
Stay tuned for info on the Poor Fools
go to :
click on "tour dates"
@ ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL STAGE 2 Oct. 11, 2011 9:00pm
featuring Jeff Kazee (piano, vocals), Rich Pagano (drums and vocals) and John Conte (bass and vocals).
As the story goes, Elton's label didn't have the funds to send him out to tour the US with a full band, yet Elton need to promote his imminent releases. Having decided on Dee and Nigel, Elton then rearranged the songs and vocals to fit within the limitations of his new lineup. Suddenly, a new sound emerged that was both raw and poignant.
While Jeff, John and Rich have used rare video, bootleg recordings and even Elton's own home demos in shaping their collective vision of Elton's Trio Period, they blur the lines between replication and innovation--while still capturing and utilizing the spirit, mood and energy from those early tours.
The Gospel/Funk of "Take Me To The Pilot", the soulful storytelling of "Levon" and "Amoreena", the epic-sounding "Burn Down The Mission", the countrified "Country Comfort" and the grand scale of "Madman Across The Water" are just a few of the fantastic chapters that make up the Early Elton songbook.
Early Elton is dedicated to continuing the spirit of this period—arguably, his finest in terms of material, production and performance.
9/6/2011  Steve on Swedish morning TV w/ Michael Monroe Band
I'm glad I don't do morning TV very often...had to get up @ 2:30AM for a 4:00AM load-in...then waited around till 8:00AM to ROCK. I think it came off well though...
7/28/2011  The Music of Steve Conte (w/ The Crazy Truth, Crown Jewels & Company Of Wolves, The Contes w/ brother John, New York Dolls, Michael Monroe) Celebrated in Spanish Radio Special!
Rock Reaktor - Steve Conte, el nuevo dios del glam rock -
Si te gusta especialmente el glam rock estás de enhorabuena: el cantante, guitarrista y compositor norteamericano Steve Conte está en estado de gracia desde hace 20 años dando lo mejor de sí mismo por el género.
Vamos a repasar sus grupos (Company of Wolves, Crown Jewels, The Contes y Steve Conte & the Crazy Truth) y sus colaboraciones con New York Dolls y Michael Monroe. Ya puedes recordar su nombre porque te costará olvidarlo.
The Playlist:
Company of Wolves - Call of the wild; Company of Wolves - Words you say; Company of Wolves - Dance yourself stupid; Crown Jewels - Revolution in the air; Crown Jewels - Lovers on earth; The Contes - Mr. Crossing lady; New York Dolls - Runnin' around; New York Dolls - 'Cause I sez so; Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth - Junk planet; Michael Monroe - Dead jail or rock 'n roll; Michael Monroe - '78
Here's the URL:
("It's kind of funny that they call me 'The New God Of Glam Rock' - I'm really just an old mortal of rock & roll" - SC)
7/20/2011  Steve Plays Improvised Solo Electric Guitar @ Paris Fashion Show!
As of the morning of the show I had a whole different thing planned; a medley of the designers favorite songs by the Stones, Dolls, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, etc. But backstage the producer said to me - "That doesn't work...try something else..." - Ummm, ok...
All I could think of was how "Staying Alive" and most disco songs were at a walking tempo (about 110 beats per minute) so I figured I'd start there so the girls could walk comfortably.
Then it had to be hypnotic and similar throughout the whole 9 minutes without getting boring - a challenge for any guitar player, not to mention one playing alone. I knew an analog delay pedal set to that tempo would keep it sounding full.
Once I got the initial chord progression in my head I just played variations on a theme. There are some moments where it stumbled but hey - that's live IMPROVISATING!
4/19/2011  John is this week's featured artist for "the beatles complete on ukulele"
4/1/2011  Crown Jewels song "peace" featured in Huffington Post column
written by the legendary producer phil ramone and recording artist danielle evin - "Dogs Ears" is a weekly entertainment column in the Huffington post dedicated to "must be heard music" .
this "March 32nd" april fools column finds the jewels :30 song grouped with songs about jokes , illusions , & fools.... i think the idea being that it's a joke... there is no peace in the world .
( "peace" was written by brother steve at age 10 and the charming version that closes the crown jewels 2nd album , "linoleum" , was recorded on a cassette deck in the conte's living room - steve age 10 john age 9 ! )
2/5/2011  Hear "The Crazy Truth" from brother Steve on ReverbNation!

1/15/2011  john kickin' out a jam w/ E.E. on "Madman Across the Water"
1/14/2011  JOHN sings w/ "Early Elton" in return nyc club appearance
1/10/2011  Steve's 2010 In Review!
Check out all the news on Steve's activities w/ brother John, The Crazy Truth, New York Dolls & Michael Monroe bands...
go to the "Steve Conte" personal page here...just click the button down on the left side of this window or paste this URL into your browser -

View all New York City events on Eventful
9/17/2010   VIDEO : John killin' it with Southside Johnny !
see television footage from the YES Network's coverage of the annual Mike Francesa bash at Bar A in Belmar,NJ on 8/27/10
the band rocks on "harder than it looks" from their brand new album,"Pills & Ammo" and the asbury jukes classic ,"this time it's for real".
December 5 – Musician, Leicester  Tickets: 0116 251 0080
December 6 – London, Camden Underworld  Tickets: 0844 477 1000
December 7 – Stereo, York
December 8 – OFF
December 9 – HMV Institute, The Temple,Birmingham Tickets: 08442 485037
December 10 – The Corporation, Sheffield   Tickets: 0114 276 0262
December 11 – TBA
December 12 – Moho Live, Manchester  Tickets:
Full link to slot:
December 13 – Classic Grand, Glasgow  Tickets: 0844 477 1000
Steve Conte has recently been in collaboration with old friend Dave “Bucket” Colwell, a musician who’s versatile career has led him from his early days alongside Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith in the A.S.A.P project of the late 1980s via a 14 year tenure with Bad Company, to his current undertaking: the album ‘Guitars, Beers & Tears’. Steve is featured on the song ‘If You Need Me’, on the album which is due for release on August 17, 2010 on the AAO Music / Reality label in the US and Canada. Alongside Steve, Bucket also enlisted the help of a number of other notable musicians for this project including members of Iron Maiden, Bad Company, Thunder, The Quireboys and Edwin McCain.
To get hold of a copy of the album click here:
Steve Conte | Create your badge
Steve Conte On Twitter
Steve Conte & the Crazy Truth
7/2/2010  Steve Conte > Michael Monroe > Motorhead
Brother Steve will be on the road w/ Michael Monroe opening for MOTÖRHEAD on their upcoming 35th Anniversary tour. Confirmed dates are as follows:
8 - Aberdeen, UK - Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre
9 - Glasgow, UK - O2 Academy
10 - Newcastle, UK - City Hall
12 - Blackburn, UK - St. George’s Hall
13 - Llandudno, UK - Arena
15 - Derby, UK - Assembly Rooms
16 - Manchester, UK - Apollo
18 - Leicester, UK - De Montfort Hall
19 - Bristol, UK - Colston Hall
21 - Southampton, UK - Guildhall
22 - Cambridge, UK - Corn Exchange
24 - Wolverhampton, UK - Civic Center
25 - Leeds, UK - O2 Academy
27 - London, UK - Brixton O2 Academy
28 - Brighton, UK - Centre
6/4/2010  John on smokin' new CD release by Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes -"Pills & Ammo"
john provides all the bass tracks on his first record with southside.
mixed by the legendary niko bolas.
check out this youtube link to the track that Little Steven just made song of the week on his radio show
3/17/2010  "Gypsy Cab" Video Debut by Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth!

Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth/Gypsy Cab from Dana (distortion) Yavin on Vimeo.

3/15/2010  Live Video of john playing "Amoreena" with the recently formed piano power trio : "Early Elton"
Jeff Kazee- piano,vocal
Rich Pagano - piano,vocal
3/10/2010  john performing at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC 184 Allen( between Stanton/Houston)
stellar songwriting w/ soulful melodies from singer/ songwriter dana parish....
backing her up are some of new york's finest :
Rich Pagano on drums
Andy Hollander on keys
Rob Bailey on guitar
John Conte on bass
dana just came back from singing the Nat'l Anthem at the Giants Game in San Fran.
she says: " Wow, so much fun! But I think I may be retiring it now. (unless the Superbowl calls) If you wanna see it, go hereand it should be a public link. "
3/9/2010  John Returns for 3rd "E.E." Trio Show in NYC
Tuesday, March 9th @ B.B. King's 8 P.M.
237 West 42nd Street NYC
The Early Elton Trio Returns!
Jeff Kazee, John Conte & Rich Pagano play the music of the Elton John, Dee Murray & Nigel Olsson Trio tours of 1970-1972.
A piano-driven Power Trio that combines the free-spirited rocking and intimacy of Elton John's earliest--and best--material.
Burn Down The Mission, Amoreena, Levon, Madman Across The Water, Border Song & much more.
The EE3 performing Amoreena Live on Youtube.
For Tix: Early Elton at B.B.Kings
Follow the EE3 @
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3/1/2010  A Rare Opportunity to see john & steve perform some CROWN JEWELS & CONTES songs at a great venue in NYC
Rich Pagano & The sugarCane Cups host a special live rehearsal at City Winery of songs for the following day’s March 2nd benefit concert "The Music of The Who" at Carnegie Hall, presented by Michael Dorf Presents.
As the house band leader for the Carnegie show, Pagano will anchor this intimate dress rehearsal with a selection of his original music, Beatles tunes and of course, the music of the Who. Joining him will be some of the artists performing at Carnegie Hall the following night. In addition there will be special appearances by The Contes and Jimmy Vivino's Prisoners of 2nd Avenue.
This is a great opportunity to come and see the artists in a live rehearsal as they prepare for the benefit concert.
Rich Pagano & The sugarCane Cups:
Rich Pagano (The Fab Faux, Rosanne Cash, Patti Smith) - drums/vox
Andy York (John Mellencamp) - guitar/voxv
John Conte (Southside Johnny, Rosanne Cash, Ian Hunter) - bass/vox
Steve Conte (New York Dolls, Paul Simon) - guitar/vox
Kevin Bents (Donald Fagen) - keyboards/vox
for more info & tickets :
" won't change the inconvenient truth that Rich Pagano + The sugarCane cups is among the best albums that you'll hear in 2009." - Reverend Keith A. Gordon, Blurt Magazine
2/2/2010  Demand Steve Conte in Your Town!

Demand Steve conte in New York City!
Steve conte in New York City - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

View all New York City events on Eventful
1/9/2010  Steve Conte covers Tom Waits - Jesus Gonna Be Here - @ Vintage Vinyl Fords, NJ
From a Tom Waits/Paul Westerberg tribute show in one of the coolest music stores in the world...
NEW YORK DOLLS Guitarist Releases Debut Album With New Band!
11 Scorching Rock & Roll Tracks From New York City.
(Special guests include David Johansen)
Debut Album on iTunes, and in stores 10/20/09
On Varese Vintage Records.
1/1/2010  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
12/10/2009  John performing at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC
on thurs. eveing 12/10 john will be playing a 7 song set with the - the very talented team of Dana Parish & Andy Hollander.... beautiful songs & melodies. featuring songs from the album "Uncrushed" , which john plays bass on .
dana parish -vocals
andy hollander- baby grand piano
rich pagano-drums,percussion,vocal
rob bailey- guitar vocal
jc- fender bass
(if you know andy, come by and wish him a happy birthday !)
184 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002-1418
(212) 477-4155
check out dana :
11/17/2009  Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth Song On "Sons Of Anarchy" Tonght!
“Busload of Hope,” from the just released Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth” CD will be featured in an episode of the FX series Sons Of Anarchy (EPISODE #211) air date 11-17-09.
11/15/2009  Brother Steve Conte Plays The Midnight Ramble In Woodstock, NY w/ Levon Helm, Hubert Sumlin, Kris Kristofferson, Marshall Crenshaw...
Sunday, November 15, 2009
Show: 7:00 p.m.
Doors: 6:30 p.m.
General Admission
$100 per person
(No guest list No comps)
Call 845-679-2744 and leave full name and contact number. Purchase tickets tonight by going to First come first served.
Featuring Levon Helm and The Levon Helm Band, Kris Kristofferson, Connie Nelson, Guy Forsyth, Waylon Payne, Hubert Sumlin, Steve Conte and Ya never know!
Regular Ramble rules apply: bring a food item for the table, bring your beverage of choice. Go to for directions to the studio.
No photos, no audio/video recording equipment, blah, blah, blah.
check website for cities, dates & venues
10/27/2009  Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth Record Release Party!
Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth Record Release Party in NYC
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery, NYC 212-228-0228
Ticket Price: $8 • Ages: 21 & Up
Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth @ 9pm
w/ guests Erik J Toast (8pm),
Michael Imperioli's La Dolce Vita (10pm),
DJ Sami Yaffa (11pm)
Come get a copy of the record critics are raving about!
"There is very little genuine rock and roll out there at the moment - but Steve Conte has hit the nail on the head with this one!"
-- Steve Lillywhite, Producer (U2, Rolling Stones, Johnny Thunders, Morrissey, XTC)
"If there ever was a rock and roll guitar album that could kick start a sense of rock and roll adrenalin in the tradition of Lou Reed, Johnny Thunders, Mink DeVille and Television, it has to be Steve Conte and the Crazy Truth"
--, UK
Released in USA/Canada/Mexico on October 20 On Varese Vintage Records
Released in UK/ Europe on November 30 By Colosseum Music Entertainment
Available on iTunes and
In The Americas -
In Europe -
Sonically, The Crazy Truth lies somewhere between garage rock and punk blues with hints of Latin-soul in a dark, smoky lounge. It’s the Stooges and the Stones versus Morphine and Tom Waits. The overall vibe is best described by Conte as “classic roots with a modern twist.”
Steve Conte delivers the power, soul and raunch. He’s a runaway guitar hero on the edge of falling apart – with the voice of a derelict angel. Drummer Phil Stewart is equal parts Max Roach and Keith Moon while bassist Leeko was weaned on The Clash and old school reggae.
Says Conte, “This album sounds like a band playing live because it’s drums, bass and guitar together in one room, solos recorded live on the basic tracks, rough and tough. It was like doing a gig. I love playing live with this band because it’s all about interplay and the moment. We don’t just deliver the songs…we JAM!”
1. This Is The End

2. Gypsy Cab

3. Texas T

4. The Goods Are Odd

5. Get Off

6. The Truth Ain’t Pretty

7. Her Highness

8. Busload of Hope

9. Strumpet-hearted Monkey Girl

10. Indie Girl

11. Junk Planet
Lyrically, the songs reflect two decades of life and excess in New York City…the distractions troubled souls move toward to fill the emptiness. Dive bars, gambling, sex and drugs. It's all there, but not celebrated with the traditional macho rock attitude. It’s more about redemption.
On The Truth Ain’t Pretty, Conte sings, “I’m always putting the last things first, that’s why I’m starting out with the second verse,” while on The Goods Are Odd he croons “Drag queens, drama queens, future ex-porn stars, we’re all looking for lovers with beautiful scars.”
Whether he’s the morally bankrupt guy “coming downtown in a Gypsy Cab” (from the standout track Gypsy Cab) or riding a Busload of Hope to Atlantic City, Conte offers a sense of optimism in the song This Is The End - “In the end we transcend – we’re divine”.
Special guests on the album includes David Johansen (New York Dolls) on harmonica, Catherine Russell (David Bowie) and Nicki Richards (Madonna) on backing vocals, plus Danny Ray (Sylvain Sylvain/Johnny Thunders), Kiku Collins (Beyonce) Tom Timko (Stevie Wonder) on horns
The album was mixed by the legendary Niko Bolas (Neil Young, Keith Richards) and mastered by Richard Dodd (Tom Petty, Green Day).
Steve Conte – Official Web Links
Debut Album On Varese Vintage Records
On iTunes, & In Stores 10/20/09
Out In Europe 11/30/09 On Colosseum Records
Vintage Vinyl 10/20 @6PM
51 Lafayette Rd, FORDS NJ 8863
J&R Music 10/22 @6PM
23 Park Row, NEW YORK NY 10038
11/11/2009 8:00 PM
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York City, New York 10003-7176
Cost: TBA
[ (212) 228-0228]
9/30/2009  BO DIDDLEY TELLS A JOKE....

Bo Diddley and Brewster the Rooster from Walker Lamond on Vimeo.

8/25/2009  Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth show Sept. 3 @ Varvatos (CBGB) Our version of "Summertime Blues"
8/14/2009  R.I.P. Les Paul
I would like to pay my respects to a great man whose revolutionary talents will be greatly missed. The one and only Les Paul (June 9, 1915 – August 13, 2009).
I once had the pleasure of playing with the genius inventor of multi-track recording and the solid body electric guitar @ the Iridium in NYC. My friend Jon Paris and I joined Les onstage and I called the Thelonius Monk tune "Blue Monk" which is just a blues. At first, Les was groovin' along on it but during my solo I decided to take it "out" a bit and play some monk-style lines. Wrong. Les gave me a look like I had 9 heads so I thought I'd better reel it back in and bring the tune home. I guess his kind of jazz was "straighter".
After the gig he signed my black '69 Les Paul and was very sweet (that night I also hung out w/ Pat Martino at the club, who is a real gentleman.) I was hoping I could get a chance to play w/ him once more and do something a little more "commercial" because Les was more than anything, an entertainer....but alas...being in Europe this summer I have missed 2 of my faves pass on this summer, Willy DeVille and Lester William Polsfuss, AKA Les Paul.
Steve plays his Les Paul onstage...with Les Paul, the legend!
8/8/2009  Willy DeVille R.I.P.
It is with a heavy heart I must pass along this news about the great Willy DeVille...
"59-year-old American singer and songwriter Willy DeVille died of pancreatic cancer during the night of August 6th in a New York hospital. Born August 27th, 1953, DeVille began his career in New York in the mid-70's with his band Mink DeVille, garnering success in Europe with songs such as Spanish Stroll (1977), and later in the United States with his album Le Chat Bleu (1980), which blended punk rock with elements from French cabaret tradition such as accordion. DeVille then pursued a career under his own name, releasing albums on a regular basis until 2008, and once more hitting the Europeans charts with a mariachi cover version of traditional song Hey Joe in 1992."
It’s especially poignant thinking of Willy now as I enjoy my 3 month old son Zia, who would not be in the world if I hadn’t met my wife on Willy’s 2003 European tour. As I write this, I’m in The Netherlands staying with my in-laws who are longtime fans of Willy’s music and are the reason that Hadda was at our show at The Arsenaal Theater in Vlissingen that night. In fact, I have a show of my own in Vlissingen, NL tonight, August 7 one night after Willy's passing.
I thank Willy for the opportunity to be his guitarist that summer and also, David Keyes for pushing for me to do the gig. David knew I was a fan of Willy’s music so when Freddie couldn’t do the tour that summer he called me. He said that the gig called for mandolin, Tex-Mex nylon string, and slide guitar but I told him that those were outside my area of expertise. David really pushed me saying, “come on man, you can do it…” I couldn’t pass up the chance to play those great Mink DeVille songs with Willy so I rose to the occasion…I’m glad I did.
The things I learned playing with Willy will always be with me; knowing how to lay back behind one of the world’s most soulful singers, the blues and folk music that I am now able to play on slide & nylon string guitar and mandolin, and the ability to switch gears at a moment’s notice; to play a song on one instrument that I was supposed to play on another, changing of keys, adding and leaving out sections of songs…changes that can be at the lead singer’s discretion during a show. If it weren’t for that education I would never have been prepared for my future gigs with Eric Burdon or my position in the New York Dolls.
But replacing Freddie Koella was not an easy task…he’s a monster musician who was playing with Willy for 15 years. David’s advice to me was, “give Willy what he knows” so I spent a month learning every riff Freddie played from Willy’s “Live In Italy” CD; trying to figure out the open tunings he used for slide, the positions he played in, etc. I even got on the phone with Freddie at one point to clarify a few techniques.
However, when it came to playing the music onstage with Willy and the band I found out that it’s best to just do what is natural, even if it isn’t “what the boss expects”. I listen to the CD of the radio show we recorded in Freiberg, Germany – and though it’s better than I remember, it was during the first half of the tour when I was doing OK but not up to my usual level. It was after that gig in France where Willy played 3 songs and left the stage, then fired the monitor man that I got concerned about my standing on the gig. From that date on I decided that if I was going to get fired I was at least going to go down playing like me - not because I wasn’t playing enough like someone else.
And starting with the next show Willy began to notice my playing. He even pulled me aside a few times to give me compliments like, “Steven, that was very good tonight…” and “You’re a hell of a guitar player…” statements that coming from Willy from DeVille, I do not take lightly.
I also remember the night I met my wife in Vlissingen, NL – it was the afternoon Willy got his left forearm tattooed. He came to the show with his arm all bandaged up and blood leaking on his white shirt, trying to play guitar through the pain. I have to laugh because the next day we had off and it would’ve been so much easier to recover from the “surgery” then - but Willy was impulsive and insisted on getting the tattoo before the show. I guess that’s Willy DeVille; he does things his way, with style and soul. He’s been an inspiration. I only wish I could make more music with him now that I know what I know…
With love and admiration,
Steve Conte
8/3/2009  Steve Conte in Netherlands & Belgium!
Steve Conte sings & plays w/ Dutch power trio (Jeroen on drums & Jozz on bass)...performing songs from The Crazy Truth, New York Dolls and a few other rock & roll suprises!
Aug 7 2009 9:30P
Panta Rhei Vlissingen, NL
Aug 9 2009 9:30P
Café MANUSCRIPT, Langestraat 23, 8400 Oostende, BE
tel. 059 51 11 88
Aug 12 2009 10:00P
Hunky Dory, Leiden, NL
op woensdag 12 augustus komt steve conte, gitarist van de new york dolls weer een optreden doen. deze amerikaanse rockster neemt dit keer twee andere muzikanten mee, om zo een powerrock trio te vormen. entree is E7,- voorverkoop aan de bar. (vol=vol). aanvang 21.00
8/2/2009  "Taking Woodstock" Movie Trailer - Guitar/SC, Music/Danny Elfman, Director/Ang Lee
When you see this in theater the 1st sounds you hear will be brother Steve's guitar!!

8/1/2009  CNN Report on New Dolls Album
Filmed in Atlanta & NYC
CNN - NY Dolls
CNN Quotes Steve Conte on New Dolls Album
CNN - NY Dolls
7/29/2009  John Returns for 2nd "E.E." Trio Show In NYC
The Quick:
What: By Popular Demand...Jeff Kazee, John Conte & Rich Pagano revisit Early Elton: Music From The Elton John Trio Tours '70-'72.
When: Wednesday, July 29th 8:00 PM
Where: The Bitter End
147 Bleeker Street (bet Thomson & LaGuardia)
Tickets: $10
Advance tix at
The Long:
~ EE~ Early Elton A Tribute to the Elton John, Dee Murray and Nigel Olsson trio tours of 1970 - 1972 featuring: Jeff Kazee - piano, vocals Rich Pagano - drums, vocals John Conte - bass, vocals.
As the story goes, Elton's label didn't have the funds to send him out to tour the US with a full band, yet Elton need to promote his imminent releases. Having decided on Dee and Nigel, Elton then rearranged the songs and vocals to fit within the limitations of his new lineup. Suddenly, a new sound emerged that was both raw and poignant.
While Jeff, John and Rich have used rare video, bootleg recordings and even Elton's own home demos in shaping their collective vision of Elton's Trio Period, they will be blurring the lines between replication and innovation slightly, while still capturing and utilizing the spirit, mood and energy from those early tours.
Our May show was a fantastic debut.
Dig us playing Amoreena on Youtube
3 new songs will be added to the July 29th show! Also, check out our last show's SETLIST:
Visit this great site created by Italian fan Noirsun:
6/5/2009  The Contes & Crown Jewels on Pandora!
If you aren't hip to Pandora, you should be - it's web radio that YOU program to play the type of music you want!
Go to Pandoraand sign up...then click "create a new station" and search The Contes or Crown Jewels and it will play you our songs mixed with other artists & songs that are similar. Happy listening!
Date:July 7th 2009 (Tues)
Entry from 6pm, commencing from 7pm. The concert is scheduled to end by 9.30pm.
Venue:Saitama Super Arena
Tickets: ¥ 7,777
Cowboy Bebop: Future Blues
5/18/2009  NY Dolls on Jools Holland - Trash & My World!
5/13/2009   See John in Debut of NEW TRIO in NYC
Live @ The Bitter End (147 Bleeker Street, NYC) Wednesday, May 27th 8 p.m. $10
~ EE~
Early Elton
A Tribute to the Elton John, Dee Murray and Nigel Olsson
Trio tours of 1970 - 1972
Jeff Kazee - piano, vocals
Rich Pagano - drums, vocals
John Conte - bass, vocals
As the story goes, Elton's label didn't have the funds to send him out to tour the US with a full band, yet Elton need to promote his imminent releases.  Having decided on Dee and Nigel, Elton then rearranged the songs and vocals to fit within the limitations of his new lineup.  Suddenly, a new sound emerged that was both raw and poignant. 
While Jeff, John and Rich have used rare video, bootleg recordings and even Elton's own home demos in shaping their collective vision of Elton's Trio Period, they will be blurring the lines between replication and innovation slightly, while still capturing and utilizing the spirit, mood and energy from those early tours.
Advance Tickets at
5/12/2009  Steve w/ NEW YORK DOLLS - Blistering Live Performance Of "Personality Crisis" On "Later With Jools Holland"

5/12/2009  Steve w/ NEW YORK DOLLS - Live Performance Of "Cause I Sez So" On "Later With Jools Holland"
4/30/2009  Hear! Now! Steve Conte w/ New York Dolls: New Album Produced By Todd Rundgren
Hello my Luvlies...Steve Conte here.
New York Dolls has a brand new album coming out May 5 called "Cause I Sez So", produced by the infamous Todd Rundgren!
If you have AOL it's being featured on their "music" page.
There are a couple of Conte/Johansen songs on it so go and listen/stream the entire album - here's the web address:
4/29/2009  Company Of Wolves/Steve Conte Rave From Keyboardist Chuck Wagner
"I played keyboards on (Kyf Brewer's CD) "Me and My Big Mouth". I think the guitar solo at the end of "Girl" on Company Of Wolves should go down as one of the greatest guitar solos ever recorded, personally. I enjoy playing it on synth loaded with guitar samples greatly."
4/19/2009  Video For Hidden Track From Bleed Together CD - John's Song, "FRONT PAGE NEWS" By David Olson
you can see all kinds of stuff in this pseudo-political video... the Conte brothers in childhood photos and working in their studio back in 2001 - when the World Trade Center still existed....
come on out and heckle me...i dare ya!
john performs 2 songs with the bacon brothers band
on sunday APRIL 19th @ 9:00 a.m.
or see it on the web:
4/5/2009  Conte Bros. Perform "The Animals Medley" w/ David Johansen
David Johansen and Steve Conte guesting with brother John's band, The Prisoners of 2nd Avenue (Jimmy Vivino "Farewell" Show, Saturday April 4, 2009, Bowery Ballroom, NYC)
4/5/2009  Steve Conte Playing w/ Eric Burdon & The Animals!
4/4/2009  Steve Conte: Artist Of The Week On BP Fallon’s Radio Show!
Steve Conte has a new band...The Crazy Truth!!
Steve Conte as the Wang Dang Doodle Artist Of The Week -
Hear 4 songs from the forthcoming debut album by Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth!
Go here [click View Playlist to see photos and sequence of songs]:
Steve Conte On Breakthrough Radio!
AND a new show this week--
Steve Conte On Breakthrough Radio!
Don't forget to visit the band's myspace page and make them a friend -
Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth
4/3/2009  Billy Bob Thornton Interview - too Bizzarro to not share!
The Prisoners Of 2nd Ave - Jimmy Vivino/John Conte/ Rich Pagano
This Saturday, April 4 @ Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey St New York, NY 10002 - (212) 533-2111
The Conte brothers & David will perform 2 classics from the David Johansen Band catalogue - "Funky But Chic" and "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" (aka- "The Animals Medley")
You may know Jimmy as the bandleader on Late Night With Conan O'Brien but Jimmy is also the man responsible for hooking up Steve & David Jo! We'll be sad to lose Jimmy when Conan relocates to the left coast so come out and celebrate his last show in NYC!
Visit the Dolls site to find out about the new album - "Cause I Sez So" - produced by the legendary Todd Rundgren! Steve has co-written 2 songs with David Johansen, 1 with Johansen/Sylvain and 1 with Johansen/Yaffa. Click here: NEW YORK DOLLS
2/25/2009  Brother John Conte Pefrorms w/ Jon Bon Jovi
1/3/2009  Steve To Play 2 Shows With New York Dolls @ SXSW In Austin, TX
show #1:
Fri 3/20 @ 12:30 AM
Smokin' Music (504 Trinity St) (21+)
show #2:
Sat 2/21 @ Maggie May's (time TBA)
New York Dolls, The Hold Steady and Ra Ra Riot have been announced to play Rachael Ray’s food and music party at this year’s South By Southwest.
10/22/2008  The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - Steve Plays Live!
Tune in to CBS television on WEDNESDAY, OCT 29TH and catch Steve Conte playing w/ New York Dolls on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson!
This is Craig's "Punk Week" so naturally, The Dolls who influenced so many punk bands (Blondie, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Clash, Pretenders, etc...) could not be left out.
Check your local listings for details...
10/11/2008  RIP Frankie Paris
We'll miss our dear friend Frankie Paris - one of NYC's blues staples...a classic guy w/ a great soulful voice....
John will be backing up talented NYC singer/songwriter Dana Parish on Sat. Nov. 1 @ 8:00 a.m.
Here's a little bit about Dana:
On Uncrushed Dana puts forth the kind of raw emotion and sincerity that has her being compared to artists like Carole King and Sarah McLachlan. Her first single “Not My Problem” reached #23 on Billboard’s AC chart, making it one of the highest charting songs by an independent artist this year. Dana’s fans have propelled her to #1 on MySpace with over 2 million plays and thousands of heartfelt comments and letters. Parish's music, known for its emotional resonance, has been featured in many feature films including Gray Matters starring Heather Graham and Sissy Spacek and the upcoming film Serious Moonlight starring Meg Ryan and Kristen Bell.
For more information or to listen to Dana Parish's songs visit
It's been 8 long years since the Jewels have performed!
Come hear a fresh take on some of your favorite songs from the Conte bros. 2nd album plus some added surprises...
John and Steve will be joined by Linoleum alumni Rich Mercurio (drums) & Chris Palmaro (organ)
(a limited number of Crown Jewels t-shirts will be given away!)
Friday Nov.21st 8:00pm
@The Cutting Room
19 W. 24th st. NYC
tickets available @
or by phone @ 212-868-4444
9/25/2008  JOHN ROCKS FARM AID !!!
Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Chryssie Hynde, Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, Jakob Dylan and. . . JOHN CONTE with the Danielle Evin Band !!! Check out this link for great live footage of the event.
Click on FarmAid 2008 - Pre-Show Performances and see John do his thing !!!
8/18/2008  check it out...steve plays w/ the dolls in animated video!
"Cheap Trick rules!!! Original members, they rock, legendary rhythm section, songs with lyrics, melody, and harmony, humor, and - along with Steve Conte and Steve Marriot - one of the greatest living rock singers of all time! You know, that Zander guy....Your pal - Dave Achelis"
For More Info Go To:
06/26 Cork, Ireland
06/28 Dublin, IRELAND
06/29 Glasgow, Scotland
07/01 Nottingham, UK
07/02 Bristol, UK
07/03 Manchester, UK
07/04 London, UK
07/13 Copenhagen, Denmark
07/16 Athens, Greece
07/18 Benicassim, Spain
07/24 Stezanno, Italy More
07/25 Pinarella di Cervia, Italy
07/29 Tel Aviv, Israel
08/01 Utrecht, Netherlands
08/02 Gent, Belgium
08/16 Kiewet- Hasselt, Netherlands - CANCELLED!!!
6/3/2008  R.I.P. BO DIDDLEY
We are very sad about the passing of one of rock & roll's true pioneers...Mr. Ellas McDaniel...AKA, Bo Diddley. Go to the "steve conte'' page on this site to read about our brother's experience with the man...
168 Delancey St, New York, NY. 212 254 9920
Somewhere between the stones/who/morphine/tom waits/ clash/dead kennedys/israel vibration/zappa/ coltrane lies this bunch of misfit freaks. The music is hard to describe - but it's heavy w/ a sprinkle of sophistication and full of rock & roll attitude. come hear & see for yourself!
Stay tuned for info on the band's 1st album due out in the fall...
Next month - buy a Contes or Crown Jewels CD by mail and you will get it personally signed by the Conte bros. Go to our "Music" page, click the link "for mailorder info", follow the instructions then sit and wait by the mailbox...
4/1/2008  Sugarbuzz Magazine Review of Bleed Together
Canadian writer Chris Duda professes his love for The Contes record. Click here: The Contes in Sugarbuzz Magazine
3/20/2008  JOHN Performs with CHUCK BERRY & SUPERGROUP in Boston 4/13/08
this is a benefit concert for a unique boston area program for artists in recovery. go to to view full promo for the event
Right Turn Inc. Presents
The Super Group Featuring Chuck Berry
Sunday, April 13, 7:00 p.m., Berklee Performance Center
To Benefit Artists in Recovery—Featuring Chuck Berry with Chuck Leavell, Simon Kirke, and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter as well as Ernie and the Automatics
Tickets: $250, $150, $100, $75, $50, $35, reserved seating
Purchase tickets online through Ticketmaster
Sunday, April 13th
CHUCK BERRY & the Super Group. Featuring Chuck Leavell, Simon Kirke, Chad Smith, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Tim Ries, Ricky Byrd, and John Conte. Ernie and the Automatics opening. Berklee Performance Center.
Call (617) 747-2261 for Tickets or visit
Ticket Master Tickets
Show at 7 PM.
3/19/2008  Dolls Tour 2008 Continues - South America & America South!
Apr 8 Culture Room Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Apr 10 Hangar 110 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Apr 11 Abril Pro Rock Festival @ Espaca Tacaruna Racife
Apr 13 Discoteca Voce Lima, Peru
Apr 14 South America, INFO TBD
Apr 17 South America, INFO TBD
Apr 18 El Teatro Roxy Buenos Aires, Argentina
Apr 20 Granada Theatre Dallas, Texas
for more info or to buy tickets go here:
Dolls South America Tour
3/18/2008  Steve Conte Performs With Paul Simon, Little Anthony And The Imperials At BAM!
With Oscar Hernández And The Spanish Harlem Orchestra
Featuring Performances By Steve Conte, Claudette Sierra,
Obie Bermudez, Ray De La Paz, Frankie Negron, Paul Simon
Special Guest Performance By Little Anthony And The Imperials
April 1-6 at 8pm
BAM Harvey Theater_$30, 50, 65
In an unprecedented month-long residency at BAM, Paul Simon collaborates with an extraordinary range of artists to offer three musical constellations from the career of one of America's greatest songwriters. Latin beats and 50s doo-wop fill New York City's nights with Songs from The Capeman.
A Note from Steve:
"When I first started working with Paul back in 2000 I was his "stand-in" singer during band rehearsals. He was always very complimentary about my voice and now I'm thrilled that Paul has called on me to sing two of his songs in this show, the Jimmy Reed style blues, "Killer Wants To Go to College" and the Johnny Cash flavored, "Virgil". I may even whip out my Telecaster and play with Oscar Hernández And The Spanish Harlem Orchestra!"
2/27/2008  KAZEEDIGS at THE CUTTING ROOM 2/27 at 7:30PM
Greats Of The 88’s is the first show in a series called kazeedigs. GOT88’s will feature Jeff Kazee (piano/vox, John conte (bass), Rich Pagano (drums), and some special guests playing songs made famous by Rock & Roll’s greatest pianists/singers. kazeedigs simply showcases music that keyboardist/vocalist Jeff Kazee loves to listen to and wants to champion. Tickets $12 at
2/26/2008  Dolls Review from Boston
New York Dolls fill their own big shoes
By Jonathan Perry, Globe Correspondent | February 18, 2008
My friend said it best: Nobody can mug like David Johansen. He had first seen Johansen and his cross-dressing band of glam-punk reprobates the New York Dolls perform somewhere outside of Pittsburgh, on a triple bill with Blue Oyster Cult and Mott the Hoople, 35 years ago. In other words, the Dolls were on the prowl and "looking for a kiss" (yep, they did that one Saturday night) before some of Saturday's sold-out Paradise crowd had even been born. Three decades later, they're still doing it, and Johansen - when he wasn't singing in that guttural, bowery howl of his - is still mugging, smirking, and clowning around, for himself and us.
When Sylvain Sylvain and Steve Conte's electric guitars meshed like blunted steel razors on "Babylon," and drummer Brian Delaney's primal beat drove home the cheap thrills of "Trash," an absurdly gleeful Cheshire Cat grin creased Johansen's eyes into crude slashes and seemed to split his face in two. Back in '73, Johansen looked like a Mick Jagger cartoon caricature. Now craggier in his late 50s, but with a full head of shaggy brown hair, shimmying around the stage in matchstick-thin black trousers,skin-tight pink sequined top, shades, and a chunky belt that may have weighed more than he did, the resemblance was stronger than ever. The rocket-launched power of "Jet Boy" all but erased the lipstick-smeared traces of the Dolls' tortured history - a tailspin of drugs, disease, and, well, drugs that's left only Johansen and Sylvain still standing (and preening) amid the rubble.
As they did two years ago at Axis, the pair of original Dolls led the three newly minted ones in a reading of "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" that segued into "Lonely Planet Boy," a touching tribute to their fallen guitarist Johnny Thunders. Earlier, they dedicated "Private World" to the band's most recent casualty, bassist Arthur "Killer" Kane, who had co-written the tune with Johansen and died in 2004.
Somehow, the surviving Dolls managed to simultaneously embrace and embody their history with dignity, and yet move on from it with a loose, renewed sense of purpose and fun. Especially striking was how vital the songs from 2006's "One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This" sounded alongside the old smudged warhorses. With its '60s girl-group, bubblegum-sweet melody, the newbie "Plenty of Music" proved nearly the pleasure of the swaggering cock-of-the-walk opener, "Puss 'N Boots." Likewise, the hard-won wisdom and grizzled grace that beat at the tender heart of the new "Dancing on the Lip of a Volcano" were virtues the Dolls merely hinted at in their younger days. Too much too soon back then? Perhaps. But just enough now, definitely.
John throws down with his power trio - stirring up the days of the old "FILLMORE EAST "
Jimmy Vivino - Rich Pagano - John Conte
w/ special guest Brian Mitchell
Wednesday, March 26th - 8pm
B.B. King Blues Club & Grill
On BreakThruRadio on demand 24/7!!!


Pausing only to play and sing live for us, guitar ace Steve talks about his extraordinary life and times in rock'n'roll...from Chuck Berry to the Dolls!


12/23/2007  A FEW GOOD FAN LETTERS...
1. "Just wanted to say...i feel like i've had a banner week in musical listening... caught POS (that's "prisoners of second ave" w/ brother john) and Willie Nile on Thursday at The Cutting Room...WOW, what a show...i wish it didn't have to end...and then last night, saw The New York Dolls at IMAC...another WOW, great show!...the only thing that might have made the week better was a gig by the Conte would be great if that would happen you guys...keep the music coming..."
2. "Steve, I'm a new fan; I saw you with the NY Dolls at the Stone Pony on 7/20; you and the band blew me away. Any comparisons to Johnny Thunders are a bullshit waste of time. You ARE the Dolls guitar player, period. Johnny had a great act going (for a little while, which got old real quick), but he can't hold a candle to your chops. I mean, Christ Almighty, how many times did we have to hear that same whiney riff? You fucking PLAY that black Les Paul, and look great doing it. What a rush to stand right in front of you, David and Syl at a great venue like the Stone Pony; I have new hope for rock and roll. Now, to research your catalogue, where the hell have I been all this time?"
Last shows of the year...Dec 29 & 30, 2007!
Get your tix here: The Dolls @ Irving Plaza
tonight - 12/21 @ knitting factory, nyc - legendary alice cooper bassist dennis dunaway & his band will play @ 10pm and steve will be guest guitarist for the cooper classic - "i'm eighteen"!
12/18/2007  Steve Conte performs @ Glen Burtnick's Xmas Xtravaganza
2007 Xmas Xtravaganza
Count Basie Theatre
99 Monmouth Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701
Tickets: $35, $30, $25, and $20
steve will rock the kink's classic "father christmas" (crown jewels style) along with lee kostrinsky, bass player of steve's new solo band/project. steve's new solo band.
12/6/2007  John appearing on FOX Network's "Fearless Music" Sat. Night 12/8
John will be playing bass with the multitalented singer/songwriter
danielle evin.
tune in to Fox's "fearless music " ( ch.5 in nyc) at 12:30 a.m. on sun. 12/9 ( it feels more like sat. night !)
the band also includes drummer aaron comess (spin doctors) and guitarist mark bosch ( ian hunter) .
danielle has been working in the studio with jack douglas , phil ramone , frank filipetti , and niko bolas .
the band also performed a rockin' 15 minute set at farm aid 2007 this past september which was included in HdNet's broadcast of the event during thanksgiving weekend.
12/1/2007  Steve Plays Songwriter’s Circle in NYC!
WED, JAN 9, 8:30PM
steve conte rare solo acoustic appearance!
11/21/2007  Steve & John Play Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Benefit w/ Levon Helm, Joan Osborne, John Mayer, Gavin Degraw...
Saturday, December 01 2007
Event Title:
A Funny (Groovy) Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson's. Theme: Woodstock
Event Description:
A benefit evening of music and comedy to raise funds for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. More than 1,000 guests, including Michael’s friends from television and film will join New York’s business, social and financial leaders to raise significant funds for Parkinson’s research.
The evening will be hosted by comedian and actor Stephen Colbert. Musical performances by Rob Thomas, Joan Osborne, John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw and The Soul Ramblers (Steve Conte, Jimmy Vivino, John Conte, Rich Pagano, Jeff Kazee). Guests will include host of “The Rachael Ray Show” Rachael Ray, Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey The Honorable Cory A. Booker, among others.
Co-Chairs and Honorees (when applicable):
Michael J. Fox & Tracy Pollan, Co-Chairs Lisette Ackerberg, Donna Karan, Jennifer and Marc Lipschultz, and Kim and Jim Pallotta.
Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, 811 Seventh Avenue (at 53rd Street).
the booking agent is a sadist...
12/5 Moscow - B1 Maximum
12/6 St. Petersburg - Club Port
12/7 Helsinki - Tavastia
this is all the info we have.
google the venues for more...
11/15/2007  Steve Conte performs live @ SugoiCon 11/16/07
NOVEMBER 16-18, 2007 at the Drawbridge Inn 2477 Royal Dr., Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017 PH:(859) 341-2800
SugoiCon: Cincinnati's premier Japanese animation convention.
2007-11-3 Update
We're thrilled to announce that Steve Conte will be performing in concert at SugoiCon Friday night, November 16. If you've seen Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Living Inside the Shell), Wolf's Rain (Stray), or Cowboy Bebop (Call Me Call Me, Diggin'), you've heard Steve's distinctive voice and guitar in collaboration with composer Yoko Kanno. He recently joined the revamped lineup of legendary glam-rock pioneers the New York Dolls, and is also currently working on other studio projects.
In addition to Friday's solo acoustic concert, Steve will be signing autographs and meeting fans at SugoiCon early Saturday. Don't miss this chance to hear one of the most recognizable voices in anime music today!
Enjoy this London footage shot with a cameraphone !!!
10/12/2007  John on Tour with SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY
John with the Jukes all over Europe . . . go to for tour dates !!!
9/17/2007  Steve Conte Peforms Solo & T Rex in New York...
See & hear Steve live in "Songwriters By The River" Series @ Riverspace Theater in Nyack, NY, an intimate 70 seat cafe...and then @ Delacorte Theater, Central Park, NYC for 20th Century Boy: Marc Bolan & T.Rex 30th Anniversary Celebration
For more info see our "Live Shows" page...
SEPTEMBER 8 -9 2007
The NEW YORK DOLLS will be performing at the 2007 BEIJING China Pop Festival
2007 Beijing Pop Festival will rock on for two days (September 8th and 9th), only in Chaoyang park starting from noon to 10pm.
Festival Line Up confirmed
Nine Inch Nails
Public Enemy
Marky Ramone (Ex. Ramones)
Brett Anderson (Ex.Suede)
Mumiy, Troll Russia, XTX Xie Tian Xiao, Muma&Third Party, Brain Failure, Thin Man, Joyside, The Honeys, Shelftalker
The Hilfiger Sessions, NYC
Hacked By Ashiyane Digital Security Team
Eric Burdon & The Animals
August, 9 2007 at Zeiterion Performing Arts Center
684 Purchase Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02741
Cost : $48.00, $43.00, $35.00
with very special guests....The Yardbirds!!
For more gig info check Eric's myspace page...
....Steve is only doing a few shows - Woodstock, Mass., & Canada Aug 8, 9, 10.
6/14/2007  ny dolls - steve & sylvain in guitar player mag: the lost interview....
...check out the "steve conte" page and read it now!
5/12/2007  Amazing New York Dolls Concert Videos From "The London Live Show"
Check these out folks...from The Chart Show, filmed in late 2006 at Koko in Camdentown, London.
New York Dolls Live: Gimme Love & Turn On The Light
New York Dolls Live: Dance Like A Monkey
4/18/2007  Steve Gigs in NYC - w/ New York Dolls and SOLO!
Some cool stuff coming up - check the "Live Shows" page for general detailia...
Steve and John Conte helped kick off a great night at the Bowery Ballroom this past Saturday.
Local legend Willie Nile opened the night for Joe Hurley's All-Star Irish Rock Revue.
The Conte brothers, along with drummer Rich Pagano, accompanied Nile for a 40-minute session that set the tone for a night of great music.
Highlights from the session were Hard Times in America, Beautiful Wreck of the World, Cell Phones Ringing, and Heaven Help the Lonely.
The group closed with the Clash's "POLICE ON MY BACK".
Later in the Revue, Steve rolled the crowd over with a rollicking version of Thin Lizzy's Cowboy Song then segued into The Boys Are Back In Town which was sung by Owen McCarthy.
Those close to the stage, were treated to Steve's incredible guitar playing. Even a broken guitar in the middle of a number, couldn't stop him.
First-time patrons attending the Revue, were blown away by Steve's talent and versatility on lead guitar.
2/28/2007  Steve @ Joe Hurley's 8th Annual All-Star Irish Rock Revue
Joe Hurley's 8th Annual All-Star Irish Rock Revue
Sponsored by Gibson & Guinness
Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey Street
Saturday, March 17th
Steve plays 2 times that night:
Willie Nile with full band (Brad Albetta, Steve Conte, Rich Pagano)
New York, NY
Willie is playing a full set that begins at 7pm
Steve will perform a Thin Lizzy mini-set later in the evening.
This much-loved one-night-only event features an extraordinary mix of top NYC singers performing all the Paddy Rock n' Roll hits and misses that can fit into one manic evening.
Confirmed singers for this year's All Star Irish Rock Revue include Steve Wynn, Ellen Foley (Meatloaf/TheClash), Richard Lloyd (Television), Broadway Stars Michael Cerveris, Annie Golden, and Antonique Smith, Andy Shernoff (The Dictators), Steve Conte (New York Dolls), Mary Lee Kortes, Don Fleming, SNL's Christine Ohlman, Carlton Smith, Joe McGinty, Ramones Producer Daniel Rey, Tish and Snooky, Owen McCarthy (Everyothers), Lianne Smith, Tammy FayeStarlite, Lisa Lowell (Bruce Springsteen Band), Sheryl Marshall, Jenni Muldaur, Bibi Farber, Lisa Burns, Sam Bisbee, Michael Lemonde, Al Landess, Howie Statland (NYC Smoke), Marni Rice, Pat Robinson, Peter Chance, Jill Richmond (Stay at Homes), Gentleman Jim Noone, Eamon Cronin, Mike Fornatale, the evening's hosts Joe Hurley and Ed Rogers and many more TBA.
Check out the Dolls LIVE on February 2nd @ 12:30 am. Check local listings for details (Ch. 13 in NYC area) Click here:
NY Dolls On PBS
Dolls on Soundstage
1/8/2007  The Conte Brothers Back Up Badfinger, Hollies, Young Rascals, Wings & Moody Blues Members...
...@ 1st Annual Hippiefest Concert!
the songs: carrie ann/bus stop/long cool woman/come and get it/no matter what/baby blue/day after day/good lovin'/groovin'/lonely too long/band on the run/go now...and more....
see our LIVE SHOWS page for details.
11/12/2006  GREAT GIFT IDEA - Little Monster and the Contes!!
ROLL over Clay Aiken and tell Ashlee the news—a slew of authentic musical offerings for kids are outcooling you. Coming next: CDs from Little Monster Records, a new specialty label for hip, kid-friendly releases. Little Monster's first release will be a Beatles tribute, All Together Now, is exclusively available at Barnes & Noble bookstores. The CD features artists such as Marshall Crenshaw, Rachael Yamagata, members of the Bangles, John Conte AND Steve Conte!!! It comes with a storybook containing poems, Beatles facts and children's artwork. The CD will be available at other retail outlets in May.
Altogether Now
To hear & download the bonus track, "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me & My Monkey" sung by Steve go here:
hear steve's song
11/11/2006  And speaking of about some Dolls or some Contes?
You can also get other great CDs featuring Steve & John Conte:
The New CD By New York Dolls (Steve):
Dolls CD
any of the cool Conte brothers CDs all on the "music" page of this site! (if yer impatient you can just skip right to here:
Buy The Contes)
11/10/2006  New Yorks Dolls, "Dance Like A Monkey" Wins 2 Video Awards!!
NEWS FLASH - "Dance Like a Monkey" won best animated music video at the Bradford Animation Festival. This is really, super BIG! We beat the Gorillaz and other great videos. Thanks for your support! (check it out on and see the monkey version of brother Steve Conte rockin' out on a lefty, blue ES-335!)The video also won a Channel Frederator Award for "Best Dance Sequence" on the video (
11/9/2006  John and GRAMMY Award nominee, PHOEBE SNOW @ Mohegan Sun
Phoebe will be performing some tracks from her latest CD -- Natural Wonder on Eagle Records. The CD contains 10 original tracks, her first original material in 14 years! The show starts at 7:00pm in the Wolf's Den at Mohegan Sun Resort on Sunday, November 19.
Phoebe has performed with a Who's Who of prolific artists including Jewel, Donald Fagen, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Jackson Browne, Dave Mason, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs, Cyndi Lauper, Roger Daltry, Chaka Khan, Cece Peniston, Take 6, Michael Bolton, Thelma Houston and Mavis Staples among many, many others.
11/7/2006  John Appearing with DANIELLE EVIN
Produced by the Grammy-winning Jack Douglas (John Lennon, The Who, Aerosmith), and mixed by fellow Grammy winner Michael H. Brauer (Coldplay, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan), singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Danielle Evin's self-titled debut is a collection of songs with rich signature vocals and melodies that linger with the listener long after they are heard. Danielle will be performing with John on bass and Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors) on drums. . . 11/8 Todd's Place, New Haven, CT 8:30pm. . . 11/9 The Century Lounge, Providence RI, 9:00pm
10/1/2006  New York Dolls Song “Take a Good Look at My Good Looks" On AMC Channel
The song “Take a Good Look at My Good Looks" by New York Dolls (a Johansen/Sylvain/Conte composition!) will be used on AMC (American Movie Classics) in October 2006. The song will be featured in (1) :60 second 'Every Night at 8' promo with :30 second cutdown.
The channel's monthly 'Every Night at 8' promos feature clips of their primetime movies set to a song by a cutting edge artist. Exact run dates for the October spot is 10/1/06 through 10/31/06. The promo will air on AMC Network only, in the U.S. and its territories. The promo will include a :05 second Chyron credit with Arist/Song Title/Record Label information.
Additionally, they will include an artist web page from the home page’s “Music on AMC” link. The link will identify The New York Dolls as our Artist of the Month, and will give viewers an inside look at the band. The page will include photos, a biography, interview questions, a link to the artist’s web page, and an e-commerce link to the artist’s album sales.
Dolls Video
9/11/2006  Contes Remember 9/11/01
On this day we'd like to remember all of our dearly departed brothers and sisters...especially those of our cousin Richie's firehouse. The following is an excerpt from an article that appeared in Reuters back then:
The firefighters of New York City’s Engine Company 33, Ladder 9 (located on Great Jones St. between Bowery and Lafayette) were among the first to respond to calls to the World Trade Center on September 11. Of the eleven men in that company who answered the call that day, only one survived.
Richie Conte was that one. While grateful to have been spared, the pain and grief he feels for his fallen brothers is immeasurable. Upon learning of the situation, Richie’s cousin, musician Steve Conte, went downtown to visit the firehouse. “The ten men who ran into those burning buildings were supporting wives and children, some of them older parents,” says Conte. “I knew then that I needed to do something that would directly benefit those families.”
What he did was to organize a concert honoring the fallen heroes of Engine 33, Ladder 9. “First, I rang up my old friend Don Hill, who immediately said we could use his club and that he would provide all the necessary equipment. Next, I called on some of my fellow musicians and everyone I asked responded with a resounding,‘YES!’”
The best of the city’s rock, blues, and soul artists, Billy Squier, Christina Amphlett of diVINYLS with Charley Drayton on drums, Willie Nile, Phoebe Snow, Sophia Ramos, the Hudson River Rats, Mr. Henry, Captain Danger, Clancy Bone, and Conte’s own bands Crown Jewels and Company of Wolves, are already scheduled to appear. “There will also be some very special surprise guests appearing,” continues Conte. “Many of the bands will be donating CDs to sell, and NY merchandise company ‘In Record Time’ has offered to donate an event T-shirt that we’ll sell as well. One-hundred percent of the money raised from this event will go directly to the firehouse to help the families of the heroes who lost their lives saving so many others.”
“The Benefit Concert for Engine 33, Ladder 9” was be held at Don Hill’s on Monday, October 29, 2001. A live recording for charity was made which is still in the vaults awaiting additional funding for release.
8/15/2006  It's Here! The Official New York Dolls Website....
The Official New York Dolls Website
'River to River Festival' @ South Street Seaport, Pier 17
Friday, August 18 at 7:00 PM
207 Front St
New York, NY
(212) 732-7678
last minute show to fill in for the box tops w/ alex chilton.
bring a crowd!!
8/14/2006  Brother Steve w/ New York Dolls @ Hoboken Arts & Music Festival
Here is a revise on the schedule...
New York Dolls will be headlining the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival on Sunday, Sept. 24. @ Washington St. & Observer Hwy in Hoboken, NJ. This is a free and all ages show. Dolls onstage at 4:30pm.
11:30am - Gene D. PLumber
12:15pm - Josh DIon Band
1:00pm Bill McGarvey
1:45pm Joe Hurley & Rogues March
3:15pm New York Dolls
PS: If things get really moist for the Dolls set the band will perform at Maxwells at 4:30pm
7/31/2006  JOHN PLAYS HIPPIEFEST 2006 - Tour OPENS 8/3 Asser Levy Park, Brooklyn
Return to the flowery, phantasmagorical days of the 1960s with the all-star HippieFest 2006 -- and don't forget your love beads! This celebration of the '60s counterculture features some of the top names of the era -- from Mitch Ryder of Detroit Wheels fame to Lovin' Spoonful. The dance-on-your seats sound of Rare Earth and the gentle music of flower-power Melanie contrast with the burning boogie of Canned Heat, the power pop of Badfinger, and the classic rock of The Rascals and Moody Blues singer-guitarist Denny Laine. Relive your past with this once-in-a-lifetime festival.
Thu 08/03/06 Brooklyn, NY Asser Levy Park @ Coney Island
Fri 08/04/06 Gilford, NH Meadowbrook Musical Arts Ctr.
Thu 08/10/06 Canandaigua, NY Constellation Sands P.A.C.
Fri 08/11/06 Bushkill, PA Mt. Laurel Center
Sat 08/12/06 Seven Springs, PA Seven Springs Resort
Sun 08/13/06 Farmingville, NY Brookhaven Amphitheatre
Fri 08/25/06 Hartford, CT New England Dodge Music Center
Sun 08/27/06 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
7/20/2006  New York Dolls on Late Night with Conan O'Brien- 07/20/06
In Studio Performance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on 07/20
The New York Dolls will perform "Dance Like a Monkey", the 1st single from their forthcoming CD, "One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This". There is a chance the band will perform a second song as well.
12:30 am (east coast time) on NBC.
If ya can't be home, set the VCR to record...
Brother Steve will perform w/ the Dolls @ Tower Records on B'way & 4th St. in NYC on 7/25 @ 7pm to celebrate the release of the new New York Dolls record "One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This" on Roadrunner Records. The band will play a short set and then will do a CD signing session until 10:00pm. See ya there~
6/19/2006  Dolls On The Radio in NYC!
Former KROCK/NYC now FREE FM is adding DANCE LIKE A MONKEY! Tune in to 92.3 and dance...
5/10/2006  Hear 3 New NEW YORK DOLLS Songs!
The new album, "oneday it will please us to remember even this" is finished!
click here to download the new single "dance like a monkey" and stream 2 others, "dancing on the lip of a volcano" (featuring michael stipe) and "take a good look at my good looks".
New York Dolls - New Songs
5/9/2006  John in studio with super-hip violinist/vocalist, Lorenza Ponce!
Lorenza has been mesmerizing audiences worldwide with her mastery of the violin, hauntingly beautiful vocals, and her dramatic yet graceful stage presence. Recently, she was the lead violinist and string arranger for The Dixie Chicks Top of The World Tour. Lorenza Ponce is the violinist of choice for rock superstar Bon Jovi, has toured extensively with Sheryl Crow. John loves working with Lorenza and describes her new album as, "uncommonly special!" Look for Lorenza Ponce's fifth studio release this summer !!!
to buy records or for more info go to:
5/9/2006  View The New Dolls Album Cover!
The cover artwork for the upcoming NEW YORK DOLLS album, "One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This", has been posted online at this location.
The Dolls
featuring: JIMMY VIVINO - JOHN CONTE - RICH PAGANO at The Cutting Room - 19 W. 24TH STREET
5/8/2006  Music to be SEEN and not just HEARD !!!
Ben Neill is a composer, performer, and inventor of the "mutantrumpet", a hybrid electro-acoustic instrument. Through his use of interactive computer technologies, Neill creates a unique musical and visual universe, melding the worlds of electronic music, popular culture and visual media. Ben Neill will perform new music on "mutantrumpet" and laptop with Jim Mussen on live drums and yours truly, JOHN CONTE, on bass.
Roulette @ Location One
20 Greene Street, New York - $10
Monday, 5/15 9:00 PM
For more info go to
4/11/2006  Steve Conte in Latest Rolling Stone Magazine!
Turn to page 24 in the new Rolling Stone (w/ Keifer Sutherland on the cover) and you'll see a familiar face - brother Steve along with David Johansen, Syl Sylvain & Sami Yaffa. It's an article about the forthcoming New York Dolls album written by one of RS's main writers, David Fricke who absolutley loves it!
4/11/2006  Michael Stipe, Iggy Pop, Bo Diddley Rock w/ New York Dolls in Billboard Magazine
Read it! Click here: Billboard Dolls Article
3/2/2006  Hey Y'all! We appreciate your messages but...
...if you want a reply, don't post them on the "Talkback" message board. The Talkback page is just for leaving comments that require no answer and to network with other fans of the Conte bros. We can't promise that every email will get answered but if you're going to send one there are a few things to keep in mind:
* we don't have guitar tablature for any songs.
* if you want to know when we're coming to your town get on the email list or check our "live shows" page.
* all news about cd releases, tours, soundtracks, etc. will be posted on the "news" page of this site as soon as we know.
Thanks so much for all your support!
Steve & John
The New York Dolls have been confirmed to perform in Chicago Wednesday, May 24 at 8:00pm, to tape an episode of PBS' Soundstage series, and we have 30 tickets to give away to local fans!
So if you live in or near the Chicago area, send your first and last name, as well as email address, to - we will contact 15 winners who will get 2 tickets each!
Don't delay and good luck!
The New York Dolls will be releasing their new album, One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This, through Roadrunner this summer - click HERE to sample some new music:
Roadrunner Records - NY Dolls
2/18/2006  Steve Writing Songs For Album w/ Adrienne Frantz, Star of "The Bold And The Beautiful"
Although Steve has been plenty busy with The Contes, New York Dolls and his new band (yet unnamed) he has found time recently to write 6 songs with Adrienne Frantz, best known as Amber Moore Forrester on television's "The Bold And The Beautiful".
Adrienne will soon be recording her debut album with producer Daniel Wise (Steve and Dan are no strangers...Dan produced 2 tracks on Crown Jewels "Linoleum" album; "Lovers On Earth" and "Last Confession"and legendary James Brown sax man Maceo Parker's "Funk Overload" album that Steve played guitar on.)
The TV soap, "The Bold And The Beautiful" has 500 million viewers worldwide in 120 countries. Needless to say, the record should be HUGE. For updates on the records progress go to her site:
2/9/2006  Conte Gigs!!
check our live shows page for 3 upcoming gigs in manhattan...
1/9/2006  New York Dolls News: The New Record!
on monday januray 9th, 2006 the new york dolls began recording their third album (the 1st album was recorded in 1972, the 2nd in 1974) right here in NYC with producer jack douglas.
in addition to recording the 1st dolls album jack also did classic albums with john lennon, cheap trick and aerosmith - among others.
the dolls will be releasing the new album on roadrunner records this summer. (fyi: there are 3 conte/johansen tunes on it!) stay tuned...
1/8/2006  See The New Year's Eve Video Live From Times Square!!
see the dolls new year's eve performance (little steven's underground garage show at the hard rock cafe in times square) go to:
scroll down and find our clips w/ david johansen's pic next to them - the two songs are "trash" and "subway train".
also, if you watch the clip labled "welcome 2006" where the ball drops it starts w/ the mayor in times square and then goes inside to the hard rock where the dolls (minus johansen) play "auld lang syne" w/ little steven. enjoy!!
Q104.3, New York's Only Classic Station, is proud to present Q104.3's So You Wanna Be A Rock Star on January 26 - 29, 2006, in the heart of New York City.
Developed by Liberty DeVitto, renowned drummer for Billy Joel, this "school of rock" is a playground for music enthusiasts to rock out and rub elbows with their all time favorite artists. Over the course of four days, participants will receive small group instruction from celebrity rock and roll musicians and a chance to jam with them in rehearsal studios in the music capital of the world – New York City. The event will also include seminars with celebrity artists and top industry music executives, rehearsal studio time, and a take home DVD of the entire weekend including rehearsals and performances. The highlight of the weekend is a Battle of the Bands where groups perform live on stage at the world-renowned Hard Rock in Times Square. The cost of the weekend is $4,500 per person and includes all meals, hotel and local transportation. No prior experience is necessary, and all levels are welcome.
Rockers will audition for the Q104.3 core band, who will serve as instructors for each group, before heading to the opening reception at Chris Noth's Cutting Room. Along with Liberty DeVitto, the core band includes the following celebfrated musicians:
- Rob Arthur :: Keyboards, Five for Fighting/Joan Osborne
- Ricky Byrd :: Guitar, Joan Jett and the Black Hearts
- Jeff Carlisi :: Guitar, 38 Special
- John Conte :: Bass Player, Rosanne Cash/ Joan Osborne/ Ian Hunter
- Ed King :: Guitar, Lynyrd Skynyrd
- Christine Ohlman :: Vocals, Saturday Night Live Band
- Joe Lynn Turner :: Guitar, Deep Purple/Rainbow
Additional celebrities will be announced during the Jim Kerr Rock ‘N Roll Morning Show.
1/3/2006  The Contes On
check it out y'all....
The Contes on
12/25/2005  Happy Holidays!!
We'd like to wish all of our friends & fans a very merry christmaskwanzachanukah and all the best for the new year! Thanks so much for your support this past (and every) year.
Much LUV-
Steve & John Conte
We were a little hesitant about announcing this one because the premise of the film seemed so silly - but it was surprisingly funny. It takes place in Amsterdam which is a city we love for a number of cultural reasons. as you can imagine, it's heavy on the weed and whore humor but there are some real laugh out loud moments (especially if yer baked!)
Listen for the remake of the Kinks song "Better Things" sung by Steve Conte (credited as Dr. Selflove) heavily featured within the first 10 minutes of the film. We hope that there will be a soundtrack CD.
Buy or rent it this holiday...(not a family film!) Of course you should first buy all the Contes & Crown Jewels CDs...XO
11/27/2005  GOOD PRESS: STEVE CONTE PHOTO W/ NY DOLLS IN ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE!! (the issue with Madonna on the cover) AND OTHERS....
On page 22 the article, "Voodoo Comes Home" about the Hurricane Katrina benefits in New Orleans & Memphis is accompanied by a photo of Trent Reznor & NIN playing...and to the right of that you'll find a photo of Steve, David Jo & Sylvain rockin' the Voodoo fest w/ the NY Dolls! (rumor has it you can also go to and veiw the dolls entire set...but we haven't been there yer on yer own!)
When Steve was last mentioned in Rolling Stone it was back in 1990 for the 3&1/2 star review of Company Of Wolves debut album. The Stone said, "guitarist Steve Conte strokes his fat Gibson to great effect..." Oh well, any press is good press!
Also check out the article in London's New Music Express about the new Dolls album:
New York Dolls Head Into Studio
And a review of the Dolls show on the beach in Miami for the Art Basel International Art Show:
See our LIVE SHOWS page for details about the Dolls New Years Eve show in NYC!!
11/7/2005  In Theaters NOW--The Movie: "New York Doll" w/ Arthur Killer Kane, David Johansen, Syl Sylvain, Chrissy Hynde, Mick Jones, Steve Conte, etc.
You can find the theatres and times at
Blender Magazine will be coming out this month with their top 100 Rock and Roll Movies of all time and they have placed us 25th! Announcement below:
New York Doll was #25 on our list of the 100 Greatest Rock & Roll Movies Of All-Time...
New York Doll (2005)
Released in theaters this month Greg Whitely's tragic, hilarious documentary tells the story of mentally fragile New York Dolls bassist Arthur 'Killer' Kane whose disastrous post-band career drove him to alcoholism, depression and a job refilling photocopiers at a Mormon library. Best musical moment: Kane, clad in a Seinfeld-ian "puffy shirt", plays live with his bandmates for the first time in thirty years (59 mins).
Didja know: In the documentary Kane's wife alleges that he once "ripped all my clothes off and started beating me with the cat furniture."
Spin Magazine Quote:
Punk glam-rock band the New York Dolls made a big splash from 1972 to 1975 but infighting and drug use broke up the band. Lead singer David Johansen had a successful solo career but others, like bass guitarist Arthur "Killer" Kane, weren't so lucky. Arthur was plagued by drinking problems and depression and a failed suicide attempt ultimately led him to become a Mormon. He eventually got a job at the Mormon Family History Center Library and was leading a quiet, contented life. Then, while curating the 2004 Meltdown festival in London, Morrissey tried to reunite the remaining members of the Dolls (Kane, Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain), and this documentary by Greg Whiteley charts Kane's wary step back into the spotlight. Heartrending at times but pretty damn fabulous. —Dennis Dermody
11/7/2005  The Contes Mourn The Passing Of Friend/ Musician Chris Whitley
Singer-Songwriter Chris Whitley Dies at 45
NEW YORK (AP) - Chris Whitley, a chameleon singer-songwriter who oscillated between roots rock 'n' roll, blues and alt-rock, has died. He was 45.
Whitley passed away Sunday evening, according to a message posted on his Web site by his daughter, Trixie Whitley.
Specifics were not available Tuesday. ``No one saw this coming,'' his publicist of several years, Ben Sterling, told The Associated Press.
The Texas-based singer was surrounded by his family and girlfriend before passing away, according to his Web site.
``I hope you all will mourn my brother's death, but more important, celebrate his life as Chris was all about life and living,'' read a message from his brother, Daniel. ``I started the celebration by cranking up `Dirt Floor' in his honor.''
``Dirt Floor'' was Whitley 1998 album. He recorded eleven albums since his 1991 debut, ``Living with the Law,'' including this year's ``Soft Dangerous Shores.''
On the Net:
steve remembers chris whitley:
what a loss...chris was such a talented, mysterious and softspoken cat. he most always had positive things to say when we spoke, though behind the words i could sense his own struggle. i'll really miss him in this musical wasteland that is NYC. he was one of the few artists that truly inspired me and stirred my soul in the last 15 years. rest in peace chris.
This event will take place at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on November 19. John Mellencamp will be performing along with John who will be playing with Simon Kirke of Bad Company.
Fox was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson's disease in 1991. Upon disclosing his condition in 1998, he committed himself to the campaign for increased Parkinson's research. In the year 2000 he launched The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research and has raised much-needed research funding for the disease.
Fox wholeheartedly believes that if there is a concentrated effort from the Parkinson's community, elected representatives in Washington, DC, and (most importantly) the general public, researchers can pinpoint the cause of Parkinson's and uncover a cure within our lifetime.
On November 2, the Leary Firefighters Foundation held its 5th Annual BASH for New York’s Bravest at Capitale. The BASH is widely recognized as one of the best parties in town, bringing together celebrities and philanthropic New Yorkers to honor the brave men and women of the FDNY. The BASH began on October 15, 2001 as hundreds of New Yorkers rallied to show their support for the FDNY and to honor the heroes who gave their lives on September 11th. Now entering its 5th year, the evening features an extraordinary live auction and dozens of celebrities mingling with firefighters and their supporters, all on hand to celebrate New York’s Bravest.
Since 2002, The BASH has raised over $1.6 million to support the FDNY’s equipment and training needs. This year the proceeds will be directed towards the development and construction of the FDNY’s first-ever high-rise simulator, a state-of-the-art training facility that will recreate the complex conditions that firefighters face when confronting large-scale multiple dwelling fires. The impact of this training facility will be far-reaching, from an increase in public safety to a decrease in property damage.
10/30/2005  The Movie: "New York Doll" w/ Arthur Killer Kane, David Johansen, Syl Sylvain, Chrissy Hynde, Mick Jones, Steve Conte...
Steve Conte here...I have to tell you about a film that I am involved with that is both heartwarming and heartwrenching at the same time. It's the story of New York Dolls bass player Arthur "Killer" Kane and his life as rock star, down and out alcoholic, reformed Mormon and back to rock star again.
The movie, entitled "New York Doll" recieved high honors at the 2005 Sundance film festival. It stars Arthur "Killer" Kane, of course - but also features artists like David Johansen, Sylvain Sylvain, Mick Jones, Chrissy Hynde, Bob Geldof, Iggy Pop and yours truly, Steve Conte.
It opens this Friday in NYC at the Angelika Cinema on Houston St. Read on below for more details and the honors the film has recieved (" of the 100 Greatest Rock & Roll Movies Of All-Time" - Blender Magazine). Read on...
The following blurbs are from Greg Whitely, the film's director:
We are getting set for "New York Doll" to open in NY and LA on October 28th, with Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Salt Lake, etc. to follow.
You can find the theatres and times at
Blender Magazine will be coming out this month with their top 100 Rock and Roll Movies of all time and they have placed us 25th! Announcement below:
New York Doll was #25 on our list of the 100 Greatest Rock & Roll Movies Of All-Time...
New York Doll (2005)
Released in theaters this month Greg Whitely's tragic, hilarious documentary tells the story of mentally fragile New York Dolls bassist Arthur 'Killer' Kane whose disastrous post-band career drove him to alcoholism, depression and a job refilling photocopiers at a Mormon library. Best musical moment: Kane, clad in a Seinfeld-ian "puffy shirt", plays live with his bandmates for the first time in thirty years (59 mins).
Didja know: In the documentary Kane's wife alleges that he once "ripped all my clothes off and started beating me with the cat furniture."
Spin Magazine Quote:
Punk glam-rock band the New York Dolls made a big splash from 1972 to 1975 but infighting and drug use broke up the band. Lead singer David Johansen had a successful solo career but others, like bass guitarist Arthur "Killer" Kane, weren't so lucky. Arthur was plagued by drinking problems and depression and a failed suicide attempt ultimately led him to become a Mormon. He eventually got a job at the Mormon Family History Center Library and was leading a quiet, contented life. Then, while curating the 2004 Meltdown festival in London, Morrissey tried to reunite the remaining members of the Dolls (Kane, Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain), and this documentary by Greg Whiteley charts Kane's wary step back into the spotlight. Heartrending at times but pretty damn fabulous. —Dennis Dermody
This Friday New York Doll will be opening in the NYC and L.A. markets. The distributor feels that he is taking a substantial risk by opening NY Doll in these markets. He will be watching this weekend's box office numbers very closely to see if the film can be taken to other cities throughout the country. Many of you have heard about the film through its screenings at Sundance and others through the web site and still others through some of the press. What is important is that as many people of as many different walks of life walk into a theater in New York, L.A., Pasadena, Santa Monica, or Irving, Ca.
Please continue to tell your friends of the US release this month and please check to check for updates and theater info. Also, check out the rock timeline and take the quiz.
Finally, this article appeared in the New York Daily News yesterday about our film New York Doll:
and another one in the New York magazine:
As announced previously, we were on the radio in L.A. this morning plugging NY Doll. In case you missed it, you can listen to the entire interview by
going to the following link at KCRW's web site:
Also, the article that appeared in the NY Daily News could not be
accessed in the link previously sent by me. For those interested, a
friend provided the corrected link. It is accessed at:
Thanks again for your support on this film. Seriously. -Greg
9/5/2005  Help The Contes Help Katrina Victims - Buy A CD, We Donate All $ To Red Cross!
Buy music - Help the victims of hurricane Katrina. We're donating all profits from our CD sales to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.
We're so terribley saddened by the devastation left by Katrina. Now, when you buy The Contes or Crown Jewels music on we send every cent that CDbaby would pay us directly down south. Just visit our "music" page and click on the CDbaby icon.
Please order a CD today...besides getting some beautiful music you'll be doing something beautiful for our brothers and sisters on the Gulf Coast.
Thanks in advance for the help and support!
9/4/2005  Steve Conte Sings & Plays On Covers CD W/ David Johnasen, Cheetah Chrome, Cherie Currie, etc.
Check out Steve on T Rex's "20th Century Boy"!!
FRANKENSTEIN 3000's covers CD, "America's Hit Remakers" features 17 tracks with special guests like DAVID JOHANSEN from THE NEW YORK DOLLS, CHERIE CURRIE from THE RUNAWAYS, CHEETAH CHROME from THE DEAD BOYS and DERWOOD ANDREWS from GENERATION X, STEVE CONTE From The New York Dolls /Company Of Wolves, LEIF GARRET among others. The CD also features a few surprises
and a couple bonus tracks. There's more info here:
"America's Hit Remakers" is available online at the Main Man Records website and in person at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ.
8/31/2005  JOHN CONTE Plays Concert to Save CBGB
The owner of landmark punk rock club CBGB is making a last ditch effort Wednesday to keep the venue from closing, even though its landlord says it's too late. The club says private investors have offered to put hundreds of thousands in escrow for future rent, which could be as high as $41,000 a month. CBGB owner Hilly Kristal maintains he doesn't want to leave.
A rally in Washington Square Park turned into a rock concert Wednesday as musicians (Willie Nile, Blondie, Little Steven, Public Enemy) gathered to try to convince the landlord to reconsider kicking the club to the curb. The club's lease on its longtime home on the Bowery is due to expire at midnight, and the landlord, the non-profit homeless organization Bowery Residents Committee, says it will not be renewed. BRC says the club owes it hundreds of thousands in back rent and another $90,000 in late fees. The BRC says it would be best for the club to go. In a statement, its executive director said: “BRC has already been forced to divert precious funds and resources toward a lengthy rent dispute with the club and believes it is in the best interest of our clients - the homeless and neediest New Yorkers - to sever this relationship."
“Hilly Kristal has never changed the policy of letting new bands to come and play, and they can play on the same stage as the Ramones - the same stage,” said musician Steven Van Zandt. “That's just not a historic site, that's a sacred site." The 33-year-old club has been a staple in the Bowery since 1972, and helped launch the careers of many bands, including the Ramones, Talking Heads, and Blondie.
8/30/2005  JOHN CONTE RULES !!!!
JOHN rocked out with STING and BILLY JOEL at a private party in the Hamptons last weekend !
Need we say more ????
hey all, steve here. this was a blast! i donated a guitar lesson to the charity auction. the queer eye guys were all over me when i showed up at the event. they were trying to figure out how feature me on an episode but then decided that they wouldn't change a thing because i wasn't enough of a fashion nightmare. so i guess there won't be a steve conte queer eye episode...that's ok, the show already uses my music!
Special Guest Appearance by Donald Trump
Premieres Tuesday, August 16 @ 10 PM ET/PT
In the next episode of Bravo's hit original series Queer Eye, the Fab 5 team up to make over former Apprentice Danny Kastner and give him a second chance to prove his real worth to Donald Trump.
OnThe Apprentice (Season 3), Kastner heard the infamous phrase "You're Fired." Despite his creative marketing strategies, Kastner's incessant guitar playing, affinity for leisure suits and inability to focus eventually led to his downfall... and a pink slip from the boardroom. Now, Kastner is taking his experience and the skills he picked up on The Apprentice to found a new charity - "School Bus Rock Foundation" - a mentorship program that gives under-privileged kids access to music.
The Fab 5 team up with Donald Trump to wager a bet: If they can get Kastner to pull off a successful red-carpet charity event to jump start his charity, Trump will agree to meet with him again face-to-face in his actual boardroom at Trump Tower. The stakes are high. It's not often you get a second chance in business or "the boardroom."
School Bus Rock Foundation -
Debut Show Airs Tonight: Aug 16 10:00 PM
Repeat Shows:
Tue, Aug 16 12:00 AM
Wed, Aug 17 11:00 AM
Wed, Aug 17 5:00 PM
Fri, Aug 19 11:00 AM
Fri, Aug 19 8:00 PM
Sat, Aug 20 4:30 PM
Sun, Aug 21 7:00 PM
Mon, Aug 22 11:00 AM
7/18/2005  It's Official - CNN Reports: New York Dolls recording new album!!
NEW YORK (Billboard) -- After reuniting last year for the first time in decades, seminal underground rock act the New York Dolls is at work on its first new studio album since 1974's "Too Much Too Soon."
The group, down to surviving original members David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain, expects to release the album next spring via Roadrunner Records.
Johansen and Sylvain will be backed on the set by guitarist Steve Conte, bassist Sami Yaffa, drummer Brian Delaney and keyboardist Brian Koonin. That same lineup is on the road this summer for a handful of dates, beginning Saturday at the Cisco Systems Bluesfest in Ottawa, Ontario.
"Since word has spread of the band getting back into the studio to record new material, I've been inundated with calls from various high-profile producers and artists wanting to get involved," Roadrunner A&R executive David Bason told "I can't reveal any names yet but it's nice to have such a vote of confidence from the artistic community out of the gate."
"The sound of this record will be true to form New York Dolls -- down and dirty rock 'n' roll," he added. "I've heard sketches of the material and if it's any indication, the record will blow you away."
The Dolls regrouped in 2004 at the urging of Morrissey, who was the president of the group's fan club during its heyday. An early comeback show yielded the CD/DVD "The Return of the New York Dolls: Live From Royal Festival Hall 2004," which Morrissey released on his Attack imprint via Sanctuary. Original bassist Arthur "Killer" Kane died suddenly of leukemia shortly thereafter. He was preceded in death by guitarist Johnny Thunders, and drummer Jerry Nolan.
Kane is the subject of the new film "New York Doll," which chronicles the ups-and-downs of his post-Dolls life. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters in October.
Go to:
6/10/2005  The iTunes Store Is Now Carrying All Of The Conte Brothers Music!
Get your iPods ready...The Contes and Crown Jewels are now offering individual tracks from ALL their CDs, fresh for the downloading at the one and only Apple iTunes store! You can dowload an iTunes player free at the site and then go shopping for songs from Linoleum, Spitshine and Bleed Together...
6/9/2005  Another Great NY Dolls Review: "Conte's spirit is a big part of why this reunion doesn't suck..."
Read the whole article/ see the photos: i'm a human being: the dolls in nyc
"But, tonight. The New York Dolls. At Irving Plaza. In New York City.
I know they wouldn't be doing this if it sucked, but they are so beyond just perfunctory reunion, this is an absolute labor of love, this is the return triumphant, this is claiming what is theirs by birthright. David Johansen has never sounded better than he does right now, and Sylvain is having the time of his fucking life -- as is the rest of the band, who are grateful and happy and humble to be there, and their love for the music they are playing is so incredibly present. I mean, look at Steve Conte: filling Johnny Thunders' shoes is an unenviable task, not just because of the legend - and it is The Legend - but people forget that with JT there honestly was so much brilliance there (even when he was fucked up you would see those glimmers which is why you would go to a three night stand at Irving Plaza). So you have the fans who are unforgiving and big ass platform shoes to fill and yet you want to bring something of your own to it, this wouldn't work with session musicians no matter how competent, you have to have that feeling or it would just fall down flat. And Steve Conte has all of this. He loves what he is playing and he loves being on that stage and he is unapologetic for his own talent at the same time, and while he thoroughly embraces it he does not try to claim it as his. I don't know if this explained it well enough but this whole operation would have fallen down flat with the wrong guy in the JT role, and having Conte's spirit there is, I think, a big part of why this reunion doesn't suck. My only problem was that being on the rail in front of Syl meant that Conte's blistering solos were sometimes a challenge to hear."
5/25/2005  Remembering Frankie LaRocka 1954-2005
Written by Kyf Brewer, Steve Conte & John Conte
Kyf writes:
Two days after Frankie LaRocka left this earth, Steve and I were at the HFStival and noticed a guy backstage with a T-shirt that read La Roca es Muerte. Sadly ironic.
Ironic, also, in the sense that Steve is currently playing guitar with the New York Dolls, who provided Frankie with his first big break in the David Johansen Band in the late 70s. Frankie seemingly never forgot anybody or anything. Over the next twenty years, he was responsible for giving numerous bands and artists their big breaks and support. He knew, or had drummed with everybody - David Jo, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Patti Smythe & Scandal, John Waite... He brought the Spin Doctors to Atlantic and was responsible for their broad success, along with Mr. Big, Dirty Looks, and Finger 11, to name a few. He introduced me to everybody from Ozzy to Rod Stewart.
I first visited Frankie's A&R office at Atlantic in 1985. I had met a friend of his, Lauren Karasyk, through a friend at an MCA party in NYC for the Ravyns. Lauren had introduced our music to Frankie, who loved it and wanted to bring the band over to Atlantic. The office was insane. Tapes covered his desk. Collections of Japanese toys and chachkas sent to him by fans lined the windowsills, including a giant godzilla. There was a live alligator in an aquarium. And a poster sized colour picture on the wall of the David Johansen Band live onstage. Over the faces of the members who had died, Frankie had drawn big black Xs with a magic marker. A perfect example of Frank's beautiful brand of rock'n'roll humour. Though he tried to keep the business seperate from the music, he was still shrewd when it came to keeping his job. I remember vividly the "circular file" by his desk, brimming with demo tapes of unfortunate coulda-beens.
With his help in the next year the Ravyns opened for John Waite at Merriweather Post & played a showcase at CBGB for some label people. When Atlantic declined in sharing Frankie's enthusiasm for the group, I moved to New York City to work on a solo career. Though Frankie thought The Ravyns should continue to tough it out, he befriended me and started talking about a "power trio with you out in front", which materialized two years later as Company of Wolves, the power trio consisting of Steve and Jonh Conte on guitar & bass, and Frank of course on drums. Frankie hooked up some downtime during Keith Richards' X-pensive Winos sessions at the old Atlantic recording studios on Columbus Circle and we cut some demos. Another set of demos was recorded at Acme Studios in Mamaroneck through an old friend of his, which eventually landed us our future manager, Larry Mazer, who had represented everybody from Nils to Frampton to Cinderella.
Soon after, there came a virtual big label feeding frenzy at a live Wolves gig at NY's Sanctuary club. Frankie was constantly mixing music with business, and there were downsides to that. I just remember that night, by the last song in the set, Frank was behind his drums, making the "cut it" sign, and yelling, "I'm gonna throw up, I'm gonna pass out!"
We had offers on the table from three or four majors and chose to sign with Mercury/Polygram, where I subsequently met my wife. We cut basics in Austin and finished in LA, with Frankie bashing out in Cherokee studios. One impromptu session caught on tape consisted of Steve, John, Frank, me, Stan Lynch & Ben Tench of the Heartbreakers rolling through some classic Stones & Beatles covers. Frankie was singing his ass off. He probably could have used a few more sessions like that in his life.
When we shot the Call of the Wild video in Scotland, I think Frankie was on the phone as much as Larry was. Frankie would hang up and say, "OK, let¹s shoot."
Steve, John & I were vegetarians in the Wolves. Frank had the munchies one night in Hollywood and went out in search of some grub. We asked him kindly to find us something veggie. After what seemed like hours, he returned with "vegetable sandwiches" from Carneys - hot dog buns with pickles, lettuce, catsup and mustard.
Steve writes:
It's easy for us to reflect now and think of all the good things Frankie did, like putting numerous restaurant dinners on Atlantic's expense credit card after our band rehearsals, always ordering "a plate of fried calamari for the table", etc...but we should also remember what a ball of stress he could be. The nervousness and mental stress that we saw him exhibit at many times could have played a big role in his passing at the young age of 51. I really feel sad for his family.
One thing I will surely miss is Frankie's black the time I saw him after the Spin Doctors broke and I tried to congratulate him. We hadn't spoken in a few years but I went over to shake his hand and said, "hey Frankie, congrats on the Spins...good work!" He replied, "yeah, it'll buy me a few more years before I have to open that pizzeria with my uncle on Staten Island".
There was the whole Jeff Glixman thing (producer of the Wolves' first album) where Frankie wouldn't take feedback from a producer because he was a producer himself. I had to sneak into the control room at Cherokee, duck behind the board, get Jeff's suggestions, then run out and make Frankie think that they were mine.
Another memory - he's in a meeting at Atlantic with Ahmet Ertegun and there's a mouse that had been caught in a trap and had its head cut off laying in the corner. Everyone is looking at it while Ahmet is talking about some really important biz stuff. Frankie points to the the mouse with no head and Ahmet says "fuck the mouse!"
John writes:
When we formed Company of Wolves, I thought that it was a bit odd being in a rock n roll band with an A&R guy, but Frankie assured us that it was o.k. saying, "hey fellas, the music is where my heart is at, this day gig is just to pay the bills." In terms of the music, the 4 of us did click instantly, our common ground being British invasion, power pop, & straight up rock n roll.
As a rhythm section I am very proud of the sound & feel that Frankie & I had together.... I always thought it was akin to Paul & Ringo, Wyman & Watts, Jonesy & Bonham, Dee Murray & Nigel Olssen...etc. In my mid twenties, I had just moved to NYC and was playing and working constantly as a bassist; doing everything and anything I could. Not being the prolific songwriter that Steve & Kyf were, I guess I was hyper-sensitive about my contribution to the band and I regarded the combination of my bass playing and Frankie's drumming as something very special and valuable - something that doesn't grow on trees. So I was sort of miffed and annoyed when I discovered at our soundchecks that Frankie didn't want any of my bass in his monitor! He just wanted to hear guitar & lead vocal - that's what he keyed off of - that's where he was coming from, the basic elements of the song, that's all he needed - sort of cut to the chase. He was all about the song. You might say that it's that sort of mentality that made him a good A&R guy, as well as a great rock drummer.
As much as I wanted him to have more of a musician's mentality in our relationship, I did appreciate his music biz sensibilities. He is for sure one of the best "song drummers" of my time. Frankie was not without his technical opinions. I remember once after a soundcheck, the soundman was gloating about his abilities and the sound system in the club. As soon as he was out of earshot Frankie said, "Ah, that guy couldn't hear a car crash".
We used to rehearse at a place called Big Mike's on 30th Street. Frankie used to tell industry people that playing with us "felt like when I first got together with Adams in his basement."
As the band began to take off and tour, Frankie made the decision to quit, citing his wife and small daughter Adrianna as the reason he needed to keep to his A&R job. After all, he had succeeded in getting h
5/16/2005  Conte Brothers Photos From Ohayocon Performance
The boys are back home from their shows at the Ohayocon Anime Coference in Columbus, Ohio. The band got an amazing recpetion there (see the Steve Conte page of this site for a full report) Enjoy!
Ohayocon Conte Photos
5/16/2005  The Contes Mourn The Passing Of Their Former Drummer Frankie LaRocka
RIP Frankie LaRocka.
Though they didn't see much of each other over the last decade Steve & John both held a special place in their hearts for Frankie. He was the groove behind their band Company Of Wolves first Mercury album in 1990 and was instrumental in helping them land the record deal (you can see LaRocka on drums in the videos for "Call Of The Wild" and The Distance").
Ironically, Frankie started his career in the late '70s with David Johansen (of the New York Dolls - who were also on Mercury!) and went on to play with John Waite, Scandal, Brian Adams, etc. In the '80s & '90s he was A&R at Atlantic & Epic records where he signed bands like Mr. Big, Dirty Looks and his biggest hit, the Spin Doctors (another irony since Spins drummer Aaron Comess also drums with The Contes).
La Rocka died of pneumonia during a week of operations in the hospital for a congenital heart condition. His big fat groove will be missed in rock & roll.
John plays with Jimmy Vivino on guitar and Rich Pagano on drums Friday, June 10th at The Ace of Clubs. This brand new venue is located at Lafayette Street under the Acme Bar and Grill.
5/14/2005  John Plays with Amy Rigby at Satalla
On Friday, May 20th at 7:30PM, John will perform with the talented Amy Rigby and special guest, Brian Joseph, at Satalla. They will be kicking out most of the tracks from her new album which John helped to record last January. Amy has been compared to everyone from Elvis Costello to Carole King. (Read more about Amy on John's page.) Satalla is located at 37 West 26th Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway.
4/29/2005  Steve Conte of the New York Dolls: Bad-Ass Rock & Roll Guitar Player !!
(By Conte "uber-fan" Dewey Noe...)
All of the Dolls shows during their 3 night stand @ Irving Plaza were nothing lass than amazing! The band looked sharper than ever, played great with intensity & energy and had the sold out crowds moshing and singing along with every word. David Jo in his big black bell bottoms and Indian goddess skirt bantered back & forth w/ the Puck-ish Sylvain with quips like -- Syl: "David you big FAG..." David: "what?" Syl: "I said you big FAG..." David: "Oh thank god, I thought you said I was FAT!"
The band premiered a new song "We're All In Love" written by Johansen/Yaffa that went over big with it's drone-y, singalong chorus. The shows were full of crazy & inspired moments...and one comment I heard from many mouths throughout the Dolls residency @ Irving was - "Conte is ON FIRE!"
You had to expect the unexpected during the encore, "Human Being" each night. One night Steve sat on the edge of the stage playing a guitar solo and suddenly slipped down into the photographer's pit and up to the crowd barricade. He got in the kids faces, playing to them and when it came time to get back onstage used his guitar as a crutch to hoist him back up while still riffing.
Another night our boy got so immersed in his playing it seemed that he couldn't take it any higher so he stood his black Les Paul on it's headstock and ripped all 6 strings off one by one as she howled and cried through his Marshall amp. Apparently, she didn't like being treated that way in front of a crowd so as Steve tried to leave the scene with his baby lying on the floor she caught herself on the straps of his bondage pants and wouldn't let go. Conte ran off into the wings stumbling and dragging her behind like a kid with his pants around the ankles only to emerge seconds later with his mistress, the '59 Les Paul Junior...
The last night found Conte back in the photographer's pit for "Human Being" where he kissed a fan, grabbed her cute cat's eye glasses off of her face and donned them only to discover how blind the girl really was! Climbing back up onto the stage, he spun on his heels and slipped onto his back, playing a solo while kicking his legs until Johansen finally came over and picked him up by his armpits dragging him back to center stage. It was exhausting just to watch.
After the shows the dressing room was a-buzz with glowing reviews from luminaries Little Steven Van Zandt & wife Maureen, Lenny Kaye of Patti Smith fame, The Dictators, Ramones alumni Daniel Ray, Billy Squier, Jesse Malin (of D-Generation), members of Paul Westerberg's band and Roger Waters from Pink Floyd!
4/20/2005  See/Hear New York Dolls - Live Dates in the USA/Canada - & From UK's Reading Festival on AOL!
New York Dolls Live On AOL
And check out the Live gigs in the USA:
28 NYC - Irving Plaza
29 NYC - Irving Plaza
30 NYC - Irving Plaza
12 Boston - Avalon Ballroom
13 Philadelphia - Trocadero
14 Washington DC (WHFS Festival) M & T Bank Stadium
15 Off
16 Cleveland - House of Blues
17 Chicago - Metro
18 Detroit - Majestic Theatre
July 16 Ottawa Blues Fest
July 17 Quebec City Summer Fest
4/19/2005  Thanks To All That Came Out To Our Crash Mansion Show!
The Contes - 4/19 crash mansion
In case you weren't there here's what happened... the night started out with 80's rock legend Billy Squier jumping onstage to introduce the boys, after which they launched into a rockin' setlist that read like so:
Hand me down days
Out of my head
she got No hair
Mr crossing lady
dont mess w/Cupid
Toughest girl in the 'hood
Make up your mind
as sane as Jane
Dark desire
for the finale, the conte brothers and drummer rich pagano were joined by soul singer danelia cotton for a smokin' version of dark desire (which she has been covering in her own shows.) also in the house were friend & fan lucy woodward (killin' singer on atlantic records!), french accordian chanteuse marni rice, eric ambel drummer phil cimino, keyboard wiz rob clores and porn star ron jeremy.
ya shoulda been there!
4/14/2005  New Steve Conte Interview on Anime Site -
All about Steve & Yoko....check it out!
4/10/2005  Winners Of Conte Music & Poetry Contest Announced!
It took a bit longer than I anticipated to read all of these wonderful poems and "judge" them so I apologize for the delay. First off I have to say, I was OVERWHELMED by the response to this contest! It touched me deeply to hear how the music I have written (or sung) makes people feel. There were so many good poems it was hard to pick a #1 let alone a #2 & #3.
To read the winning poems go to the "Steve Conte" page of this site. Congrats to the winners and a special thanks to all who entered!
3/19/2005  New York Dolls Pics and Great Review From SXSW
Steve Conte is back in NYC after playing SXSW in Austin, TX w/ Johansen, Sylvain & company. The band kicked ass and premiered of 2 brand new Dolls songs, one of them being "Punishing World" with music by Conte/lyrics by Johansen.
Read a Review of The New York Dolls @ SXSW:
Austin Chronicle NY Dolls Article
See the pics of The New York Dolls playing the Spin Magazine Party at Stubb's Bar-B-Que: - then GO to "SXSW Kicks off day 3" and see pix # 18-25
3/2/2005  Letter To Steve From International Songwriting Competition
Congratulations! As the founder and director of the International Songwriting Competition, it is my honor and pleasure to inform you that "Toughest Girl In the Neighborhood" has won honorable mention in the AAA/Roots/Americana category in the 2004 International Songwriting
Competition (ISC).
(That folks, means I got no cash - just glory! - SC)
My song Toughest Girl In the Neighborhood - got 1808 votes making it #6 in the Peoples Voice Catagory. Thanks for voting for me!!
3/1/2005  Steve Plays South By Southwest w/ New York Dolls
The New York Dolls will be headlining the Stubb's Outdoor Stage (801 Red River St.) at 12:30am on Friday March 18 w/ Aqualung, Bloc Party, Kasbian, & a dj set by Fischerspooner
Additionally, they will be headlining the Spin Magazine Party (also at Stubb's) that evening (Friday, March 18) around 5pm.
2/9/2005  Steve Conte Sings Steve Marriott
Steve will be performing the song, "Itchykoo Park" by the Small Faces for:
Saturday April 9 @ 8PM SHARP
Crash Mansion, 199 Bowery @ Spring Street
See the "Live Gigs" page for details
2/8/2005  Conte Music & Poetry Contest - Win Steve Conte’s Anime Warm-up CD and Ohayocon Setlist (Signed!!)
Write a poem of any length about how Conte-related music affects you; mentally, physically, spiritually, etc. and enter the Conte Music & Poetry Contest. The music could be Steve & John’s original Rock & Roll, Steve’s Anime Soundtrack music w/ Yoko Kanno, or anything else “Conte”.
Steve will personally judge all entries and send the winner a signed CD of the 6 Yoko Kanno songs that he performed at Ohayocon in January. Send your poems to: - Deadline is Monday February 28.
Bonus Points: If you can name which 6 Yoko Kanno songs were performed during Steve’s weekend at the conference you’ll get a signed copy of Steve's lyrics for one of those songs.
1st & 2nd Runner-up prizes will be setlists from The Contes Ohayocon performance, signed by Steve.
The winning poem will be posted on this site along with a list of the winner's names by March 1st. Good luck writers!
1/10/2005  WORLD PREMIERE of "RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS" at the 2005 Slamdance Film Festival (Featuring Music by The Contes)
The Audience Sparky Award for Best Documentary Feature - Runner Up: Ringers: Lord of the Fans
RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS shows how, after 50 years, THE LORD OF THE RINGS continues to spark the minds and hearts of millions. RINGERS explores the real foundations of Middle-earth; a community of true fans who share a common bond. Moving beyond "cult classic" and over several different generations, the film unearths countless people gathered under the banner of "Ringer" - academics, musicians, movie stars, authors, filmmakers, and a plethora of pop junkies. Narrated by Dominic Monaghan, celebrity interviewees include Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Andy Serkis, John Rhys-Davies, John Noble, Philippa Boyens, Barrie Osborne, Clive Barker, and David Carradine. RINGERS carefully pulls away the veil between Tolkien's book and the creations of art, music, and community that have been inspired by it.
Featuring "Out Of My Head" from The Contes - Bleed Together CD!!
1/2/2005  You Can Help Steve Conte Win 2004 International Songwriting Competition, Vote For "Toughest Girl In The Neighborhood"....
Hey all, Steve here...I have a favor to ask of you.
I have been selected as a finalist in the 2004 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for my song, "Toughest Girl In The Neighborhood". The judges of this contest are people like P. Diddy, Macy Gray,Clint Black, Bo Diddley, Branford Marsalis, members of Los Lobos, Run DMC...and YOU! Yes, you can actually help me win - and if that happens I'll be much obliged to ya! Here's how...
The People's Voice is ISCs online voting contest that lets the public listen and vote for their favorite ISC finalist, The winner of the Peoples Voice is in addition to, and completely separate from, the regular winners who will be selected by the ISC judging panel. The People's Voice winner will receive $3,000 in prizes. ISC will announce the winners (including the People's Voice winner) in March, 2005.
Voting will be active through February 28, 2005.
Please note each individual may only vote one time per day. Start voting now at -
So my friends, please vote - EVERYDAY - (or at least once) for my song "Toughest Girl In The Neighborhood". You'll find it in the AAA catagory under my name, Steve Conte.
Thanks so much!!!
12/31/2004  Happy 2005!! Music By The Contes / Crown Jewels / New York Dolls / Rachel Yamagata
If you're in the record shops this week you might look for these new CDs/DVDs that feature Steve & John:
DVD & CD - New York Dolls / "Morrissey Presents: The Return Of The New York Dolls, Live From Royal Festival Hall, 2004" (Steve on guitar & vocals)
CD - Rachel Yamagata / "Happenstance" (John on bass)
And if you still don't own a copy of The Contes or Crown Jewels CDs (you won't find them in stores) get them online or mail-order by visiting the "Music" page of this site.
You can also download individual songs by The Contes and Crown Jewels by going to:
Also available on iTunes, Napster, Pressplay, Rapsody, Tower Records, etc.
Thanks and Best Wishes For 2005!
12/30/2004  Lord Of The Rings Fan Film at SLAMDANCE Features Contes Track!
"Out Of My Head" from The Contes Bleed Together CD is featured in the film "Ringers: Lord of the Fans", a feature-length documentary that reveals the ongoing cultural phenomenon created by The Lord of the Rings books and films. It will premier at Slamdance, the indie portion of the Sundance film festival this spring. See what it's all about:
("I'm a HUGE Tolkien fan and proud to be a part of this!" - Steve Conte)
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Columbus, OH
Come and hear Steve & his band perform songs by his bands The Contes & Crown Jewels plus some of your fave Yoko Kanno/Cowboy BeBop/Wolf's Rain/Ghost In The Shell classics!!
12/14/2004  Steve Conte Plays W/ David Johansen's Rock & Roll Show
This Thursday 12/16 Steve will be playing with David Johansen and his rock and roll extravaganza at The downtown Main St. Farmingdale, LI 516-293-7700. We go on about 10:30.
10/27/2004  Hits Magazine Review Of New York Dolls Los Angeles Show
taken from -
New York Dolls at Avalon, L.A.:
Like the recent Ramones and Rodney Bingenheimer documentaries, there was certainly a bittersweet quality to seeing the Dolls’ triumphant return to a Hollywood which understood better than most their tongue-in-cheek, party-hearty, anything-goes glam-rock. And while this version more resembled the streamlined rockist outfits headed by surviving members David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain after Johnny Thunders split, it was still great to hear these songs played live. "Looking for a Kiss," "Jet Boy," "(Who are) the Mystery Girls?" and "Personality Crisis" proved timeless in their R&B/bar band glory, while covers like Janis Joplin’s "Peace of My Heart" and the Shangri-Las’ "Out in the Street" proved a perfect stylistic fit.
A mid-50s Johansen, still trim in a bare-midriff shirt and what looked like an apron around his waist (or the towel hanging from a football center's rear), wasn’t quite the tireless front man of yore, but his now-throaty growl was still rousing. Syl provided the stylistic/spiritual link to the band’s beginnings, while Steve Conte churned Thunders’ wound-up Chuck Berry riffs into an homage that also served as an update. And even if the kind of success they deserved is probably beyond their scope at this point, I wouldn’t mind revisiting their glorious past in the future, until everybody finally understands there was nothing to be afraid of, and realizes that these supposed Lower East Side transvestite junkies should’ve been a contenduh. (RT)
10/13/2004  NY Dolls Pics From UK Festivals
well go ahead...try these links and see what it was like to be there:
Dolls at Reading Fest
Dolls at Leeds Fest
Dolls at Move Fest
Move Fest 2
8/23/2004  Steve w/ Dolls in England's Mojo Magazine.
Turn to page 125 in the August issue of Mojo w/ Jimmy Page on the cover and you'll see Johansen, Sylvain, Kane and Conte. Yeah, so they spell my name Cont-i and give me "Johnny Thunders" as my middle name but whatever...they do acknowledge my mad playin' skillz. It's all good (press).
8/22/2004  Steve Conte w/ New York Dolls To Play Ireland & England Festivals At Request Of The White Stripes
The Dolls are back in the UK & Ireland!
Marlay Park in Dublin on August 24 and the Botanic Gardens in Belfast on August 25...and Carling Weekend, Reading on 8/28 & Leeds on 8/29.
For More Info Check The "Live Shows" Page On This Site!
8/9/2004  Steve Conte w/ New York Dolls: NYC Show 8/14 - Little Steven's Underground Garage Fest @ Randall's Island.
The Dolls only NYC area show this summer -
Performers: The New York Dolls, Iggy Pop & The Stooges,The Strokes,The Fuzztones,The Romantics, Bo Diddley,The Pretty Things,The Moonie Suzuki,The Electric Prunes,The Star Spangles, Nancy Sinatra,The Cynics,The Chains,The Singles,The Stems,The Woggles,The Raveonettes,The Chesterfield Kings,The Paybacks,Boss Martians,The Chains,The Forty-Fives,The Shazam, The Cocktail Slippers,The Charms,The High Dials,The Contrast,The Flaming Sideburns, The Fonda's...
7/16/2004  Arthur "Killer" Kane - - RIP
It's so sad but true...New York Dolls bassist Arthur Kane passed away last week. I really came to love that guy in the short amount of time I knew him and I was looking forward to many more conversations and stories, nights onstage and days on the road together. I'm just glad that I got to know him at all, he was a kind, gentle and very open human being who let me in immediately as a musical brother and friend.
It's hard for me to say a whole lot more right now so let me just pass along this letter from a fan...
Hi Steve & John,
I saw the reformed Dolls play at both nights of the RFH and with you both on Sunday in Manchester. I have been over the moon since the Dolls reformed.
Of course, today we learn the tragic news that Arthur has passed away. I am, like all fans, heartbroken.
The purpose of my email is to thank you both for being part of the Dolls reunion, for both filling in two pairs of boots that couldn't be more difficult to fill, with both gusto and huge heart (and not to put too fine a point on it, a sizeable chunk of talent). If you are part of the discussions as to whether the Dolls continue, for my two cents, please make it happen. You did brilliantly on Sunday, late on the bill to a drunken northern audience, and I watched you all turn them into fans. By the time Stevie chimed the riff to Jet Boy, everyone was holding their arms aloft and clapping in time. It would be a great tribute to Arthur Kane, after all as Nina Antonia suggests, it had been Arthur's ambition to see the Dolls reunited.
I will leave it at that. RIP 'Killer' Kane.
Dale Evans
To Read the offical news report click here:
BBC News: New York Dolls bass player dies
7/12/2004  Manchester, UK Show - Brother John Conte A Doll As Well.....
The New York Dolls played with Morrissey at the MOVE festival, at Lancashire County Cricket Ground in Manchester on Sunday 11th July. The line-up for the Sunday was Morrissey, New York Dolls, The Beta Band, and The Ordinary Boys.
Brother John Conte was a Doll for the weekend filling in on bass for Arthur "Killer" Kane who was unfortunately ill and couldn't make the trip.
7/7/2004  John Plays on Major Label Debuts of Rachael Yamagata and Keri Noble
Rachael Yamagata's RCA Victor Group release, "Happenstance" has garnered critical acclaim with an A- rating from Entertainment Weekly and with 3 stars both from Rolling Stone and People magazines. The CD was produced by John Alagia (John Mayer, Dave Mathews, Jason Mraz). Check out John's freaky bass playing on the track, "Letter Read".
Billboard magazine calls Keri Noble, "the next Norah Jones?" Keri's CD, "Fearless" is an EMI/Manhattan release with the legendary Arif Mardin as executive producer.
Go to or for more info.
7/5/2004  Bob Gruen Photos Of New York Dolls Reunion @ London's Meltdown Fest!
Check out the legendary photographer's pictorial of the event where brother Steve is well represented! Bob says:
"...Johnny Thunders shoes are hard to fill, but Steve Conte played his heart out and the Dolls never sounded better..."
Bob Gruen-NY Dolls
6/1/2004  The New York Dolls Reunite - With Steve Conte On Lead Guitar!!
The Legendary NYC Rock & Roll Band who started the glam/punk revolution back in the 70s are reuniting for the first time in 30 years!
The New York Dolls, with original members David Johansen, Sylvain Sylvain, Arthur "Killer" Kane and our lil' Stevie Conte taking over the lead guitar position for the late Johnny Thunders!
Read The London Times article and find out more -
London Times
Here's an excerpt:
..."Johansen hasn’t spoken with Kane or Sylvain for more than a decade, but the three will reunite, with Steve Conte taking over for Thunders (who died of a drug overdose in 1991) and the Libertines’ Gary Powell replacing drummer Jerry Nolan (who died of a stroke in 1992), for performances at the Festival Hall on June 16 and 18." (- The London Times)
Conte speaks: "As of this moment there are only a few shows planned, 2 for Morrisey's "Meltdown" festival in London on 6/16 & 6/18 (both sold out in minutes!), two in Ireland with The White Stripes, one in Manchester and one in NYC at Randall's Island on 8/14 when we play Little Steven's Underground Garage festival with The White Stripes, Iggy Pop, MC5 etc. I'm psyched to finally work with David Jo, I've been a fan of his for a long, it'll be a gas to stand in for Johnny and play some rock and roll!"
Sit tight, we'll keep you updated on the tour.
5/10/2004  Steve Conte Performs Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A Changin" ------ Dylan Himself Gives Approval!!
Keep your ears open for the new SUNCOM telephone'll hear Steve singing and playing guitars/bass on the Dylan classic "The Times They Are A Changin". The track was arranged and produced by "Bleed Together" producer Andrew Hollander.
Part of the deal with SUNCOM licensing this song was that Bob Dylan himself had to hear and approve this version of his song...and he gave it the big thumbs up!
5/4/2004  John Conte Teams Up with Jimmy Vivino and Rich Pagano
John, Jimmy and Rich a.k.a. STEAKS & CHOPS are appearing this Friday, May 7, at the A&M ROADHOUSE with special guest, Will Lee. John says, "This is one of the hippest power-trios that I've ever played with, our version of 'Won't Get Fooled Again' sounds more like 'The Band at Big Pink' than 'The Who', but there's also plenty of 'Live at Leeds' -style improv as well." STEAKS & CHOPS start at 9:30PM with no cover charge.
(Between CHURCH and WEST BROADWAY, 212.385.4788)
food and drink available
4/28/2004  "Out Of My Head" In Yet Another Movie - American Reunion
American Reunion spans the twenty-four hours before the 20th high school reunion of the class of 1981. Starring Corey Glover (singer of Living Color) and Billy Wirth. View the movie trailer at: and you'll hear Steve's Les Paul, Tone Bender pedal and voice in the opening song!
4/2/2004  Crown Jewels "Bubble & Squeak" Limited Edition CD Available
Previously only available at as a custom order CD, this Crown Jewels "Best Of" features much of the out-of-print "Linoleum" CD, a few gems from "Spitshine" and 2 unreleased rarities - "Dream", the theme song from the film "The Stand In" and the shit-kicking "Tax Free" which appeared on a Ford Trucks CD-ROM. This is your chance to get one, only 100 were pressed and has 25 of them.
Click here:
CD Baby: CROWN JEWELS - Bubble & Squeak
All CDs are now avialable by mail. For more info click here go to our "Music" page.
3/21/2004  Live CD Recording: The Contes @ Arlene's Grocery
The Contes NYC Residency at Arlene's Grocery finished up onTuesday, 3/30 @ 9PM with a live recording that should yeild a CD in the next few months. It will feature the players:
Steve Conte - Vocals/Guitars/Mandolin/Bass
John Conte - Bass/Vocals/Guitar
Aaron Comess - Drums
Andrew Carillo - Guitars
and the songs:
Still not dead
So much for love
Out of my head
Bleed together
Mr. Crossing lady
Make believe it’s U
Bad jesus
Hand me down days
Don’t tempt me
Diner song
3/20/2004  Bleed Together Gets Top Ten Vote In UK!!
Classic Rock Magazine/Phil Wilding's Picks For 2003:
1. zwan - mary, star of the sea
2. fountains of wayne - welcome interstate managers
3. pete yorn - day i forgot
4. the contes - bleed together
5. donnie vie - just enough!
6. living colour - collideoscope
7. 3 doors down - away from the sun
8. cheap trick - special one
9. kory clarke - opium hotel
10. third eye blind - out of the vein
3/20/2004  Crusher Magazine Review
Together, brothers Steve and John Conte, previously of Company of Wolves and Crown Jewels, create solid pop-rock refreshingly focused on good songwriting, not hooks. The band provides plenty of variety without spreading themselves too thin, exploring their tentative maturity while embracing the playful innocence of their engaging opus, replete with mellotron, violins, Wurlitzer piano, and Casio keyboards.
The title track, a stunning ballad with heart-wrenching vocals, immediately grips your soul... inspirational and sweet poetics....generous use of instruments, including a touch of sitar. Album-defining tunes are the funk-charged “Mr. Crossing Lady” and the super-sexy “Bossa Nova Sunday”. The latter perfectly captures the ambiance of a lazy weekend afternoon in its whirling, mesmerizing groove. Here, the vocals are tantalizing and the flute adds a note of novelty. This is the kind of song that makes you want to listen to the album over and over again just to rediscover it. The production, too, is impeccable and begs to be released on the warm richness of vinyl.
Although New Yorkers, The Contes display a characteristically Austin-style eclecticism previously portrayed only by Texas natives like Storyville and Ugly Americans. “Still Not Dead” carefully controls contrasts, with soft, melodic verses opposing aggressive, guitar-driven choruses. “The Diner Song” exposes the sweet honest vulnerability of a musician’s life on the road. And the slightly spooky “As Sane As Jane” jazzes things up with a click-clack beat and little background whoops and whirls.
Still unsigned to a major label, the Contes are floating at the top of the well of obscurity that plagues most passionate pop-rock acts. No danger of drowning, here, though, they’re just getting their feet wet.
----Alicia Koledin
3/19/2004  John Conte in Switzerland With Roseanne Cash
Yes, it sounds bizzare but there is something called the "AVO Country Music Festival" in Zurich, Switzerland and brother John is strapping on his bass right about now to play with Roseanne Cash, daughter of the legendary Johnny Cash.
Also in the band is Crown Jewels/Contes drummer Rich Pagano and producer/guitarist John Leventhal. Brother John will be home just in time to hit the stage for the Tuesday night Contes show at Arlene's Grocery (details below...)
1/20/2004  Conte's March Residency @ Arlene's Grocery, NYC
4 Tuesdays in March @ 9pm sharp - right here in New York City!
Steve & John with Aaron Comess on drums and Andrew Carillo on guitar. Check our LIVE SHOWS page for details...
1/2/2004  The Aquarian Review Of The Contes CD
THE CONTES / Bleed Together / CD14
Former Crown Jewels mainstays Steve (vocals, guitars, mandolin and bass) and John (bass, guitar, piano, banjo and vocals) Conte check in with a fine collection of supremely crunchy, extremely catchy alterna-pop blessed with an alt. twang sensibility, smooth forays into BossaNova, lounge, Americana and soul, outstanding guitar work and at least two possible hit singles in the ebullent "Out Of My Head" and the swaggering "Hand Me Down Days."
Musical contributions come from such noteables as drummers Charley Drayton (Keith Richards) and Nir Z (John Mayer), The Uptown Horns and Steve Winwood flautist Danny Wilensky.
1/1/2004  Dennis Diken of The Smithereens says:
"In the tradition of the likes of The Bee Gees, Beach Boys and The Osmonds, The Contes continue to prove that there ain't nothing like a genetic blend. In these troubled times, Bleed Together is a welcome dose of brotherly love."
12/18/2003  Queer Eye For The Straight Guy Features "Strawberryvelvetfiftycentshoes" - On Bravo Network!
Keep your ear out for the Crown Jewels song we affectionately shorten to "SVFSC" in the soundtrack of a show called "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy ". It's 5 gay guys doing a total make -over of one straight guy's life in one day.
It's on Tuesday nights 10:00pm on Bravo. Our manager saw the premiere and said it was a riot!
PS: It's going to be an instrumental section of the song so we hope your ears are good...
12/10/2003  The Contes - Xmas Show - Live @ Arlene's Grocery, NYC...
Thanks to everyone who came out to see THE BROTHERS with their mates Andy York on the guitar and Aaron Comess on the drums. The Contes...home for the holidays in NYC with their friends Captain Danger and The Mynks. Acoustic guitarist/singer Kate Fenner opened the show.
The Set:
So Much For Love
Out Of My Head
Mr. Crossing Lady
Bleed Together
Diner Song
Bad Jesus
As Sane As Jane
Don't Tempt Me
Hand Me Down Days
Santa Claus is Comin'...
SC: "Only in New York can you look out in the audience where among strangers, friends, ex-girlfriends, laywers and local musicians you spot IAN HUNTER rocking out at the bar!" (Ian who? we'll refresh your memory...Cleveland Rocks...Mott The Hoople...All The Young Dudes??)
This was the band's last show of 2003. Stay tuned for details of a monthly residency @ Arlene's in early 2004.
11/10/2003  Steve Conte's "Italian Job"
Ciao ragazzi e ragazze!
Steve here, I'm back to report that Italia was a sucess. At every show I played I had an ethusiastic crowd singing & clapping along with the songs, shouting out requests and buying our CDs after the show. Click here for an intensive live show review on cool roots rock website, complete with photos and set list: Mescalina
One fan wrote in, "Steve Conte is not only a great artist-guitar hero and singer but also a friend, nice man, funny guy." How can you not love these people?? The love of art, the respect...THE FOOD!!
The show with John Mayall was fantastic that night. The club was packed with 1000 hardcore fans to see the classic blues artist with his band and then there was little ol' me, armed with just guitar and sampler. How did it go? Welp, I had so many people buy me drinks when I got offstage...all I can say is it's a good thing my hotel was right across the street from the club.
I also had the pleasure of recording a song with "Les Anarchists", a politcally charged Italian group who recently won a prestigious award for Best New Album in Italy. After seeing one of my shows they asked me to be on their forthcoming album which is due out in mid 2004. I ended up writing a song with them and then singing lead and playing guitar on it.
I hope to return there in April 2004 to revisit some of these venues and play with Les Anarchists. Stay tuned...a presto!
11/8/2003  Steve Conte Solo Tour Dell'Italia! Opening For Blues Legend John Mayall (Of Bluesbreakers Fame) Also headlining clubs/cafes...
Ciao Ragazzi e Ragazze!
I am very pleased to announce this tour in support of our new CD - THE CONTES: Bleed Together. I will be representin' the brothers CONTE in the land of our ancestors. If you have any friends there please pass this info along...MOLTE GRAZIE!
Tue 18: Tago Mago Lounge Cafè - MASSA
Thu 20: Opening for JOHN MAYALL at Jux-Tap in Sarzana!
Fri 21: Cocktail with Steve Conte at Portrait Cafè in La Spezia (h 19,00)
Fri 21: Steve Conte at the Skaletta Rock Club in La Spezia!
Solo Show and after Jam with the Blackdays.
Sat 22: Solo show in the mountains in Borgotaro at the club Marakesh.
Check the festival's site:
PS: For those who don't know John Mayall, he is the elder statesman of British blues.Throughout the '60s, his band, the Bluesbreakers, acted as a finishing school for the leading British blues-rock musicians of the era. Guitarists Eric Clapton, Peter Green and Mick Taylor joined his band in a remarkable succession in the mid-'60s, honing their chops with Mayall before going on to join Cream, Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones, respectively.
10/3/2003  Steve Conte Sings & Plays With Simon & Garfunkel, Everly Brothers!!
Hey y'all...Steve Conte here.
Back in September ago I undertook an amazing job, singing with two of  my childhood idols - Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel. Their late 60's album "Bookends" was one of the first pop records that I ever heard in my life and one that surely shaped my musical skills.
As some of you know, for the Paul Simon tours in 2000, 2001 & 2002 I have been Paul's rehearsal singer (I help him save his voice when he doesn't want to sing and also so he can concentrate on listening to band's arrangement.)
But this time when I got the call from Paul's office it was for Simon & Garfunkel. Now remember, the duo hasn't performed together in over 20 years and I'm happy to tell ya that they are getting along like "Old Friends"...
So I wondered- will I get to sing Paul's parts against Artie's harmony? Welp, I can firmly say "YES"- and then some! What a gas it was to sing classics like Mrs. Robinson, Sounds Of Silence, Scarborough Fair, Homeward Bound, I Am A Rock and America... with Art Garfunkel's high, pure voice harmonizing with me. There were a few times when I actually ended up singing FOR Artie too ("Bridge Over Troubled Water" of course...)
And what about the band...
Jim Keltner, one of the most reknowned drummers on the planet (John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo, Travelling Wilburys, Neil Young, etc.), Pino Palladino on bass (The Who, D'Angelo, Clapton, Jeff Beck, Gypsy Kings, etc.) Warren Bernhart on piano (Steely Dan, etc.), Mark Stewart & Rob Schwimmer (Polygraph Lounge and much more!) on guitar and piano respectively, guitarist Larry Saltzman (Edie Brickell) and Jamey Haddad on percussion.
I also played guitar with the band, filling in for Paul and Mark on a few rehearsals. It was a great experience. But the best was when I went to the production rehearsals at the 1st arena of the tour and I got another surprise - I ended up singing with The Everly Brothers!
Paul & Art have The Everlys come out halfway through the show to do their 4 biggest hits (and let me tell ya, there's no rush like singing "Wake Up Little Susie" with Don Everly!)
Do yourself a favor if you can, get out and see this Simon & Garfunkel's an amazing evening of music!
10/2/2003  The Contes On Q104.3 FM in NYC This Sunday!
They're playing "Out Of My Head" from the "Bleed Together" CD! The Contes with Bowie, Sting, Teenage Fanclub, White Stripes, Strokes, Stereophonics, Sarah McLachlan...should be a good show.
This Sunday night at 9 PM E.S.T. on New York City's #1 Rock station, Q1043 (104.3 FM in NYC), it's "Out Of The Box", New York's #1 New Music Show, featuring the best in new music and local undiscovered artists, hosted by Jonathan Clarke.
This Sunday, 10/5/03, "Out Of The Box" will be featuring the brand new David Bowie album, Reality, and giving away free copies too. Also, brand  new music from Sting, Sarah McLachlan, The Strokes, The Contes and much more...
The 10/5/03 "Out Of The Box" Playlist:
Teenage Fanclub-"Ain't That Enough"-Jetset
The Contes-"Out Of My Head"- Thunderdog
Andrew W.K.-"The Song"-Island
The Strokes-"12:51"-RCA
The White Stripes-"The Air Near My Fingers"-V2
Sarah McLachlan-"Fallen"-Arista
David Bowie-"New Killer Star", "Days", "She'll Drive The Big Car" and "Fall Dog Bombs The Moon" all from David Bowie's new album, Reality-Columbia 
The complete playlist is always posted at To go directly to the "Out Of The Box" page, go to
If you like what you heard, let him know:
9/19/2003  CD Release Party Report & Thanks!!
Thanks to everyone who braved (the watered down) Hurricane Isabelle and came out to our CD release party on 9/ was totally rockin’ and we had a blast!
For those who missed it, the evening began with a video by filmmaker David Olson for brother John's song, the hidden track "front page news". The set list consisted of the entire new record, albeit somewhat out of sequence:
so much for love / out of my head / still not dead / bleed together / mr. crossing lady (john on lead vocals & guitar) / bossa nova sunday (with mother rosemary conte, joining her boys onstage with some jazz scat singin') / my brilliant star / diner song (the crowd's favorite) / bad jesus / as sane as jane / dont tempt me
The encore, "hand me down days" was followed up by a jammin' rendition of janis joplin's "mercedes benz" with steve on slide guitar and most of the audience up onstage singing & dancing with the band...
A splendid time was had by all.
8/27/2003  The Contes "Bleed Together" - CD Release Party!
The Release Party for The Contes New CD -
"Bleed Together"
Thursday, September 18th @ 8:00pm
Don Hill's
411 Greenwich St., New York City
($10 admission gets you into the party and 1 complimentary CD)
Featuring the band:
Steve Conte & John Conte with - Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors) on drums, Andy York (John Mellencamp), on guitar, Rich Pagano (Roseann Cash) also on drums, Andrew Hollander (Yusef Lateef) on keyboards...and other surprise guests.
If you don't have a copy yet and can't make the party go to our "music" page and order yourself one! We'll think of you as we're having after show cocktails that night...
Cheers! S&J
8/26/2003  Aloha, Steve here.
I've just returned home from a fantastic tour; six weeks of music, food & wine, castles, heatwaves and rock-n-roll madness in Europe - escaping France just in time, apparently.
(If you want to know about the adventures of Willy DeVille's travelling circus you'll have to be patient as I'm a little consumed with the Conte's own troupe of clowns at the moment.)
Brother John has just returned from the Bahamas where he was recording an album at Compass Point Studios with producer John Alagia (John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Ben Folds).
We'll see you from the stage...shortly.
8/4/2003  John Performs with Billy Joel/ Twyla Tharp Production
As part of this summer's "Broadway in Bryant Park" series, John will be playing with the band from The Tony award-winning Broadway Musical, "Movin' Out". The show features the songs of Billy Joel and choreography of Twyla Tharp.
The 6-song perforrmance , which is FREE to the public , will begin at 12:30 PM. Byant Park is located behind The N.Y. Public Library at 42nd street between 5th & 6th avenues.
Earlier this year, John became a regular substitute for "Movin' Out" bassist, Gregg Smith, at the Richard Rogers Theater.
John's next performances in the Broadway production will be on August 13 & 14 at
8:00 PM at.
7/14/2003  Steve Solo Show In Paris!
On Bastille Day, July 14th, Steve Conte folk-rocked the house at the Lizard Lounge and his first Paris audience. Thanks to everyone who came out and bought CDs...
The set list included: Make Believe It's You, Strawberryvelvetfiftycentshoes, Tim, So Much For Love, Bleed Together, Anybody Lovin' U?, My Brilliant Star, He's So Zen, Last Confession and Hand Me Down Days.
Also performing were Edie from Amsterdam and Nancy Magarill, a fellow NYC performer who is currently French kissing in Paris.
If anyone is heading over to Paris and wants a cool little place to play, give Nancy a shout at and if you're just a fan, stop in and check out the music (various Sunday and Monday nights).
6/19/2003  Steve Conte w/ Willy DeVille in Europe This Summer...
The Contes / Crown Jewels guitarist Steve Conte will be touring as part of The Willy DeVille Band this summer from June 24th - August 4th, playing festivals and clubs in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Holland.
Steve will be replacing Willy's longtime guitarist Freddy Koëlla who has recently joined Bob Dylan's band. The Willy DeVille "Acoustic Band" 2003 will consist of, Willy DeVille (of Mink DeVille fame), guitar, vocals, harmonica, Steve Conte, electric & nylon string guitars, mandolin & dobro, David Keyes, upright bass, Boris Kinberg, percussion, Dorene Wise and Yadonna Wise, vocals.
The music ranges from Latin soul and Tex-Mex, to downtown NYC punk, New Orleans flavor and old blues. Steve will get a work out playing lots of slide guitar and mandolin.
For more info on Willy & the band (including tour dates) check out the Official Willy DeVille Homepage at:
The Official Website Of Willy DeVille
The release party for The Contes new "Bleed Together" CD will take place later in the year due to this scheduling...stay tuned for details. Steve will be updating the website periodically with photos and tales from the road so check in with the "Steve Conte" page of the site today!!
6/10/2003  Steve and John on New Chevy Commercial...Corvette Baby!
Keep your eyes and ears out for the new Corvette commercial. It's a parade scene with a couple of dudes doing 3 MPH in their bitchin' 'Vette while the baton twirlers, Shriners and pot-belly pigs on leashes pass them by. The song that's blaring out of the radio is a version of an old classic- "Corvette Baby", arranged and performed by The Contes.
6/2/2003  The Contes, Bleed Together: Great Review on!
The Contes, Bleed Together (© 2003 Thunderdog Recordings)
A disc like this doesn't come along too often. That's probably why I might sound a bit over the top in appreciation of it. The Contes, brothers Steve and John, aside from being accomplished musicians (check their website bios for the depth there), have assembled a dozen songs that are pure pop genius. The opener, "So Much For Love," for example, sounds like a mix between XTC and recent Aerosmith. There's an alluring drag to the number, as if the song were trying to get up despite its weight, ringing open guitar strings, a repetitive suspension riff, background vocals that swell. It's the kind of song you just have to play again and again. Other songs feature similar intricate layering of instruments set over gorgeous chord progressions, movement that reminds you of later Beatles stuff or songs by Elvis Costello. And just when you least expect it, they'll toss in a soulful number like "Bleed Together," or go the Bossa Nova route, as on "Bossa Nova Sunday." A brilliant disc from start to finish, and quite possibly the best thing to cross this desk all year.
-NYRock (
6/1/2003  Off The Record...
The writer of our recent review speaks:
"Your CD hasn’t left my cd player from the day I received it (I reviewed it for just wanted to tell you it keeps getting better, though I am a bit pissed it’s hard to listen to other stuff. It really is that good. Thanks again, and keep up the good work."
-Bill Ribas (
5/8/2003  Crown Jewels "She Got No Hair" Featured On Fashion TV, Toronto, Ontario (That's Canada Y'all!)
If you live in or around Toronto you might have seen/heard it on this fabulous program. Check out the site and find us:
4/14/2003   FREE / BAD COMPANY Drummer Simon Kirke Speaks....
Here's what the man who put the groove in classics like "Alright Now", "Can't Get Enough", "Shooting Star" and "Feel Like Makin' Love" had to say about our BLEED TOGETHER CD in an email:
"Steve...I just wanted to say what a fantastic CD you have made. Original and smart and supoib me anytime you want to get together...Simon"
4/13/2003  Contes Give Props To New CD's Production Team
Producer/keyboardist Andrew Hollander, mixer Niko Bolas, engineer Robert Smith and the Conte brothers have turned out a fantastic record- The Contes / Bleed Together. Steve and John say of the collaboration:
“When we were trying to decide on material, we gave Andrew a cassette of forty song ideas and were delighted with his odd choices. Once in the studio we’d strip those songs down to their essence, and then give each its own unique setting. With Andy’s help, we’ve somehow harnessed the reckless musical intelligence that’s made our demos and live shows so exciting...Bob got some killer sounds in the studio and Niko's mixes are THE BOMB!!”
4/4/2003  Cowboy Bebop: The Movie...In NYC!!
Hey, Steve Conte here...don't miss your chance to see the full length Sony film based on the much loved Japanese Anime series "Cowboy Bebop" (you may have seen the series on the Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim"). It opens TODAY, April 4th at The Angelika Film Center in Manhattan (see URL below for a synopsis of the film and other particulars)
Yours truly sings 2 songs on the soundtrack CD, the Johnny Cash inspired "Diggin" and the gorgeous "No Reply" (though only "Diggin" appears in the film) The song is extremely loud in the'll be like I'm sitting next to you wailing in your ear!
Of course, the music is incredible. I just can't say enough about the genius of Yoko Kanno who composed, arranged and orchestrated every note of the soundtrack. Having sung on many of the soundtrack episodes ("Rain", "Call Me, Call Me", "Words We Couldn't Say") and on her solo album as well as Maya Sakimoto's CD I have first hand experience. Like my own tastes, it's stylistically all over the place; classical, jazz, rock, country, hip hop, funk, soul, gospel, etc.
go to the URL below for more info...I'll see you at the theater, perhaps.
Domo baby!
(This review will follow a Jeffrey Gaines article in The San Francisco Herald...hence the "voice" comment.)
The Contes – Bleed Together
Thunderdog Recordings
Speaking of voices, I’ve been a fan of the Conte brothers' band-by-any-other-name-sounds-as-sweet, Crown Jewels, for years. And the voice in question is undeniably Steve’s (although John is certainly no slouch in that department). The thing about these guys is the triple threat factor: Steve’s soulful, every-color-in the crayon-box vocals, great musicianship (both brothers have toured extensively with name acts as guitar and bass players, respectively) and really great songs. I mean "why-the-hell-aren’t-these-guys-household-names" songs. Each track is like a three-minute-movie, using your ears to twist and turn your heart inside out, or to crack you up. TV and film seem to have a clue, they’ve landed several cuts off their past CDs in shows like Smallville, Jag and Angel. There’s not a weak link on this chain, but if I had a gun to my head, So Much For Love, Bleed Together and My Brilliant Star get my vote. I'm a sucker for this stuff.
-Kimberlye Gold (San Fransisco Herald)
2/11/2003  New Conte Song On Smallville Tonight!!
Want to hear a brand new song, sung by brother John Conte?
Tune in to Smallville this evening on the WB Network (9 pm eastern time on channel 11) and you'll hear "Don't Tempt Me" from The Contes new CD "Bleed Together"...
...then go to and order it!
2/11/2003  We're # 1 On The Radio With "He's So Zen"!!!
Here's the report- check it out y'all!!!
Shelley Morgan-PD
Mandy McKnight-APD/MD
Most Frequently Played IDs Analysis
From 2/ 3/03 at 12:00M To 2/ 9/03 at 11:59P
Rank Plays Title Artists
1 33 He's So Zen- Crown Jewels
2 33 The Game of Love- Santana/Michelle Branch
3 33 Grey Street- Dave Matthews Band
4 32 Disease - Matchbox Twenty
5 32 I'm With You- Avril Lavigne
6 32 Don't Know Why Norah Jones
7 32 Picture Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow
8 29 Cry - Faith Hill
9 24 Dumb Girls - Lucy Woodward
10 23 Big Yellow Taxi- Counting Crows
Thanks again to all of you who phoned in requsts...if you need that info again it's:
Phone: 269-925-1111
Fax: 269-925-1011
Next week there will be giveaways of Crown Jewels T-shirts and CDs for callers so listen to the station!
1/29/2003  "He's So Zen" Is Becoming A Radio Hit...We're #8!!
Radio station WCNF 94.9 "The Coast" in Michigan, who recently added "He's So Zen" from Crown Jewels "Linoleum" CD has increased the number of spins from 4 per day to 6 per day! That's once every 5 hours. We are now # 8 on the chart. Program director Shelley Morgan says:
"He's So Zen" sounds SO GREAT on the air! The jocks love it....It's doing well!"
Most Frequently Played IDs Analysis
From 1/27/03 at 12:00M To 2/ 2/03 at 11:59P
Rank  Plays  TitleArtist
133Don't Know WhyNorah Jones
233The Game of LoveSantana/Michelle Branch
332PictureKid Rock/Sheryl Crow
432DiseaseMatchbox Twenty
531I'm With YouAvril Lavigne
631Grey StreetDave Matthews Band
730Underneath It AllNo Doubt/Lady Saw
828He's So ZenCrown Jewels
924Bubble ToesJack Johnson
1023Big Yellow TaxiCounting Crows
1123CryFaith Hill
1223Dumb GirlsLucy Woodward
1322Like I Love YouJustin Timberlake
1422Don't Dream It's OverSixpence None The Richer
1622Inside OutVonray
1721Drift AwayUncle Kracker
1821EverythingStereo Fuse
1921Girl All The Bad Guys Want  Bowling For Soup
2021MisunderstoodBon Jovi
Michigan dwellers please phone in your requests:
Phone: 269-925-1111
Fax: 269-925-1011
There will be giveaways of Crown Jewels T-shirts and CDs for callers so listen to the station!
1/7/2003  Crown Jewels = The Contes! The New CD, “Bleed Together” is here!
Steve and John Conte step outside of Crown Jewels for a new project: The Contes. Their new “Bleed Together” CD pushes the envelope of the brothers talents; in addition to their usual strengths, bassist John plays guitar, banjo and sings lead on a few songs while guitarist/singer Steve stretches out on keyboards, mandolin, six and four string bass, and handles some editing/sampling chores.
Rounding out the record are some of the best musicians in the biz; drummers Charley Drayton (Keith Richards, B-52s, diVinyls, Shelby Lynn), Nir Z (John Mayer, Genesis, Alana Davis), Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors, Joan Osborne) and Rich Pagano (Patti Smith, Ian Hunter) The Uptown Horns (Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker ), on alto flute Danny Wilensky (James Brown, David Bowie, Steve Winwood) and on violins Antoine Silverman (Sheryl Crow). The album also features a couple of other Contes; mother Rosemary on scat vocals and newborn Leonardo’s heartbeat.
Bleed Together was mixed at the world famous Hit Factory in NYC by veteran engineer/mixer Niko Bolas (Neil Young, Fiona Apple, Don Henley,etc.)
The record was produced by Andrew Hollander with the Conte brothers and was engineered by Robert L. Smith.
The new record is a journey through many of the moods and styles that have influenced the brothers musical lives; there’s rock and roll, power pop, bossa nova, old school soul, lounge noir, folk and...well, you'll just have to buy the CD and find out! Go to:
12/30/2002  Crown Jewels Back On Radio w/ "He's So Zen"!
WCNF in Michigan has just added "He's So Zen" from Crown Jewels "Linoleum" CD (the album that wouldn't die...5 years after it's release and new people are still discovering it!) Here's what the program director wrote to us:
"...We just started spinning "He's So Zen" on our Hot A/C station... 94.9 The Coast! It sounds SO GREAT on the air! The jocks love it and I'm waiting for the general public to catch on! It's doing well! It's number 18 on our playlist...23 spins last week, 23 spins the week before! We're getting a few phone calls asking about the band...and we're sending them to the website!"
We're charting higher than Sheryl Crow, Creed, Coldplay, Avril Levigne, No Doubt, John Mayer, Counting Crows and Norah Jones!!
Michigan dwellers please phone in your requests:
Phone: 269-925-1111
Fax: 269-925-1011
12/12/2002  Yoko Kanno's New Anime Series in Japan: Steve Sings!!!
We can't tell you too much about this because it's still "in the works"...but one thing is for sure- Steve Conte is back singing with Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts!
The new animated series, entitled "Wolf Rain" takes place on earth after a future ice-age. It will be animated by the same people who did Cowboy Bebop and as usual, Yoko wrote the music, Tim Jensen wrote the lyrics and the Seatbelts played it!
Last month Yoko came from Tokyo to NYC to record Steve on three new songs at Soundtracks Studio. They recorded a song called "Stray", and two versions of the title song "Wolf Rain" with the Seatbelts and one with Steve solo on a nasty, funky acoustic guitar. The sessions were engineered by the great Joe Chiccarelli who was Frank Zappa's main engineer for 20 years and just recorded the new Elton John album.
That's about all we know right now but stay tuned for more updates!
12/7/2002  Steve Conte featured in Glen Burtnick Xmas Xtravganza @ B.B. King's, NYC
This was year # 12 for the show formerly held down in the West Village at The Bottom Line.... and it was more rockin' than ever!
The lineup was really cool...Patti Smith, Patty Smyth, Billy, Squier, Syd Straw, Marshall Crenshaw, Willie Nile, Billy J. Kramer, Glen of course and our boy Steve who offered up a smokin' version of "Superstar" (from Jesus Christ Superstar) to wish the man a Happy Birthday! Accompanying Steve were members of Joy Askew's Rebel Angel Choir on the gospel bits.
Steve guested on guitar with Billy, Syd, Willie, Glen, Christine Ohlman, Tony Shanahan and Plinky Giglio who arranged a killer rendition of Beethoven's "Ode To Joy"- complete with Bohemian Rhapsody bridge!
To view Photo's from the event go here:
11/20/2002  Steve Conte Plays Marquee Club in London, UK!!
The Marquee Club, one of London's most famous music venues presents a very special show next Wednesday, November 27th featuring only one Noo-Yawk boy, yours truly. It's gonna be a big ol’ skool rock and roll party with my friends from Bad Company and the London Quireboys. Read on...
The "Kat Klub" house band will be myself, Steve Conte (Crown Jewels,The Contes) on guitar/lead vocals, Dave "Bucket" Colwell (Bad Co.) guitar, Jaz (Bad Co) bass and Andy Wells (Meatloaf) on drums. Our house band set list reads like a 70's FM radio top 20: Bowie, T-Rex, Mott The Hoople, Ian Hunter, Stones,Who, Elton John, Bad Co., Free, Thin Lizzy, etc. (Wham Bam Thank You M’am!)
Yo- now that's some ROCK!
The show is an "end of tour party" for the London Quireboys and Thunder but also celebrates the re-opening of the legendary Marquee after a seven year absence (most every major act played at the Marquee before its closure in 1996, including Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, REM, U2,and The Who.)
I hope to see some of you there!
More on The Marquee: The new £4 million venue is owned by Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart and Mark Fuller, the entrepreneur behind London's Sugar Reef and Embassy club. The Marquee's new 1,200-capacity Islington venue (two miles north of its old location in the West End) boasts a restaurant run by Michelin-starred chef and a special celebs-only gallery.
11/5/2002  Brother Steve Rocks Irving Plaza With Funky Friends...
The Blue Ribbon Restaurant party which took place at Irving Plaza on 11/4 featured some of the most amazing food in NYC...or anywhere for that matter, and the live music of Wayne Krantz, Skeleton Key and the funky house band with Steve Conte on lead vocals/guitar, Alex Alexander on drums, Jeff Allen on bass, Chris Brown on Keys, Roderick Cohen and Peter Elliot Seigal on guitar. The band kicked off the set by backing Today Show talent finalist Kelly Middleman for a smokin' version of "Messin' With The Kid", then Steve took the lead for Rufus' "You Got The Love", Isley Bros "It's Your Thing" and Grand Funk's "Some Kind Of Wonderful". Everybody got stuffed...burp!
11/1/2002  Steve Conte Produces Film Songs at Chung King Studios, NYC
Steve Conte recently finished arranging and producing two songs at Chung King Studios, NYC for the upcoming film, “Paying For It”, written by Billy Lehman. On the tracks: Steve Conte- guitars/vocals, John Conte- bass, Andy Hollander- Hammond B3 organ, Rich Pagano- drums/percussion. Engineering and mixing was done by Matt Knobel, Lenny Kravitz's right hand man.
10/1/2002  The Contes = Crown Jewels
The long awaited new record has just been mastered and the artwork is being done as you're reading this. Though the album started off being Crown Jewels- it's taken a new turn.
Those who know the "band" realize it has always been brothers Steve & John Conte with various drummers, keyboard players, etc. Since this album is such a stylistic departure from their norm (and a first for John lead singing!) they're calling it what it really is- The Contes.
There will be other Crown Jewels CDs coming fact, the boys are compiling various live and unreleased studio tracks for a release sometime next year.
Stay tuned!
9/15/2002  Hard Copies of Linoleum & Spitshine Available Online Now!
Those of you who have tried to get cds from our "BUY" page here on the site know that it has been nearly impossible to get one. The links took you to, or to get our cds but they are out of stock at all of those places. (It's because the online label "The Orchard" has not paid us in nearly two years and continue to use the old lie: "The check is in the mail" whenever we call them. So, we have refused to give them any more product and will not have a single good thing to say about them...until we are paid up!)
But there's good news- we've found other ways to get our CDs to you online. There are a few excellent sites that are selling our first two releases, Spitshine and Linoleum:, and
Check them out and let us know how it goes...and stay tuned for the release of our new album "The Contes", due out soon!!
Now, I know what you're saying-- "Geez, another benefit already??" Well perhaps this is the season to be giving.
Steve Conte will be providing some atmospheric music for an event this Tuesday at PS 122 in the East Village (Steve on acoustic guitar, Danny Wilensky on flute, Paul Nowinsky on bass, Grahame Hawthorne on and drink donated by Mama's and Telephone Bar).
Steve says: "It's a wonderful thing that my friend Karen Zusman is involved with . She just returned from living in Asia for five months and has seen the devastation. This fundraiser is to help abandoned children and destitute mothers in Kathmandu, Nepal. Karen's friend Beverly runs this "House With A Heart" that not only provides food and shelter but teaches music, art, dance, knitting and sewing".
A Repeat Performance invites you to a celebration to benefit for
House with a Heart
A shelter and training program for abandoned children and destitute mothers in Kathmandu, Nepal.
6 pm to MIDNIGHT
Where: PS 122
151 FIRST AVENUE at 9th St.
CONTACT: BEVERLY BRONSON 260 2196 / 529 0832
9/13/2002  Steve Conte Solo @ College Radio 9/11 Benefit w/ Crenshaw, Sobule, Salem and Poe...
Below are details for a FREE 9/11 benefit concert brother Steve is playing on Saturday September 14 about 1 hour south of NYC at Brookdale College (Route 520/Newman Springs Rd., Licroft, NJ...near Red Bank.)It's a great lineup featuring Steve Conte, Kevin Salem, Jill Sobule, Marshall Crenshaw, David Poe, Neal Casal, etc.
3:00 - 3:45: JILL SOBULE 45m
3:50 - 4:15: JOSH RITTER 25m
4:20 - 4:30: MIKE BERGER 10m
4:35 - 4:50: VIRGINIA & BAND 15m
5:15 - 5:30: JABBERPONY 15m
5:35 - 5:50: JOHN CARLIN & BAND 15m
5:55 - 6:10: NICOLE ATKINS 15m
6:15 - 7:00: SHANNON McNALLY & NEAL CASAL 45m
8:00 - 8:05: J PAT 5m
8:05 - 8:20: JOSH ZANDMAN & J PAT 15m
8:25 - 8:40: SPIKE PRIGGEN & BAND 15m
9:05 - 9:20: VAL EMMICH & BAND 15m
9:25 - 9:40: MIMI CROSS 15m
10:05 - 10:20: KEVIN SALEM & BAND 15m
10:25 - 11:00: DAVID POE & BAND 35m
11:05 - 12:05: MARSHALL CRENSHAW 60m
6/10/2002  Record Update
The brothers Conte have been busy mixing the new record in the world famous Hit Factory, NYC with the fantastic Niko Bolas at the controls (Fiona Apple, Neil Young, Keith Richards, Don Henley...)
The shit is sounding amazing!
Stay tuned for more details on the new record and the release party...
6/10/2002  More Songs on TV...Smallville, Guardian, Glory Days...and Sony Playstation CD-ROM
The boys have just had a few more songs licensed by the networks...
WB's "Glory Days" -- "Last Confession" (from Linoleum CD)...
CBS's "The Guardian" -- "Miss Lonely Heart" (from Spitshine CD)...
WB's "Smallville" -- "He's So Zen" (Linoleum)...
...PLUS two songs from Spitshine, "Money Don't Help" and "She Got No Hair" have been licensed by the CD-ROM hockey game "NHL 2003" which will become available very soon for Sony Playstation, Nintendo, Sega, and other such formats.
3/10/2002  Conte Brothers Perform With Polygraph Lounge in NYC, 3/14
We'd like to take this opportunity to share one of our favorite musical entities with you:
Polygraph Lounge. Haven't heard of them? It's a duo of amazing musicians; our good friend, guitarist/ cellist Mark Stewart (who played on both Linoleum and our forthcoming Crown Jewels album) and keyboardist Rob Schwimmer.
Not only do they play the hell out of their "straight" instruments-they also play an array of odd and homemade instruments like Theremin, horns made out of PVC pipe, duck calls, slide whistles, nose flutes, and crazy percussion toys. Together in Polygraph Lounge they perform blinding musical adaptations of classics (The Nutcracker), to parodies of classic rock tunes (A Whiter Shade of Whale), Alvin & the Chipmunks and hilarious originals. On every level it's amazing evening of music and theatrical comedy.
In the past, Polygraph Lounge has had guests join them onstage; the lovely Melissa Fathman who delivered an awesome rendition of "Goldfinger" and Edie Brickell who sang about being a penguin on an ice floe to the tune of The Eagles "Take It To The Limit". Well, now we can add Crown Jewels own Steve & John Conte to the list of PL's illustrious guests (being asked to do this is akin to the hipness of a 60's movie star making a cameo on TV's "Batman"). We can't tell you what song the brothers will be joining in on, you'll have to come see for yourself...but we will tell you it involves a paper bag, policemen and The Beatles.
Polygraph Lounge
Thursday, March 14, 2002
(National Nose Flute Day!)
2 sets at 7:30 & 9:30 p.m.
very special guest(s) -- new material -- old favorites
Joe's Pub
425 Lafayette St. -- 212-539-8770
Admission (includes a free nose flute):
$12 for one set, $20 for both sets
Tele-Charge: 212-239-6200 or
Dinner reservations: 212-539-8778
Plundering the common cultural currency of yesterday, today and tomorrow, Polygraph Lounge is a virtuosic duo specializing in musical hilarity/anarchy in the Spike Jones tradition.
Polygraph Lounge is Rob Schwimmer and Mark Stewart. Individually they have worked with Paul Simon, Wayne Shorter, Steve Reich, Laurie Anderson, Bang on a Can, Stevie Wonder, Annette Peacock, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Anthony Braxton, Kurt Vonnegut, Eliot Feld, Fred Frith, Sam Rivers, Burt Bacharach, Muddy Waters, Alwin Nikolai, Vernon Reid, John Cale, Sammy Davis Jr. and Hanson.
2/14/2002  Steve Conte @ WBJB-FM 5th ANNUAL GUITAR SHOW
Crown Jewels guitarist Steve Conte will give a guitar clinic and a solo electric performance for WBJB-FM at Brookdale College in Lincroft, NJ this Sunday, February 17th.
Read on for details and directions...
Clinic List
11:00a-11:45 tba
11:20a-12:05 Joe (Raritan Bay Guitar Repair), Guitar Repair Clinic
12:00p-12:45p tba
12:35p-1:20p John Noll (Retromedia Studios), “How to Get the Best Bang For
Your Buck in a Professional Recording Studio”
1:00p-1:45p Judy & Lisa (Sisters), “Women in Music”
1:10p-1:55p John Rogers (Blue Oyster Cult), Bass Guitar Clinic
1:50p-2:35p Tom Jannerone (The Law Offices of Kalas & Jannarone), “Legal
Issues For Bands”
2:00p-2:45p Dave Mac & Friends (Box of Blues), “Guitar School Live”
3:05p-3:50p Steve Conte, “Lead Guitar & Soloing”
3:20p-4:05p Media Panel (various), “Getting Your Unsigned Band Noticed by
the Media”
Performance List
10:50a-11:20a Chrisie Santoni
12:05p-12:35p Jabberpony
2:25p-2:55p Steve Conte
3:15p-4:00p Nicole Atkins
The clinic and performance will be in the gym at Brookdale College.
For directions go to: WBJB-FM 5th Annual Guitar Show
765 Newman Springs Road
Lincroft NJ 07738
2/6/2002  Steve Conte Performs / Speaks in LA @ DIY Convention
The 2nd Annual DIY Music Convention, Los Angeles, CA February 8, 9, 10, 2002.
While brother John holds down the fort in NYC (putting the finishing touches on the new record) brother Steve heads for the west coast this week to perform some of the new songs and do a little Q&A with aspiring artists at the DIY Convention. The Crown Jewels singer/songwriter/guitarist has been asked to speak on an afternoon panel about getting started in music. Later that evening Steve will perform a 20 minute solo electric set featuring songs from the yet untitled forthcoming album…just his voice, his ’59 Danelectro and some surprises from his trusty sampler.
The DIY Convention (yes, Do-It-Yourself!) encompasses film, music and books (for more info visit their site: keynote speaker will be Pat DiNizio of Smithereens fame. Artists Jonatha Brooke and Steve Wynn will be speaking on Q&A panels as well.
Steve Conte’s panel: "Setting Up Shop"
Sat. Feb. 9th at 9:30 a.m.
Wyndham Bel Age Hotel, 1020 North San Vicente, just South of Sunset
Steve’s show: Later that same evening.
Club 1650 (formerly Vynyl)
1650 Schrader Ave, Hollywood, CA.
$10 at door or free with DIY badge.
Hope you can make it....
1/1/2002  Happy New Year! The 2001 Recap...
Crown Jewels would like to wish all of you a blessed new year.
The horrible events of September 11th could not ruin was a great musical year both for the band and brothers Conte individually. Let's recap, shall we?
* Early 2001...Crown Jewels releases the "Bubble & Squeak" CD on and their songs are used in the network TV shows, Smallville, Jag, Ed, That's Life and Angel as well as the indie films "Spring Break Lawyer" and "Face The Music"...Company Of Wolves releases their first new album of new material in over a decade called "Steryl Spycase", on Ryf Records...and John Conte's trippy, ambient music project "The Swinging Tetrahedrons" (with Chris Palmero, Knox Chandler and Tony Beard) tops the MP3 charts with their other-worldy CD. John also makes a guest appearance on the opening track- "1000 smiles"- to Kevin Salem's new release "Ecstatic" (the album also features drumming & production from Linoleum drummer, "Brother Rich" Mercurio.) Crown Jewels rhythm section Steve/John and Rich Pagano play, write and co-produce a handful of songs on former "Marry Me Jane" singer Amanda Kravaat's solo debut CD, "Wrong All Day".
* Spring / summer...Steve Conte tours the US & Canada playing guitar for Billy Squier while brother John lays down the bass for Joan Osborne's US tour...John also plays bass on legendary Mott The Hoople frontman Ian Hunter's latest record "Rant" and J.Geils frontman Peter Wolf's forthcoming record...Steve is called back by Paul Simon to once again be his "stunt voice" during rehearsals for his summer tour...
* Late Steve is flown to Tokyo, Japan to be a guest vocalist on Yoko Kanno & the Seatbelts "Cowboy Bebop" concert. The show, that coincides with the release of Sony Pictures Cowboy Bebop movie, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" (Steve sang 3 songs on the soundtrack...) takes place at Shibuya AX... the 2,500 seat venue is sold out in 10 minutes...wielding a wireless micophone and no guitar, Steve has the crowd on it's feet and singing within seconds...
* A few weeks after September 11th, The Bottom Line opens it's doors to New Yorkers to enjoy "A Gift Of Music". The show is intended to get people out and enjoy life again after the terrorist attacks. This spirit-filled event is more than 6 hours long and features performers like Phoebe Snow, John Sebastian, Tom Chapin and our boy Steve Conte who kicks the whole show off with a rockin' version of "A Little Help From My Friends". The entire show is broadcast live on WFUV 90.5 FM.
*In late October Steve organizes "The Benefit Concert For Engine 33, Ladder 9", raising over $14,000.00 for the widows and dependants of the firefighters who lost thier lives in the 9-11 tragedy...the show features Billy Squier, Christina Amphlett & Charley Drayton (diVINYLS), Willie Nile, Company Of Wolves, Sophia Ramos, Mr. Henry, Captain Danger, Clancy Bone, Hudson River Rats and of course, Crown Jewels (the brother's mom Rosemary even graces the crowd with a jazz standard)...Conte's cousin Richie, the sole survivor from his firehouse is present and gives a deeply moving speech (stay tuned for the Live Benefit CD to come soon!)...
* Early October...the boys begin making a new record that promises to be the best, most eclectic Crown Jewels release to date...they're working with producer/keyboardist Andrew Hollander, engineer Robert Smith and drummers Charley Drayton, Aaron Comess, Nir Z and Rich John makes his vocal debut...some of the titles: Still Not Dead, Diner Song, So Much For Love, My Brilliant Star, Don't Tempt Me, Hand Me Down Days, Bossa Nova Sunday, Bad Jesus and more...
* In November the brothers team up again to be part of the house band for the Bottom Line's "The Beat Goes On" series, performing music from the "Nuggets II" compilation CD box set. The music: psychedelic garage bands that invaded the US from Britain and Europe during the mid to late 60's. John sings The Creation's "Biff, Bang, Pow" and Steve doeds the Kooba's version of "The First Cut Is The Deepest"...violin bows on guitar, lots of fuzz boxes and craziness...Dennis Diken of Smithereens fame performs as well as Sonic Youth producer Don Fleming, Jill Sobule and many others...Steve also makes a trip to Los Angeles to play the LA Music Awards with rockin' NYC singer/writer Annie Minogue...being honored: Paula Abdul, Peter Tork, Jackie DeShannon, David Gates (Bread), Gary Bussey, Steve Lukather, Billy Sheehan, Caeser Romero, LA Guns, Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot)...whew...
* In December Steve helps organize a group of NYC session singers to sing Christmas carols at Manhattan and Brooklyn firehouse's holiday parties as well as for volunteers at the Red Cross, Nino's restaurant and St Paul's church next to "Ground Zero"...
* To close out the year Crown Jewels makes a one-off appearance at The Bottom Line in NYC for Glen Burtnick's Xmas Xtravaganza...a new line up of the band that night includes Polygraph Lounge's Mark Stewart on banjo, Lisa Desimone-Conte on backing vocals and sampler, Steve on 6 string bass, Rich Pagano on Drums, and John on 4 string bass...they perform their own quirky version of "Santa Claus Is Comin'..." complete with cue cards for a audience sing-along...Steve stays on to play in the house band, accompanying Burtnick, Marshall Crenshaw, Jill Sobule, Patti Smythe, James Mastro, Joe Hurley, Tony Shanahan, Steve Augerri (of Journey) , La Bamba, Antonique Smith and then himself while singing "What Is Life" in a 6 song mini-set tribute to George Harrison... we'll all miss you George.
All in all, as Sinatra would say, " was a very gooooood yeeeeeear..."
11/27/2001  Crown Jewels Song Featured in "Smallville" on WB Network...
Did you happen to catch the show Smallville on the WB network on 11/27? If so, then whether you know it or not you heard another fine tune from Crown Jewels' "Linoleum" CD.
This was the 2nd time we've had a song on Smallville. A few months back they used Steve's solo acoustic version of the song "So Much For Love". The band has just recorded a stunning rock & roll version of this song for the new record... scroll down for more details!
W I N * F R E E * M U S I C ! !
If you can tell us which song was used in the 11/27 episode we'll send you a free copy of the band's 1999 "Bootleg Rarities" cassette (featuring a very timely cover of the Kinks' "Father Christmas".) Hint: It's one of two songs on Linoleum that makes reference to hugging trees. Click on the thunderdog logo on left of screen below to email us your answer!
11/26/2001  Download Individual Songs Including Two Previously Unavailable Jewels Tracks in Liquid Audio Format!
Did you know that you can purchase individual Crown Jewels songs and download them to your hard drive for only $1.29 each?!
Follow the link below to the Crown Jewels Liquid Audio site and check out songs from the internet only CD- "Bubble & Squeak". It includes the rare tracks, "Dream" (from the soundtrack of "The Stand In") and the shitkickin' "Tax-free" as well as other faves.
Go to this link: Crown Jewels Liquid Audio
11/26/2001  Crown Jewels Recording New Album!
Brothers Steve and John Conte together with producer/keyboardist Andrew Hollander and engineer/mixer Robert Smith have been busy recording the 3rd Crown Jewels release.
It's going to be an ecclectic record...a blend of styles not yet heard together on a CJ record. Between John singing a couple of his songs and Steve going for bizarre guitar sounds, tapping into more of his R&B/soul vocal influences and poetic whimsey it should be very...interesting.
So far six songs have been recorded (with the excellent drummers Charley Drayton and Nir Z.)...power pop heaven on "So Much For Love" and the poignant "My Brilliant Star"...the spooky and intense "Still Not Dead" and "As Sane As Jane" kick heavy...Brother John makes his lead vocal debut on the haunting "Don't Tempt Me"...the whimsical "Diner Song" boasts lines like, "I get so sick of whiskey slurring chicks in all the clubs, but I take 'em out after the show all scrambled up"...
The next six songs will be recorded during Christmas vacation kiddies so get ready for a Spring 2002 release. Want to know about the next batch? Stay tuned...
11/1/2001  Benefit Addendum: Firefighters Rock Out, MC Gives Love, Beautiful Night...
Engine 33, Ladder 9 provided the memorial for their 10 lost brothers brought from the firehouse; a giant poster board set up on an easel with candid and family photos and names of the firefighters. We set it up under a streaming red was beautiful and moved some to tears. My cousin Rich Conte, the sole survivor of 9-11 actually got up onstage and said a few words, "...I know that the guys are with us here tonight...I can feel their spirits in the room...and we're all gonna rock out and have a good time...." We were really proud of his strength, it was amazing.
We had a fabulous MC for the evening, our good friend Peter (Elliot) Siegel.
Peter had interviewed cousin Richie a few days before and got info on each of the 10 firefighters. At the start of the evening and between every artist's performance Peter, dressed in a suit and tie with an FDNY baseball cap, delivered a short piece about each hero and dedicated the following set to him. Richie and the other fireman present that night were overwhelmed with gratitude for this spectacular event we had put on for their brother's families.
Just before Billy Squier's set a group of about 10 firefighters in full regalia came in to catch their favorite rocker but as he was about to hit the stage a call came in and they all had to run to the do what only they can do.
In the next few weeks I'll be updating you all with more info...the final $ count and news on a possible live CD. There may be photos and even video added to this site so stay tuned...
10/29/2001  10/29 Benefit: Highlights Of Show, Financial Report...
We'd like to thank everyone who attended "The Benefit Concert For Engine 33, Ladder 9"...the show raised a nice pile of money for the families of the lost firefighters. So far, the donations are up around $13,500.00, that's from the concert plus mail-in contributions. We are expecting more mail-in donations at the Thunderdog Music PO box in the coming week. Again, thanks to all of you who donated at the door and bought event t-shirts and a very special acknowledgment to our friend Billy Squier who made an extremely generous financial contribution! If you couldn't make the show but would like to donate to the fund, make checks out to:
"Engine 33 Commissary"
and send C/O:
Thunderdog Music
PO Box 494
NY, NY 10028
...And now for the musical highlights:
Clancy Bone kicked off the eve with their brand of instrumental funky/surf/spy/soul joined by Lisa Desimone singing "Love will Keep Us Together" up, the Hudson River Rats threw down some classic blues after which the crowd was treated to a jazz standard by the Conte brother's mom, Rosemary...Phoebe Snow, sick with laryngitis took the stage (despite the fact that she couldn't sing) and delivered a wonderful speech about the efforts of the benefit and her love for the Contes...Mr. Henry did a powerful 3 song set and were followed up by Captain Danger (frontman Aaron Hondros in a red cape and Steve Conte sitting in on wacky keyboards!)...Sophia Ramos kicked it with a set of sexy, soulful hard rock unparalleled by any woman on the planet...the reunion of Company of Wolves was worth waiting for, frontman Kyf Brewer pulled out a set of bagpipes for a beautiful version of "Amazing Grace" (joined by fiddler Julie Baker who stayed up for the whole set), then rocked out on "Call of the Wild" and two songs off of their latest CD, "Steryl "Spycase"...Willie Nile gave of himself totally, kicking off with "Ya Gotta Be A Buddha In A Place Like This" into the title track of his latest CD "Beautiful Wreck of the World"...the crowd was champing at the bit in anticipation for Billy Squier who started off with the very appropriate, "Sweet Release"(a song not performed on his tour this summer) then took it to the next level with "Dont' Say No" and "Everybody Wants You" if that wasn't enough of an ass-kicking, diVinyls frontgirl, Chrissy Amphlett (with Charley Drayton on drums and Steve & John Conte on guitar and bass) hit the stage with the lead track from her eponymous 1990 smash album, "Make Out Allright" and went out on a grinding version of "Need A Lover"...Chrissy was stunning and I believe I saw the whole audience light up a cigarette after the experience...and finally, last but certainly not least, the Crown Jewels set, consisting of a reworked "Revolution In The Air" from their "Spitshine" album (Andy Hollander, Mr. Henry keys player and producer of the forthcoming Jewels record played organ) and "Linoleum" fave "Toughest Girl in the Neighborhood", Steve sang his heart out while brother John and Rich Pagano pounded out the groove...then came the all star jam, Crown Jewels was joined by Squier, Sophia, Kyf, mama Conte and a host of other talent for a funky version of "Hey Jude" and "A Little Help From My Friends"...all in all, an amazing night of music and entertainment, ya shoulda been there!
The show was recorded on multitrack tape so stay tuned for word on a benefit album to come out of this concert...
10/15/2001  NYC Benefit Concert for Firefighters w/ Jewels, Squier, Wolves, Nile, Phoebe, Sophia, Hank, Rats, Captain D., The Bone...
NYC’s best bands will gather October 29 to help families of 10 lost firefighters
The firefighters of New York City’s Engine Company 33, Ladder 9 (located on Great Jones St. between Bowery and Lafayette) were among the first to respond to calls to the World Trade Center on September 11. Of the eleven men in that company who answered the call that day, only one survived.
Richie Conte was that one. While grateful to have been spared, the pain and grief he feels for his fallen brothers is immeasurable. Upon learning of the situation, Richie’s cousin, musician Steve Conte, went downtown to visit the firehouse. “The ten men who ran into those burning buildings were supporting wives and children, some of them older parents,” says Conte. “I knew then that I needed to do something that would directly benefit those families.”
What he did was to organize a concert honoring the fallen heroes of Engine 33, Ladder 9. “First, I rang up my old friend Don Hill, who immediately said we could use his club and that he would provide all the necessary equipment. Next, I called on some of my fellow musicians and everyone I asked responded with a resounding,‘YES, I’ll do it!’”
The best of the city’s rock, blues, and soul artists, Billy Squier, Christina Amphlett of diVINYLS with Charley Drayton on drums, Willie Nile, Phoebe Snow, Sophia Ramos, the Hudson River Rats, Mr. Henry, Captain Danger, Clancy Bone, and Conte’s own bands Crown Jewels and Company of Wolves, are already scheduled to appear. “There will also be some very special surprise guests appearing,” continues Conte. “Many of the bands will be donating CDs to sell, and NY merchandise company ‘In Record Time’ has offered to donate an event T-shirt that we’ll sell as well. One-hundred percent of the money raised from this event will go directly to the firehouse to help the families of the heroes who lost their lives saving so many others.”
“The Benefit Concert for Engine 33, Ladder 9” will be held:
Monday, October 29
Doors at 8 PM, music starts at 8:30
$20 Donation
Don Hill’s
511 Greenwich St. (corner of Spring and Greenwich)
New York, NY
(212) 219-2850
Accessible by subway: C or E train to Spring St. or 1 or 9 train to Canal St.
10/2/2001  Jewels on Compilation is releasing a compilation CD exclusively to 50,000 attendees at the Texas State Fair - an "Alt-Country" collection sponsored by Ford Motors.
The CROWN JEWELS song "Tax Free" will be included on the CD. This is the closest we've ever come to a shit-kickin' country's a hoot!
If you haven't heard this song yet go to: and find it there. If you like you can buy it and other tracks there or get our latest cd, "Bubble & Sueak", an exclusive just by clicking your mouse.
How simple...
10/1/2001  We're OK!
We are happy to report that despite the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in our hometown of New York City-- the Brothers Conte, family, friends and fellow musicians are safe and sound.
Though we're admittedly shaken by these horrific acts and the threat of more to come my brother and I have just begun to pick ourselves up where we left off before 9-11, resuming work on a new Crown Jewels record. For more info scroll down to next news entry.
We're also busy organizing a benefit concert to assist families of NYC firefighters. The concert will be held at Don Hill's in NYC on October 29th, featuring:
Crown Jewels, Billy Squier, Willie Nile, Company of Wolves, Mr. Henry, Captain Danger, Hudson River Rats, Clancy Bone, Sophia Ramos-Dupre and surprise guests. We'll update you with details soon...
On Monday October 1st, brother Steve kicked off the WFUV sponsored benefit show at NYC's Bottom Line with a rockin' soul rendition of "A Little Help From My Friends". The six hour show was broadcast live in it's entirety on WFUV and the internet featuring such names as Jackie DeShannon, Phoebe Snow, Jill Sobule, John Sebastian, Willie Nile, Tom Chapin, The Bongos, Terry Roche, the Fab Faux and May Pang.
Keep the faith...
Peace and Love!
8/3/2001  Crown Jewels Singer Steve Conte Live in Tokyo, Japan...Concert with Yoko Kanno / Seatbelts: Music from "Cowboy BeBop" !
The Concert: "Earth Girls Are Easy"
The Venue: Shibuya-Ax, Tokyo, Japan
Friday evening, August 10th Steve Conte made his debut in the Far East. The "one night only" concert centered around the talented young composer Yoko Kanno and her excellent band, Seatbelts.
Yoko and her band have recorded more than a half dozen soundtrack albums for the highly successful Japanese animation series "Cowboy BeBop" (currently being made into a major movie by Sony Pictures) on which Steve has been featured as lead vocalist in the studio. For the first time ever, this music was taken to the concert stage.
The unique thing about the CowboyBeBop anime series is that the artists create the animation AFTER hearing the recorded music. The result is not your typical program with "background" soundtrack music but visuals influenced by the songs, singing and playing of the band.
Composer Yoko Kanno seems as comfortable writing legit classical as she does at rock and roll, hip-hop, spy-jazz and fusion. During the concert she led the band through a number of her instrumental tunes before Steve took the stage joined by the Japanese star Mai for a duet of the Cowboy Bebop fave, "Rain". Also included in the set were solo Conte lead vocals on "Call Me, Call Me" from the "Blue" CD and "Diggin" from the soundtrack of the new Sony film, "Cowboy BeBop: Knocking On Heaven's Door".
Steve also lent his voice to the background group for a handful of songs performed by World-Pop singer Raj and Mai just to round out the evening with plenty of soul, New York style!
6/20/2001  John Conte Tours With Joan Osborne
Brother John will be taking his bad-ass bass playing on the road with bluesy wailer Joan Osborne this summer. He'll be playing dates on the west coast and southwest for the next few weeks. Makes me want to ask the question: "What if John was one of us?" Check it out if you can..for dates go to:
6/19/2001  Steve's Update on Billy Squier Tour!
Yo Rockers!
Steve Conte here, updating you from the road. We are having a blast and making some great music out here. Every night Billy introduces me as " friend Steve Conte from a great band in New York called Crown Jewels..." Plus audiences get to hear our CDs Spitshine & Linoleum LOUD AS HELL over the PA before the show!!
Billy is singing, playing and performing his ass off and everyone is digging our drummer Nir Z (formerly of Genesis). Bad Company has been really cool to us, drummer Simon Kirke reports that he's been groovin' on my playing, as has Styx's Tommy shaw. Tommy posted this on the Styx website:
"Billy and his band are not taking a back-seat to anyone on this tour. Guitarist Steve Conte has been shredding away, night after night, reminding the rest of us that there is no shortage of peers out here on this tour of dreams. Tone-o-rama to write yo mamma about."
Mark Clarke is laying down some of the most serious rock bass I've ever heard (and I regularly play with one of the world's best!) while Alan "Pops" St. John is the sonic wiz of the band on keyboards and amazing vocals!
The band has been playing killer shows in every city we've seen so far. Among my personal faves were The Gorge in Washington state, a beautiful amphitheater built at the top of a canyon and overlooking the Columbia river below, LA's Hollywood Amphitheater where the stars came out...Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith, Heart's Howard Leese, Shark of The Wild Colonials, Chris Seefried from Joe 90, Faster Pussycat/Newlydeads' Taime Down, A&R legend John Kolodner...and Phoenix, AZ where I had the pleasure of talking with guitar great Michael Schenker who was apparently smitten by my playing (cool, or what?) There I also ran into my old friend Steve Auggeri, Journey's new lead singer and chatted with him & guitarist Neil Schon for awhile.
Many more miles to go...more updates later. We're heading east and to the midwest so check and get your tickets!
6/18/2001  John Conte Project is #1 On Electronic/Ambient Chart at!
Featuring: John Conte, Chris Palmaro, Tony Beard & Knox Cchandler
The track "19.5" is currently number one on the ambient chart at! In their first 3 weeks at'tetrahedrons, they've racked up over 10,000 hits at their page!!!!!!!!!!
CD's available- Email:
4/20/2001  New Ian Hunter CD Features Crown Jewels' John Conte On Bass!
Former Mott The Hoople front man Ian Hunter releases "Rant"--available now on the Fuel 2000 label (Papillon in UK).
Crown Jewels bassist John Conte plays on six of the CD's twelve tracks with a killer band consisting of Andy York on guitars, Mickey Curry, Steve Holly, Rich Pagano on drums and Ian, Tommy Mandel & Doug Petty on keys.
On working with Ian, John says:
"He's the real deal, a truly great songwriter... and his writing on this album is better than ever! Making it was a blast. It's a perfect blend of 'anything goes' looseness with musical direction from co-producer Andy York. He and Ian really got the best out of me performance-wise, letting my own personality shine through. There's a lot of color on these tracks. I got to play upright bass, Rickenbacker through effect pedals and straight up Fender. For one of rock's icons Ian's incredibly down-to-earth, and such the perfect "Englishman"...he even told me I made a nice cup of tea!"
4/1/2001  Steve Conte Tours with Billy Squier / Bad Company / Styx !
Crown Jewels Guitarist/Singer joins BIG ROCK tour this spring/summer.
Coming to a city near you...It’s: Billy Squier, and the band-
Billy Squier- Vocals, Guitars
Steve Conte- Guitars, Vocals
Mark Clarke- Bass, Vocals
Alan St. John- Keys, Vocals
Nir Z- Drums
With: Bad Company- (w/ Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke)
& Styx- Tommy Shaw, James Young, Glen Burtnick and-- no Dennis De Young!
Steve says: “Billy rang me up and said that he was going to tour this summer and said he couldn’t think of anyone else he’d rather have playing guitar and singing with him. Of course, I was flattered and said HELL YEAH!"
Squier adds, "I can't think of anyone who'd be a better fit in this band [than Steve]. We share the same musical sensibilities, and he's able to contribute on a number of levels beyond just guitar playing. I've been a longtime admirer of Steve's work and am glad we've finally found an opportunity to do something together. HE ROCKS!"
The summer shed tour begins May 10th in the Midwest and will end back on the East Coast on July 14th. For a full schedule go to: and search "Billy Squier". You can also check in periodically with Billy’s website for updates (link at bottom of this page)
3/22/2001  MTV/Paramount Film Features Crown Jewels!
Our song "She Got No Hair " (from the CD "Spitshine"), will be featured in the film "Spring Break Lawyers" which airs this Friday 3/23 at 9PM eastern time on MTV with no commercial interruptions. Check local listings in all other markets. She Got No Hair plays for one minute in a pool party scene at a good volume.
The word is that the Director (who has directed other MTV Shows such as Shasta McNasty, Strip Mall and several Real World's) flipped so much for the song that he kept the CD for other future projects.
Thanks for watching and if you can't be home...set those VCRs!
3/16/2001  NYC Radio Station Q-104.3 FM Features Crown Jewels Sunday Night!
Tune in this Sunday to the Jonathan Clark Show on Q-104.3 FM between 10:00-11:00 PM for a great hour of new music. Among songs from many of your favorite artists the show will feature the Crown Jewels, “Last Confession” in 2nd segment (around 10:15).
You can say you were among the first to hear the Jewels on FM Rock Radio in the Big Apple!
2/25/2001  NEW Crown Jewels CD On!
Starting TODAY, you'll be able to purchase the new (internet only) Crown Jewels CD, "Bubble and Squeak" at
Go to:
It includes highlights from "Linoleum" and "Spitshine" as well as 2 previously unavailable songs. This release is what's called a DAM CD - it plays in all CD players and has special automatic software that enables a really cool interface to play on your computer with all of the songs in MP3 format as well.
While you're at the band's MP3 site you can stream and listen to songs from the new record in hi-fi or lo-fi MP3 audio, download FREE tracks and soon you'll be able to purchase individual downloads in the Liquid Audio format (also, check out the links to various web radio stations that are playing Crown Jewels.)
Rock on...
1/10/2001  Studio News...
Things just don't let up for the brotherly duo of Steve & John Conte. While they work out arrangements for their next album in their NYC studio, they've been asked to work on other artists recordings...
Brother John just finished recording an album with rock & roll legend Ian Hunter (of Mott The Hoople fame)...look for it this summer.
He has also recently completed work on a spacey, improvisational CD called "The Swinging Tetrahedrons". To find out more about this project, email John:
Brother Steve has been asked to sing on the soundtrack of the Japanese animated film "Cowboy Bebop", due out later this year. Originally a TV series in Japan, the show has fanatical followers around the world. Composer Yoko Kanno has produced many soundtrack CDs from the series on which Steve has sung a half dozen songs already.
11/7/2000  Crown Jewels Build Recording Studio In NYC.
Last year Steve & John started construction on their own (yet to be named ) studio in Midtown Manhattan...and it's finally done!
The boys have just completed their first recording in the new place, the holiday single, "Santa Claus...He's Comin'" (originally intended for x-mas 2000) which will come out at the end of this year as part of the 2001 Holiday EP. It features John on drum loops and banjo, Steve on Fender VI (six string bass), FAT Gibson bass and drums...and both boys singin'!
In spring of 2001, production will begin on the band's third album with the Contes at the helm and a host of their favorite NYC musicians guesting on various cuts.
9/21/2000  Steve Conte Sings With Paul Simon!!!
For the past month brother Steve has been putting in 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday, rehearsing with Paul Simon and his band as they gear up for a tour to promote his new album, "You're The One".
It's an amazing band: Steve Gadd on drums (for you non-aficionados: the man who invented the groove on "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"), Bakithi Kumalo (African bassist w/ Paul since the "Graceland" album), Vincent Nguini (Guitarist w/ Paul since "Rhythm Of The Saints" album) and Mark Stewert, an incredible musician on banjo, cello & guitar (and Andy Snitzer is on sax…)
This new album is GORGEOUS! It's the perfect blend of the percussive world rhythms he's known for, brilliant musicianship and classic Paul Simon songwriting. Beautiful playing, melodies, chord changes...and then there are the LYRICS!!
Steve has been singing all of Paul's parts during rehearsals, sort of like a Paul Simon vocal stand-in. This way he can lay back and listen, conduct the band and concentrate on the groove. "The first day was a gas, we worked on 3 songs from the new record and I got a nice thumbs up from
everyone...", Steve reports.
"The beauty part is-I get to be a fly on the wall and soak up all this knowledge as well as having the opportunity to sing LEAD with this amazing group of musicians on gems like, "Kodachrome", "50 Ways", "Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes", "Boy In The Bubble", "Homeward Bound"...
Paul will be playing on "Saturday Night Live" November 4th and at the Beacon Theater December 7, 8 & 9.
9/20/2000  New York City "Live" Compilation CD Released.
The "Live @ Baby Jupiter" Compilation CD is out!
Among many other great artists (Chris Barron, The Strokes, etc.) to appear on it are yours truly, Crown Jewels (Steve & John Conte with Andy York and Rich Pagano) doing a rockin' live version of "Toughest Girl In The Neighborhood"
recorded a couple of months back at Baby Jupiter in NYC.
For info on how to get your free copy email:
8/5/2000  End Of Summer Midwest Tour
Pontiac, MI...Grand Haven, MI...Southfield, MI...Toledo, OH...Put-In-Bay, OH...Check our On Tour page for details!
7/13/2000  Last NYC Show Of Summer
In case you didn't make the 6/12 show, here's what you missed:
The set was recorded live to mutitrack for inclusion on Baby Jupiter's next compilation CD (and possibley a live album??)... Steve played lots of acoustic on the songs, Lovers On Earth, Tim, Believe Me, Camille and He's So Zen while Andy York supplied the electrics...In the house that night: the beautiful Jennifer Lopez and legendary Mott The Hoople singer / songwriter / frontman Ian Hunter (after hearing both Jewels CDs Ian told Steve & John he couldn't believe they didn't have a huge deal!)...One fan from Michigan flew in especially for the show... Everyone in the audience got drunk and laid...eventually the band got paid!
6/2/2000  Ian Hunter With Some Of The Jewels...
If you were lucky enough to get tickets for the sold out NYC Bowery Ballroom show by Mott The Hoople/Brit rock legend Ian Hunter on June 1st, you would've seen that Crown Jewel John was grooving on bass and Andy was giving Mick Ronson a run for his was AWESOME!
5/10/2000  Star Studded NYC Show
For those of you who missed the Baby Jupiter Show on 5/3 (there's another one coming up on 7/12) here are the highlights:
Joining the band onstage as the 4th Jewel that night was John Mellencamp / Ian Hunter guitarist Andy York (you may also know him from his work with Jason & the Scorchers, Syd Straw and Willie Nile). It was hellified and completely rockin' with the 2 burning guitarists...and having Andy there certainly freed Steve up to do more "lead singin"!
There was a surprise appearance by Willie Nile who grabbed a mic for the encore -- the "Live at Leeds" version of The Who's "Substitute". Also in the house: Smashing Pumpkins / Hole pruducer Mark Richardson, Marcy Playground producer Jared Kotler and Mr. Billy Squier with mates from his first band, Piper.
5/9/2000  Steve Onstage With Syd Straw @ Willie Nile Show
Back in September of '99 Crown Jewel Steve took Andy York's place as Willie's guitarist for a tour of Italy while Andy did Mellencamp dates. However, since both guitarists are back in town Steve has been joining Willie's band on acoustic for shows in New York.
During a recent Co-headline bill of Willie Nile / Syd Straw at The Bottom Line, Steve was introduced to Syd (one of his all time fave artists!) When Syd broke a string in the middle of her set Steve offered her his acoustic but she ended up inviting him onstage for a rendition of "Time Has Done This" from her fabulous album, "War and Peace". According to Steve "It was a thrill to play one of your favorites songs from one of your favorite albums with one of your favorite artists LIVE time I'll learn the chord changes!"
5/1/2000  Steve & John On VH-1 With Sophia Ramos-Dupre
Coming in fall on VH-1 catch Steve & John kicking it LIVE with NYC singer Sophia Ramos-Dupre on “Breakthrough”, a new program in which VH-1 spotlights the nation’s best undiscovered talent in competition to have their own video produced and put into rotation on the channel. (The show is like a more modern, hipper version of "Star Search" where one act takes home the grand prize.) We know who wins but you’ll have to watch. Stay tuned to VH-1 for showtime...
Sophia is not only one of the brother’s favorite singers in the world, she actually sang back-up for The Jewels in the mid-90’s. The “Breakthrough” band consisted of Steve & John on guitar & bass respectively, Kenny White on organ, Clem Waldman on drums and the beautiful, sexy Sophia wailing and prowling the stage. Her outrageously skimpy blue sparkle blouse is reason enough to tune in but when she opens her mouth to sing, watch out! (think Chaka meets Janis meets Jeff Buckley...)
4/17/2000  Midwest Tour...The Heartland ROCKS!
Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows in April:
ROCK ISLAND, IL-- An hour and a half CJ set...Y'all kick ass!
DETROIT (Rock City!) / ROYAL OAK, MI-- Old friends, Awesome BBQ!
PEORIA, IL-- Luckily we got out of the club before the gangstas arrived!
GRAND RAPIDS, MI-- Strawberryvelvet live on WYCE-FM, the phones lit up!
GRAND HAVEN, MI-- Shawn & everyone @ the Kirby Grill treated us like royalty. We're coming back and taking over the sailboats!
ARCHBOLD, OH-- We couldn't have asked for anything better, killer food, beautiful people, big beds and use of the touring van! Our publicist is da bomb!
KING KONGA-- Dan, Skeeto, Tony, Steve and Dave... a righteous bunch of dudes. Thanks for letting us use your gear and opening for you. We can't wait to do it again! Great band, check 'em, out:
We're working on new summer dates for Rock Island, Grand Haven and Detroit along with cities in Ohio and Wisconsin. Stay Tuned...
3/9/2000  FREE MP3 OF "TOUGHEST GIRL IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD" Thanks to MTV & The Orchard!
MTV and is proud to present...
The Crown Jewels: Toughest Girl In The Neighborhood
Go to the site and get it while you can.
Just cut and paste this:,1266,,00.html
They rotate their tracks weekly so if you don't see it during your search there, try back in a week.
3/8/2000  FREE Crown Jewels T-shirts / Bootleg Rarities Cassette-- Mail Order.
Now you can get a FREE Crown Jewels T-shirt when you order both the "Linoleum" & "Spitshine" CDs at the regular price of $26.00 US (if you already own one of the CDs you can give the other to a friend or loved one...) This offer is available exclusively by mail with check, money order or cold green cash.
Crown Jewels T-shirt
The shirt is the back inside cover of the Linoleum CD booklet; upright bass and a surreal red guitar floating against the black & white photo of rooftop & sky. Be sure to specify which size shirt you want--M, L or XL. If you want to buy a shirt outside of this deal they are $15.00 US each.
The Bootleg Rarities Cassette
This collection of unreleased studio gems includes covers of The Kinks' "Father Christmas" and Cheap Trick's "How Are You." It also features originals; "Dream" (the theme song to the independant film "The Stand In") and other faves heard only in concert: "Tax Free (Delaware)", "Little Empress Of Gloom", "Sunshine Girl" and the instrumental bebop jazz tune "Temporary Insanity". There's an updated version of "Peace '97" (with little bro Jeff Conte on drums) and Crown Jewels own demo version of "Rock & Rye Queen", a song recorded later by the band Mr. Henry. Plus a hidden bonus piece! Nine new Crown Jewels tracks--$8.00 US per tape. Ya can’t beat that!
Ordering Info
All prices include shipping & handling (if you're ordering t-shirts don't forget to specify shirt size).
Make check or money order out to "Thunderdog Inc." and send to: PO Box 494, NY, NY 10028, USA. For orders outside of the US & Canada add $3.00 PER ITEM.
3/8/2000  Live Webcast Link!
Check out our 11/27 show at Arlene Grocery in New York City:
You'll need RealAudio for this. If you need to download a RealAudio player just go to the bottom of our "recordings" page and get one.
3/7/2000  Billboard Talent Net--We Need Your Vote!
We appreciate everyone who voted for us last year on the Billboard Talent Net site's Top Ten List (getting us right onto the charts in the #3 slot and making all 3 of our songs onto the Top 50 Most Played Songs on the site.) We'd love to get back on the charts and have our photo run in Billboard Magazine one more time. We ask that even if you have voted for us in the past PLEASE do it again this week...(give us a big vote of "5"!) we'll love you for it. Here's the dope:
Billboard Magazine has started an online service called Billboard Talent Net on which they spotlight artists that they feel are deserving of widespread attention in the industry and public eye. They do a thing called the Weekly Top Ten in which you the public can listen and vote for your fave band (Crown Jewels!) We hope that you will visit this site and cast your vote for us (please give us the best out of 5!) so that we can make it to the #1 spot!!
To vote for us: first, go to the site (just click on the big BTN logo/ link at the bottom of this page!) then register with them so that you can read our review & story and vote for us (it'll only take 5 minutes and it won't cost you a penny!) Users can also find our area by performing an Artist Search, or by looking for us on the New Arrivals page.
They have given us a really nice page with a photo, 3 soundclips and a bio but you need to register to vote, just like in the real world.
2/3/2000  Compilation CDs On Sale!
We have a limited number of compilation CDs for sale that may become collector's items someday:
1. Musician Magazine's 1997 Best Unsigned Band Competition Winners CD features our song "Tim" and 10 other tracks including our friend Sham Sundra's band, Shimmer. Handpicked by Judges Tori Amos, Bob Mould, Buddy Guy, Joe Satriani and Vince Gill. $7.00 includes shipping.
2. The NEMO Boston Music Conference Compilation CD is home to our song "Toughest Girl In The Neighborhood" plus other great bands like The Push Stars, Michele Lewis, Hummer and 16 more. $10.00 includes shipping.
3. Billboard Talent Net's "New Talent Spotlight CD Volume 2" features 19 tracks including our "Last Confession" and an awesome Jill Sobule song called "Rainy Day Parade". $10.00 includes shipping.
Save $6.00 when you order all three CDs for $21.00 including shipping. Get 3 different Crown Jewels Songs plus all the other bands!
Make check or money order out to "Thunderdog Inc." and send to: P.O. Box 494, NY, NY 10028
2/3/2000   Live EP Recorded @ Baby Jupiter, NYC.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the Baby Jupiter show on 1/14--we had a blast playing with our friends Populuxe (cool band!) The set was recorded live to 16 track digital and consisted of ol' faves, new songs and a blasphemous cover. Baby J. sound engineer/club booker Danny Garcia has asked the band to contribute one of these songs for the next "Baby Jupiter Compilation CD". The best of the 12-song set will be mixed and released later this year as a live E.P. called "Frampton Comes Alive".
2/2/2000  Song On NBC 's "Providence" !
The next scheduled Crown Jewels song to hit your living room will be: "He's So Zen" on "Providence" (NBC), Friday, February 4th at 8 PM. Tune in and check the website for a contest to win a free sport utility vehicle!
1/18/2000  WB Network TV Series "Jack & Jill" Features Another Crown Jewels Song!
If you tuned in your television sets last Sunday, January 23 @ 9PM to the WB Network TV Series "Jack & Jill" you heard the Crown Jewels track "Last Confession". Over two mintues of the song from the new CD "Linoleum" was featured in that week's episode.
Write in on our TALKBACK page and tell us that you saw it and we'll send a free compilation CD with "Last Confession" on it to the person who can best describe the scene and name the characters in it.
11/16/1999  America's Crown Jewels Hit In London!!
1. Chris Cornell - 'Euphoria Morning' (A&M)
2. Remy Zero - 'Villa Elaine' (DGC)
3. Live - 'The Distance To Here' (Radioactive)
4. The Merrymakers - 'Bubblegun' (Big Deal)
*5. Crown Jewels - 'Linoleum' (Thunderdog/Cargo)
6. Wilco - 'Summerteeth' (Reprise)
7. Metallica - 'S&M' (Vertigo)
8. Nadine - 'Downtown Saturday' (Glitterhouse)
9. Foo Fighters - 'There Is Nothing Left To Lose' (RCA)
10. Stereophonics - 'Performance And Cocktails' (V2)
The Publication:
As you may know, the new Crown Jewels album "Linoleum" has been getting rave reviews in the states for the past year. The word has now begun to spread to the U.K. "Classic Rock" is a big, beautiful magazine in London deals strictly with rock & roll--both new and old. Staff writer Phil Wilding gave us a 4 star review this spring, a full page interview & photo this summer and now has voted "Linoleum" one of the ten best records of 1999 (above Foo Fighters, Wilco & Metallica...damn!)
The Trip:
We flew across the pond in early December for Classic Rock's Xmas party and ended up playing a gig at a cool little place in London called "The Twleve Bar", opening for former Blow Monkeys lead singer Dr. Robert. He was great and we met a bunch of other nice folks who came out to the show and/or got drunk with us later...shout-outs to: Willie from Sugar Plum Faries, Kathleen Haskard, Alex from LSD/Suck, Jo from Monkey Business and of course Phil and John Dryland from Cargo Records.
We're planning a trip back in the new year so stay tuned!
10/1/1999  Digital Club Fest NYC.
Crown Jewels performance at the Digital Club Fest, recorded and broadcast live over the web on 7/21, can be seen and heard by going to the site ( or the venue's site (
The band's interview done on 7/23 can also be accessed through the digital club fest site. Steve and John will be playing 2 songs acoustically during the interview while the CB's Gallery show features the whole electric band. Both the show and the interview will be in both site's archives for one year.
9/30/1999  Crown Jewels On Over 120 Radio Staions In The Northeast & Midwest!!
The new Crown Jewels CD "Linoleum" went out to radio a few months back and the reports are still coming in...If any of these stations are near you please call and request Crown Jewels!
WBIM-Bridgewater, MA, WNEK-Springfield, MA
WBRS-Waltham, MA, WBSU-Brockport, NY
WBUQ-Bloomsburg, PA, WBZC-Pemberton, NJ,
WCHC-Worcester, MA, WCSB-Cleveland, OH,
WCWS-Wooster, OH, WDCC-Poughkeepsie, NY,
WDCV-Carlisle,PA, WDIY-Lehigh,PA,
WDTS-Georgetown, DE, WDWN-Auburn,NY,
WECS-Wilimantic, CT, WEDG-Buffalo, NY,
WEIU-Charleston, IL, WERU-E. Orland, ME,
WFNM-Lancaster, PA, WSYC-Shippensberg, PA,
WFNM-Lancaster, PA, WFRD-Hanover, NH,
WFWM-Frostburg, MD, IRR Radio-Berkley, CA,
WGDR-Plainfield, VT, WGKR-Jersey City, NJ,
WGLS-Glassboro, NJ, WGMR-State College, PA,
WGSU-Geneseo, NY, WHRW-Binghamton, NY,
WHSE-Smithtown, NY, WHTG-Eatontown, NJ,
WIRT-Rochester, NY, WIUP-Indiana, PA,
WJFF-Jeffersonville, NY, WJUL-Lowell, MA,
WKDT-West Point, NY, WKNH-Keene, NH,
WKRC-Wilkes-Barre, PA, WKWZ-Syosset, NY,
WLFR-Pomona, NJ, WLHU-Lock Haven, PA,
WLIU-South Hampton, NY, WLPW-Lake Placid,NY,
WMBR-Cambridge, MA, WMCO-New Concord,OH,
MEB-Orono, ME, WMKY-Lexington,KY,
WMPG-Portland, ME, WMUH-Allentown, PA,
WNTI-Hackettstown,NJ, WNYT Old Westbury, NY,
WQHS-Philadelphia,PA, WQXA-Harrisburg,PA,
WRBB-Boston, MA, WRKU-Kutztown,PA,
WRNU-Newark, NJ, WRPI-Troy, NY, WRUB-Amherst, NY,
WRUR-Rochester, NY, WRUV-Burlington, VT,
WSBU St.Bonaventure, NY, WSIA- Staten Island, NY,
WSKB- Westfield, MA, WSVA-NY, NY,
WSYC-Shippensberg, PA,WTCC-Springfield, MA,
WTSR-Ewing, NJ, WUSB-Stoney Brook, NY,
WVBR-Ithica, NY, WVOF-Green Fall, CT,
WVUD- Newark, DE, WWCD-Columbus, OH,
WWLR-Lyndonville, VT, WWNW-New Wilmington, PA,
WWSU- Dayton, OH, WWUH-West Hartford, CT,
WXLV-Schnecksville, PA, WXVU-Villanova, PA,
Please call information for the # of the station in your area...THANKS!
9/20/1999  Village Voice Story...The Hometown Takes Notice.
Attention New Yorkers: Pick up the Village Voice newspaper from the week of September 14-20 and turn to page 94 to see a lovely photo and story on the city's only true rock & roll band!
9/19/1999  Steve & Rich Return From Tour Of Italy...While England Loves America's Crown Jewels.
Crown Jewels members Steve Conte & Rich Pagano have just returned from a 2 week tour of northern Italy with NY singer/songwriter Willie Nile. The tour was a blast and a big success for both Willie and our boys. Steve & Rich cultivated lots of fans & interest in Crown Jewels overseas and will be setting up a tour of Italy for next summer.
Also, look for a great review of Linoleum (4 stars out of 5) in the September/October issue of the British magazine "Classic Rock". The mag will also feature a full page interview with Steve and a photo of the brothers Conte in their next issue due out next month.
5/1/1999  Much Music...The Jewels Shake Up Toronto.
We just got back from the fabulous city of Toronto, Ontario (we could live there!) and I must say, the people there are real music fans. They listen really well and make informed comments on the music, songwriting and performance. One fan told us that we were like "Crowded House meets Led Zeppelin" and that the show was "controlled chaos". Part of our performance at the Black Bull Tavern was filmed by Much Music which is the Canadian version of MTV. We met up with some old friends, made lots of new ones and left a trail of smoke behind us as we left town. See ya back there soon, eh?
4/1/1999  Hip Online Feature
We've just been given a great review by "Hip Online", a very cool site for music, film and fashion. Here's an excerpt:
"The brothers Conte have captured the spirit and heart of the late Jeff Buckley on their latest release, Linoleum. Crown Jewels writes melodic pop songs that are loaded with passion and heart-filled lyrics...the forty second long "Peace" was recorded in their house when Steve was ten and John was nine! The emotion of "Toughest Girl in the neighborhood" is a good example of the type of music Crown Jewels produces...simple song with great lyrics, quality harmony, and good craftsmanship...Linoleum explores experiences with past lovers, family, and friends and presents them in a way so that we can all identify.
+ larry sarzyniak
To read the whole review and check out the Hip Online site go to: Http://
3/18/1999  John Records With Bowie, Steve With Maceo, Both with Peter Wolf!
The Brothers Conte have recently been asked to loan their talents to a few of their hero's records.
Brother John's bass playing is featured all over former J. Geils frontman Peter Wolf's Mercury debut "Fool's Parade" as well as David Bowie's song on the soundtrack of "The Rugrats Movie".
Brother Steve can be heard on legendary James Brown saxman Maceo Parker's latest release "Funk Overload" on the W.A.R. label (that's him scratching the funky wah-wah guitar on "Tell Me Something Good".) The Jewels ended up in the studio together when Steve was called in to lay down guitar and backing vocals on "Fool's Parade" for Peter Wolf. Both of these records are in stores everywhere--check 'em out!
3/10/1999  Jewels on Film Soundtracks.
Crown Jewels have just finished writing music for "Wirey Spindell", the new film by "If Lucy Fell" creator Eric Scheaffer. Brothers Steve & John Conte wrote and recorded five new songs with former "Marry Me Jane" singer Amanda Kravat and placed two Crown Jewels songs ("Lovers On Earth" from Linoleum and "Money Don’t Help" from Spitshine) in the film as well. The film will be released by Fox-Lorber / Showtime later this year. The independent film "The Stand In" (1998) features three Crown Jewels songs including "Dream" (the theme song written for the film’s closing credits). The film stars Kelly Ripa (All My Children), David Ogden Stiers (M.A.S.H.), Judith Ivy (Devil’s Advocate), Lou Myers (A Different World) and Jade Barrymore. Five Crown Jewels songs are also featured on the soundtrack of independent filmmaker Juan Martinez’ "Rules", released in late 1997.
3/9/1999  Song from "Linoleum" To Be On NEMO Compilation CD .
Crown Jewels will be playing The NEMO Music Conference on 4/23 at "Phoenix Landing" (for details see the "On Tour" page of the site.) Held anually in Boston from April 22-24, NEMO has asked the band to contribute the track "Toughest Girl In The Neighborhood" to their compilation CD.
Only 15 bands out of the 500 NEMO applicants were invited to be on the disc that goes out to radio, record company people and NEMO registrants. The band will also get a bunch to sell or give away on our own!
Stay tuned to this site for how to win one of these limited edition items for your personal CD collection!
3/3/1999  South Jersey Airplay On WHTG!
The Crown Jewels track "Toughest Girl In The Neighborhood" from the new CD "Linoleum" is getting played on FM 106.3's THE UNDERGROUND. Jeff Raspe is the Producer/Host of the show which can be heard on Sundays from 9pm - 12midnight. Please call the station and request Crown Jewels!
WHTG-FM, Eatontown NJ, (732) 493 - 2000
or email Jeff at:
1/20/1999  The Crown Jewels British Sandwich.
Cheerio ol’ chaps & birds! Here’s a bit of news from "Merry Old" Manhattan...
Radio station WDIY in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley is now playing Crown Jewels (and we did it ourselves!) However, with radio airplay, we never know for sure what they’re playing, when they’re playing it or what we were played next to on the show. Thankfully, DJ Stewart Brodian at the station was kind enough to send us the BMI Radio Log that told us all that info. We were psyched to see that one afternoon our songs "Toughest Girl In The Neighborhood" and "Lovers On Earth" were sandwiched between 2 of our favorite British artists: The Dukes Of Stratosphear’s (XTC in disguise) "Shiny Cage" and David Bowie’s "TVC15". Not bad company, huh? (hmm...they're British too.)
1/19/1999  South Jersey Digs It.
Last month The Asbury Park Press reviewed our new CD. They said:
"The brothers Conte write songs with a Jeff Buckley-like sensibility--melodic power pop with lyrics both earnest and surreal....Linoleum is a collection of well-crafted songs that recalls such disparate influences as Radiohead and Duncan Sheik... Crown Jewels are equally adept at the mid-tempo rocker and the ethereal ballad..."
(We love Radiohead but have never heard a Duncan Sheik record. He appears to be cute but is he really good? Let us know...)
12/7/1998  Philadelphia Music Conference Shows - Steve sings National Anthem at First Union Spectrum
Crown Jewels recently returned home from playing The Philadelphia Music Conference where, in addition to a club gig at Abilene on South St., they rocked the local hockey arena, Philadelphia's First Union Spectrum for the Phantoms game (the Flyers minor league affiliates). Singer Steve Conte had the honor of singing "The Star Spangled Banner" in front of 14,000 raucous hockey fans followed by the band playing 2 sets in "Ovations" the arena's nightclub. Crown Jewels was picked out of a pile of tapes to play at the Spectrum and were being hailed one of the premiere bands of the conference.
11/16/1998  Crown Jewels get airplay in Chicago
Chicago radio legend Steve Dahl at WCKG 105.9 FM has taken a liking to Crown Jewels (Steve is the Howard Stern of the Mid-West at the area’s big classic rock station.) Recently, when Billy Squier, who is currently on a promo tour for his new CD "Happy Blue" stopped by the station to do an interview, he was quoted as saying "My favorite new band is Crown Jewels from New York City" after which he gave the DJ a copy of Linoleum. Steve has been playing "Lovers On Earth", "Strawberryvelvetfiftycentshoes" and "Last Confession" on his show ever since. He also gave out the band’s web address which brought in a flood of hits to the site with people gushing praise and promising fandom. CD mail orders have been pouring in and the station reports that folks have been calling regularly to request Crown Jewels. If you have any friends in the Chicago area perhaps you persuade them to call the station and request either one of those songs. The direct line to the DJ is (312) 591-9254, the station's # is (312) 240-7900. Steve Dahl's show is on Monday through Friday from 2PM till 7PM. If you would like to email him he’s at: His producer is Shemp DeYoung, who can be reached at: Thanks!
10/1/1998  Linoleum--the new CD is here!
The follow-up to the 1996 release, Spitshine, puts forth a more lyrical, understated side of the band and Steve Conte's songwriting. It features Brother John Conte on the upright bass, new drummer Rich Mercurio (Chris Whitley, Michael Kroll) and keyboardist Chris Palmaro (Joan Osbourne) on Wurlitzer piano/B3 organ, as well as a guest cello appearance from Mark Stewart (Mark Ribot, Anthony Braxton, Steve Reich.)
9/1/1998  Crown Jewels are winners of MUSICIAN Magazine's 1997 Best Unsigned Band Competition
Over 3000 bands nationwide entered the contest but only twelve were picked by judges Tori Amos, Bob Mould, Buddy Guy, Joe Satriani and Vince Gill. The Atlantic Records/MUSICIAN Compilation CD included the track "Tim", from Crown Jewels acclaimed debut, Spitshine. Pick up the October '97 issue of MUSICIAN and see us in the centerfold!
8/1/1998  One of New York's Top Five Unsigned Bands
Crown Jewels was recently picked as one of New York's Five Best Unsigned Bands by the 1997 N.A.R.A.S./ Grammy Showcase committee, from more than five hundred entries in the state.

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